Superman, Batman, and You

If you choose to pickup and install your new Liberty safe yourself, be sure to transport it in a truck, with the safe on its side as shown, and then rope it down so it won't shift or move about.

In that never ending debate about which super hero could best deliver a Liberty Safe—either Superman or Batman—we at Liberty Safe are putting our money on Batman. Here’s why.

Batman earned his wings, so to say, with skill, training, hard work and creativity. He knows gravity, he knows human capacity, he’s smart and he’s clever. He worked his way to superhero excellence.

Superman got all of his superhero advantages just by landing here from another planet. And being outside the reach of krypton and his native sun, gravity doesn’t work on him like it works on the rest of us. He may be able to see inside a Liberty safe with his X-ray vision, but would he realize that he could be spoiling any rolls of undeveloped film at the same time? We think Batman would know about film.

While it is true Superman could simply deliver a Liberty safe to any home anywhere in just a matter of minutes, the risk is what if there happened to be some kryptonite near by, would he suddenly just drop your new investment right through the floor?

These are the kinds of concerns that tend to give Batman the upper hand in this debate.

Batman would recognize the futility of spending his valuable Bat-time doing installation and risking a Bat-hernia. It seems clear he’d go ahead and pick up his Bat-phone and call his certified Liberty dealer to do the job.

Liberty safe dealers may not be Supermen, but they are Batmen—they do amazing things, they are friendly and helpful, they understand gravity, and they even have a utility belt (but no cool car—they have to drive a truck).

We appreciate the fact that there are occasions when a Liberty safe customer wishes to be a Batman and pickup and install their own safes. For those entrepreneurial do-it-yourselfers, may we suggest some precautions and safety tips?

If you want to save a little money by doing the heavy lifting yourself, you take upon yourself some liabilities that may not be worth the few dollars for delivery. If that’s okay with you, then please use a full-sized truck. Bring plenty of help because the safes are very heavy. Do not remove the cardboard box during transport.

If the tailgate can be removed, please remove it before loading the safe to minimize damage to your truck.

To load, have the safe on the same ground level as the truck. Position the safe about a foot away from the truck with the side or back facing towards the truck. Tip the safe until it makes contact with the truck at the safe’s halfway mark. Lift and slide the safe into the pickup truck. Make sure you tie the safe securely so it doesn’t slide out when stepping on the gas or going uphill.

Do not transport the safe upright in a pickup truck, or on top of platforms. One quick turn and an upright safe can topple over onto someone else’s car, truck or lane.

With your safe securely and properly stowed in your truck, safety flags if it hangs out too far from the back, then you are cleared to journey home. As you pull out of the lot with the best built safe in America safely tied to your truck, just know that from that point forward, you’re on your own, Batman.