When “Big Brother” Comes to Steal Your Stuff

The little island-nation of Cyprus is going through a nightmare.

European socialism is in the final throes of ruining that Mediterranean paradise, and now the Cyprus government has turned to stealing from frugal savers to keep its economy from collapsing.

Everybody with more than $130,000 in the bank will have those excesses stolen, taken, frozen, absorbed, and subtracted to keep the country’s economy floating. Those who are not protected under government insured accounts (similar to America’s FDIC), will have up to 40% of their savings taken by the government.

The Russians (they love Cyprus’s tax haven) will lose billions, businesses will lose millions, the individual saver will lose thousands, and the entire foolish experiment in “our government will protect you from cradle to grave” is going up in smoke.

The result?

Tens of thousands of Cyprus citizens are lining up at ATM machines to withdraw money. But they may only take 100 Euros a day—that’s $130 a day.

Why the ATM machines? Because the government has closed all the banks so people can’t empty the vaults and take their own property home.

How do you suppose the crime rate in Cyprus might change with cash being hoarded in people’s homes instead of in banks? The pickings for a thief must be pretty ripe in Cyprus right now.

That’s just one more reason why a Liberty safe makes so much sense.

This same kind of event happened in the U.S. during the New Deal era, and helped set off the Great Depression. Something like that is not likely to happen again any time soon, but emergencies do erupt at the worst possible times. And, with the twisted economic thinking taking place in America right now, the same kind of thinking that mimics the economic choices in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, and elsewhere, there can be no guarantees. If America did experience a similar problem, two things would happen.

First, thieves would know that many people would be stashing cash and valuables in their houses. Under such impoverished and desperate conditions, break-ins would skyrocket.

Second, Liberty safe owners would have peace of mind because their cash and valuables are locked behind the door of the finest safe in the world. It’s a peace of mind only Liberty can deliver.

It’s a pretty good bet that right now, most of the 1.1 million people in Cyprus are wishing they had a Liberty safe in their homes. Unfortunately for them, however, things changed abruptly, shockingly, and expeditiously. And now it’s too late.

Liberty safe—makers of the best-built safes in the world.

Neglect Can Be Expensive

Personal responsibility never sleeps and never takes a vacation. Being responsible for personal actions is what separates humans from animals—or that’s the plan, anyway.

And being responsible around guns is always a matter of life and death. Those who neglect proper training and personal gun responsibility end up on America’s Funniest Videos, a police report, or the obituary page—proof that stupid is as stupid does.

There are plenty of examples.

Click here and see some soldiers in the jungle handing a loaded AK-47 automatic rifle to a monkey. The monkey finds the trigger and starts shooting, everybody scatters until the clip is empty. Stupid is as stupid does.

Or, click here and see a man practicing with a shotgun during an outdoor concealed carry permit class. One of the shells experiences a hangfire (slow-igniting fuse), and the man looks down the barrel to see what’s wrong. No gore, but there might have been. Stupid is as stupid does.

Or, click here and see a police officer giving a training class on gun safety. He demonstrates improperly how to unload a handgun and manages to shoot himself in the foot, right in front of the whole class. Stupid is as stupid does.

These are obviously the exceptions to responsible gun ownership by people who treat gun safety and security with the utmost respect. But it is also true that each of these situations could have been avoided had they followed the proper steps learned in training that ensures their safety and those around them.

The legal issues surrounding gun liability for the irresponsibility of securing guns are growing in America. In some states, gun owners are held responsible if their collection is stolen and used in a crime. The court views the original owner as somewhat culpable for not keeping it protected from theft.

Responsible gun owners may have some peace of mind about their collection if they let a reliable safe be at a minimum their inoculation against a severe case of stupidness. Locking up your guns in a well-built safe helps keep them out of the hands of the unauthorized, the criminals, the curious visitors, your children, and friends. The last thing a gun owner needs is a phone call saying someone innocent was shot (click here to hear Mike Schlappi in his own words tell about that very kind of tragic day). When you have your guns in a safe, and only you have the combination, then you are exercising the highest level of personal responsibility possible. This protection can also prevent the level of tragedy that others have experienced in recent times when their guns were accessible by others who were not authorized or knew how to be alert and responsible around guns.