Liberty Home Safe Survives Hot Garage Fire!

AFTERMATH: Picture here, the valuables placed inside a Liberty Safe. Without the protection of the world's best-built safe, these irreplacable itms would have been reduced to mere ashes---and a sad memory.

The fire was so hot it melted the car tires.

A homeowner from Bakersfield, California could not believe his eyes when he discovered his 12 cubic foot Home Safe by Liberty performed as promised in an unusually intense fire.

The fire started in the garage and spread fast because of stored flammables. Even the tires on the car melted away. The fire burned hotter and bigger than most house fires, yet his Liberty safe protected his valuables and documents. Everything was intact.

After the fire, a Liberty Safe gave a glimmer of hope.

As with all Liberty customers covered byour industry-leading lifetime warranty, this homeowner will be thrilled with the news that his damaged safe will be replaced with a brand new safe FREE of CHARGE.

The agony and the ecstasy---from amidst the ashes a Liberty Safe emerges safe and strong. Shown here, the emptied safe after the owner removed the contents.


Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for A Liberty Safe

1. Gain some weight. (Need to put more stuff inside.)

2. Don’t move around. (Now that it’s bolted to the floor, leave it be and call it good.)

3. Make More Excuses. (“I’m not fat, that’s my fireproofing” … “I don’t gossip, I keep my door shut” … “What goes in a Liberty stays in a Liberty” … “I’d never snitch your donut, but I like the dough.”)

4. Don’t socialize. (Keep the combination safe in the Combo Vault© so nobody else knows it.)

5. Spend more time with family. (Give others in family some shelf space for critical storage.)

6. Save money. (Build up the emergency supply of cash and coins.)

7. Reduce stress. (Fill the insides, keep it locked, enjoy year-round peace of mind.)

8. Get organized. (De-junk those papers you piled in the safe last spring, put all the guns on a new gun hanger, put the DVDs in a new Media Vault, install a new wand light to see even more.)

9. Look pretty. (Nobody has a paint finish like a Liberty.)

10. Keep bragging. (It’s hard being the World’s Best, but somebody’s safe has to do it.)