It’s All About Trust: The Best Built Safes on the Planet

Paper shredders, complex passwords, identity theft and computer viruses—who could have imagined that trust would explode into such a huge complex concern in our lifetimes? The world has gone crazy.

There was a day when you could safely leave the door unlocked and strangers would return a lost wallet (with all the money intact). In some places that kind of honesty still happens, but not like it used to be. In today’s world the least rise in unemployment triggers a rise in break-ins by thieves looking for valuables to pawn.

Even the bank isn’t as safe as it once was, and for surprising reasons: A record number of bank closures in the past two years has left tens of thousands stranded without access to their safety deposit boxes.

That’s why people buy safes—there’s something reassuring about protecting what matters most closer to home. Liberty Safes is feeling the brunt of those concerns.

Demand for our quality safes is at record highs this year, and we’re going night and day to fill more than 350 orders every 24 hours. Such is the demand for quality. That’s why we’re ramping up and expanding in all directions to meet our customer’s urgent needs, because quality never cuts corners and quality takes time.

With more than 1.3 million safes anchored in homes and businesses all across the country, Liberty Safes is now the largest large-capacity home and gun safe manufacturer in America.

1.3 million. What a huge compliment. People don’t vote with their dollars like that unless they have a lot of trust in the product. Building trust takes a long time. It also takes consistent and predictable quality. Liberty can’t wait around to be the best or exceed expectations—it just does it. It must, because that’s how we keep our own valuables protected. We want to sleep well at night knowing our property is also resting comfortably—right where we left it—within a quality manufactured safe, made in America, with fire and security features unmatched in the world.

Liberty Safes has been inventing and improving the best safe technology since 1988. Its line of safes are more than just practical, they are absolute show pieces—beautifully finished, handsomely styled, securely stationed. With a wide range of included and optional features, Liberty offers the most for the money, and they’re fun to show off.

Liberty now has more than 350 independent dealers nationwide, and more than 4,000 retail stores that carry Liberty products. Chances are high there’s an outlet near you.

Can you trust Liberty Safes in a fire? Up to 2.5 hours, including wildfire stories where people thought no way would that safe protect, but it did!

Can you trust Liberty Safes in a tornado? They’ve survived 100-foot plunges to the earth.

Can you trust Liberty Safes in a burglary attempt? They consistently outperform all competitors hands down. Try ripping off a Liberty Safe door without ripping a new hernia—without dynamite it’s a long, sad day of frustration. See our video for a demonstration.

If trust in the honesty of others is dying, it’s comforting to know that trust is alive and well within the walls of a Liberty Safe. See your dealer and find out for yourself why we’re all sleeping better with a Liberty Safe standing guard.

Questions? We’ve got answers. Click contact us and we’re happy to help.