Liberty Can Save You $10 million for just a few bucks

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions.

On March 16, 2012, burglars casing out a ritzy neighborhood in Hancock Park in Los Angeles California struck gold—literally. They waited until the homeowners were gone and broke a glass door to gain entry.

Upstairs they found an unsecured off-brand safe tucked away in a walk-in closet. Using a throw rug, they slid the safe across the floor to the stairs, down a flight, and then out the door. Police responded to the security alarm and discovered the burglary. Unfortunately, they didn’t arrive before the burglars had packed up and left. Inside the safe was $10 million in cash, jewelry and valuables. (See Associated Press, April 3, 2012, “Safe containing $10 million stolen from LA home”)

For $19, Liberty could have prevented that fast smash and grab, or at a bare minimum, could have bought more time until the police arrived. It’s a simple but brilliant idea called our Anchoring Kit. At the bottom of each Liberty safe are pre-dilled holes whereby owners may bolt their safes securely to the floor to prevent exactly this kind of haul-away theft. The kit contains two anchoring bolts for cement floors and two for wooden floors. Check with your dealer or local professional—many will make this additional installation for you for only a small charge. Or, do it yourself. Either way, it could save you ten million bucks.

A $19 anchoring kit by Liberty could have saved this homeowner $10 million.

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