The Best Gun In the World


The best gun in the world was made in the U.S.A.

It wasn’t a mass produced precision instrument machined to a thousandths of an inch, nor laser-cut engineered, nor microscopically grooved according to velocity physics. Nor was its stock fabricated out of carbon fiber composite from the finest shock-tested synthetics lately invented.

The best gun in the world was much simpler than that. Here’s how John Dillin described it:

“From a flat bar of soft iron, hand forged into a gun barrel; laboriously bored and rifled with crude tools; fitted with a stock hewn from a maple tree in the neighboring forest; and supplied with a lock hammered to shape on the anvil; an unknown smith, in a shop long since silent, fashioned a rifle which changed the whole course of world history; made possible the settlement of a continent; and ultimately freed our country of foreign domination.”

What rifle was this? The Kentucky Long Rifle, described by John Dillin in 1740, a gun more accurate at 300 yards than the standard European smooth-bore musket at 100 yards, and three times as deadly. And it helped America win its freedom.


Two Classic frontier rifles. The one on top is percussion while the one on the bottom is flintlock. (Photo by 19th Century Firearms)

Several of these masterpieces from early American history survive to this day. And there’s only one place to keep such treasures: In a safe from Liberty Safe.

With the highest quality manufacturing techniques and materials available, fire resistance up to 2.5 hours, and the best theft-resistant steel and door on the market, Liberty safes have been keeping treasures like the Kentucky Long Rifle safe since 1988.

Recent proof comes from John Best, Hot Springs, Arkansas, whose house burned down in 2010. For his amazing story of how his Liberty safe protected his extensive gun collection, click here. It’s another reason why “Made in the U.S.A.” means the best money can buy—and more.

The Crash Test—Blood and guts not included

 Crash test dummies are for people who expect failure.

At Liberty we expect success. That’s why we use a crash test genius.

Liberty’s genius pushes for maximum performance, incredible integrity, superlative endurance. We design for success, we build for success, we expect and test for complete success. For example, check out the durability of a safe made in China.

Can its test dummy outperform our test genius?  You decide in video #1, “Liberty Derby Car Takes China for a Ride.”

And then, video #2, “Liberty Derby Car speeds head to head with the competition.”

And last, video #3 simulates the power of an F4 tornado that stuck several places in the U.S. earlier this year. We drop one of our safes from 100 feet into solid cement with the crushing power of many tons of force, and compare that to our competitor’s best that was shipped all the way from China. 

As the tests prove, there is no comparison. Liberty Safes are the best built safes on the planet.