Are You One of the 16 Million?

The FBI couldn’t believe the numbers.

After all the data finally came in, last year (2011) proved to be a record-breaker with more than 16.3 million gun sales, a giant leap of 2 million over the year before (2010).

Sixteen million. Now, that’s a lot of guns.

Why the surge? Some said it was politics. They said the fear of reelection of the current administration will bring private gun ownership under renewed attack. Others laughed that away, pointing to recent Supreme Court decisions supporting second amendment rights as an individual right. But there is no denying it—over the past 18 months, sales of gun and ammunition surged so high there were shortages of both in several parts of the country.

Regardless of the reasons for the rising interest, millions of new gun owners in America need a secure place to store and protect their purchases. And that’s where Liberty Safe saves the day.

Sales of Liberty safes have also been surging over the past two years. Today we’re manufacturing almost 300 safes a day, and we just invested in a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art facility to do even more. Why? Because we delight in serving our customers.

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For example, take a look at this year’s 2012 catalog (click here) for a sampling.

· New Clearview™ lightsin the Lincoln, Presidential and National Security safes. These LED lights are bright and stay cool during operation. Better yet, we installed them on both sides of the interior for the best in lighting valuables. Auto on/off motion sensor makes for easy convenience.

· Expanded Accessories and Options! If you have an older safe and you want to add the new Clearview™ lights, now you can. Available in 5 wand light sticks for 60″ tall safes and 6 wands for 72″ tall safes.


Light up those dark corners with Liberty Safe's assortment of easy-to-install lighting kits.


· Liberty has teamed up with Gun Storage Solutions to provide a variety of storage solutions for long guns and hand guns. Saves up to 50% of the spacing in your safe by utilizing unused spaces in your safe.

· New portable COOLPOCKET™ keeps valuables and papers cooler during a fire when kept inside a fire safe.

· After market ACCESSORY DOOR PANELS are a great way to organize your safe and free up shelf space. If your safe has a standard 5/8″ door panel, Liberty has an easy to install door panel that holds handguns, jewelry and a COOL POCKET to keep papers cooler during a fire. Your valuables never had it so good. Protect them in a Liberty Safe—The best built safes on the planet.


Put light where ever you need it—right inside the door …

Rifle rods keep your long guns upright and organized, letting you store more and protect more.

Add precious extra time of protection to your valuable and papers during the heat of a fire with CoolPocket thermal containers.