“Honey? What’s the combination to the vault?”

Ever forget your combination, especially when you’re in a hurry? Chances are you have—to your gym locker, your bicycle, your briefcase, maybe even your brand new Liberty safe.

And doesn’t the forgetfulness always get worse depending on the emergency, like some kind of instant Brain Clog-itis? Is it an evil mental conspiracy, like the universe punishing you for making fun of your 9th grade Algebra teacher, or that kid who understood chemistry class? The answer is yes. The universe is angry, and you must pay.

But do not fear, Liberty safe is here.

We call it the COMBO VAULT, a place online to keep your combination for fast, secure access by way of the Internet. (To learn more, CLICK HERE.)

Everything you need is right there—encrypted, accessible, protected. Punch in your user name, your password, and you’re good to go. Is it safe? Yes. Even our programmers can’t get it. And if the universe comes after you with more Brain Clog-itis, we’ve got your back—and your memory.

But remember: the universe is really sneaky, so keep track of that password!

Liberty Safe—makers of the best built safes on the planet

To Our American Heroes In Uniform

From all 300 of us here at Liberty Safe, may we offer a big rebate “thank you” worth up to $250 to all of our American heroes in uniform?

From the cop who keeps our neighborhoods safe at night, to the EMTs who saved grandpa after his heart attack, to the soldiers two oceans away fighting terror, to the fire fighter pulling people to safety-and to all of those in-between, our profound gratitude.

We know that behind the lights and sirens and armor and backpacks and sacrifice there live men and women, mothers and fathers, wives and husbands who choose to serve our great cause of freedom-and risk their lives for it each and every day.

To you in uniform,both active and retired, Liberty wants to thank you with a rebate of up to $250 off the purchase of any Liberty safe. It’s our way of supporting what you do and giving back a token of our appreciation. And the answer to that unspoken question is No, we don’t raise prices to compensate for the rebate.

This image is from our website, acknowledging all American heroes in uniform, and extending a thank you from Liberty Safe in the form of a cash rebate.

It’s a gift, as pure and simple as that.

If you have worn the uniform to serve our communities or nation, if you’re still active or long since retired, please click here to access the rebate form to see if you qualify. And when your rebate check arrives in the mail, please know it’s a Thank You card from all of us here at Liberty Safe. We know who the American heroes are, no matter what uniform you wear. Liberty Safe— keeping liberty safe with the best built safes on the planet.