Peace Of Mind When Guns Are Safe

On November 11, 1977, Mike Schlappi was only 14 when a friend picked up his father’s service revolver, jokingly pointed it at Mike’s chest, pulled the trigger, and a single shot went into Mike’s chest. The bullet ripped through a lung, missed his heart, and severed his spine. Mike fell back onto the bed stunned.

“You’re faking! You’re faking!” his friend shouted in panic. Mike pulled up his shirt and showed the wound—and then he passed out.

Mike survived that boyhood accident, but his lower body was paralyzed. He would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

The shooting accident didn’t stop Mike. He went on to graduate from high school, then college, and became a four-time medalist winner for basketball in the Paralympics. He got married and had five children. Today, he is a successful businessman, author, and is a highly sought-after motivational speaker whose message is, “If you can’t stand up, stand out!”

In a recent interview, Mike told his story about the accident and how it taught him some great lessons of life that are often lost to almost everyone else. He has even forgiven the friend who shot him. (To see Mike sharing part of this story, click here.)

“I thank God for pain,” Mike said. “Because only when we feel pain do we change. And only when we change do we grow. And only when we grow do we realize the beauty that lies within each and everyone of us.”

Did the shooting accident turn Mike against guns? Not at all. Mike hunts to this day and acknowledges the importance of gun safety.

Behind the steel walls of his Liberty safe, Mike stashes his gold medals, the very bullet that cost him his mobility, and his own personal collection of rifles and handguns.

“I make sure my personal guns go in here so that I’m not a risk to other people,” he said.

The legal challenges to gun owners are increasing every day. The issues of liability are gaining ground in courts across the country. Gun manufacturers, gun distributors and gun owners have been working hard to defend the rights of gun ownership while legislators in many states are creating laws that place all or some of the burden of responsibility where their gun was not secured and thus stolen and used in a crime.

As Mike Schlappi declared, there is nothing wrong with owning a gun—but keeping it safe makes all the difference. That’s why Mike chose Liberty Safe, along with the more than 1.5 million other Americans, to keep his guns and valuables safely secured. It brings a peace of mind that rests comfortably and easy, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and especially when curious kids are left alone at home.

When Sharing and Sharing Alike Doesn’t Work

It’s a scene that has been repeated more than a million times in recent years—-

     A husband and wife pace back and forth in front of a row of Liberty safes at their local safe store. They’ve already learned enough to realize Liberty is the best deal for the money, and they can see all of the extra features that make Liberty a wise choice.

 But how big do we want to go?

      The dealer encourages them to consider going larger, but they counter with concerns of cost and that look of, “Is he trying to step us up?”
“You’ll really want the extra space,” the dealer says. “You’ll end up putting more stuff in it than you ever thought possible. Wishing it was bigger is Liberty’s #1 complaint.”

     But husband and wife are perfectly confident that the smaller size will work, and they go forward buying a safe that meets current needs.

       Within days, their new safe is delivered, professionally installed, and the owner’s manual thoroughly exhausted and the combination numbers stashed away safely, the fun can finally begin.

     He brings his stuff and starts filling the shelves. The guns and rifles, the papers, the Coke bottle from the 2002 Winter Olympics, his letterman’s jacket and medals, dad’s class ring, grandpa’s war memorabilia, the plaster caste of Big Foot he made while hiking through Montana in 1992.

       But wait, there’s more! And then she comes with her dried bouquet from their wedding, her mother’s wedding rings, the mortgage papers, some cash and stock certificates, three binders of personal journals, that jar of sand from their honeymoon in Maui, and all those family photos from great-grandma.

       But wait, there’s more! And sure enough, over the course of time, that safe slowly fills. It fills as the clarity of safe storage begins to dawn on the two of them, and just what it means to have valuables stored away from theft, neglect and fire.

     Before long, the ultimate in confrontations finally arrives.

     “Honey, I need to take out your grandmother’s dress and shoes,” he says. “I know these mean a lot to you, but I don’t have room for these antique snowshoes and my victory cups from A&W.”

     “Why do you need those paper cups anyway?” she retorts. “Who cares about those, it was high school for crying out loud.”

     “I bought one every time we won a game, it’s family history, people will want to know, the kids will love these in 50 years!”

     “And they won’t value grandmother’s wedding dress and shoes? They’re rare, they’re valuable….”

       And then it hits both of them: “We should have bought a bigger safe.”
When it comes to safes, bigger is better. But if the one you own is packed full, here’s another solution. Make it His and Hers.

     That’s just what these Liberty safe owners did (see photo), and they’ve been happy ever since—a safe for him and a safe for her.

       With plenty of secure storage between the two of them, the arguments ended, the decisions became easier, and they report it was the best thing they could have done. “Thank you, Liberty,” they recently wrote. “It saved our sanity.”

     Liberty safe—encouraging happy marriages everywhere with the best-built safes on the planet.

What’s Inside the Vault of Vaults?

Even Tom Cruise and his block-buster movie-making buddies couldn’t get into this place …

On November 3, 2012, an amazing, high-tech security facility opened in Salt Lake City. It’s not a government-run bunker, it’s not a Hollywood action-movie studio set, it’s an actual, real life, super-secure storage facility where every client has 24 x 7 access—provided they can get past a battery of security barriers including multiple security codes, the right set of keys, and, the right retina—all under the watchful care of on-site personnel and 50 “hardened” cameras keeping an eye on things from the central security offices.

Once inside, what do you suppose clients find for the very last level of security, the actual safes? Yes, you guessed it—they find rows and rows of Liberty safes, the best-built safes on the planet (for PHOTOS—click here).

The new Safe Haven Private Vaults is one of nine similar facilities in the U.S. It is an ultra-secure building housing some 3,000 deposit boxes of assorted sizes, and full-sized safes.

At a time when people everywhere are concerned about their valuables being taken by either thieves or the government (sorry for the redundancy), here is a place that doesn’t ever close like the banks do, doesn’t stand unguarded like that desk drawer at home while you’re at the movies, and stays awake morning, noon and night.

Remember the advantages of a Liberty safe at home. If they’re good enough for Safe Haven, they’re good enough for you. It’s the best way to have peace of mind and to keep your valuables close at hand, when you really need them fast.

Liberty, the best-built safes on earth.