Tax Deduction for Buying a Gun Safe?

Leave it to a free people to solve America’s most pressing problems.

A new bill in Congress called The Secure Firearms Act, proposes a federal tax deduction of up to $1,200 for the purchase of a gun safe or other gun safety devices.

The legislation gives incentives to gun owners to secure their arms and ammunition when not in use. And, as a protection of second amendment rights, the IRS is prohibited from using the tax deductions claims to produce any form of gun owner registration.

The bi-partisan legislation was introduced May 8, 2013 by Rep. John Carter (R-TX) and Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), both members of the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee.

“The most common factor in the mass shootings over the past years is that people who should not have had access to firearms managed to acquire them anyway,” Carter said. “We don’t attempt to address all of the reasons for that in this bill, but specifically target better security of firearms by law-abiding citizens through incentives, not mandates.”

“This is a common sense first step towards increasing access for Americans to purchase devices that will prevent the misuse of firearms,” Cuellar said. “While this legislation is not meant to be a ‘fix-all,’ this is a bipartisan idea that Congress should immediately act on.”

Mass shootings in recent years involved people who should not have had access to guns. The most recent Newtown tragedy was apparently facilitated when a gun safe holding the weapons used to kill so many children and adults was left unlocked, or the combination otherwise made available to the mentally unstable son of the woman who owned the safe and the guns.

“We can use this legislation to kick off a nationwide push,” Carter said, “to put gun safes or security devices in every home with unattended firearms by the close of 2014, and then let’s push for everyone to use them.”

The Secure Firearms Act is endorsed by:

The National Rifle Association (NRA): “…we support the Secure Firearms Act of 2013 …”

Gun Owners of America: “This bill provides a solid benefit to law-abiding gun owners nationwide, and will increase public safety in the process.”

National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF): “[We] thank Rep. Carter for his leadership in offering a real, bi-partisan solution that will help make our families safer….”

Rep. Carter added, “This is one bill that will reduce illegal firearms use, is constitutionally-sound, paid for with appropriate corresponding budget cuts, and should be supported by all sides on this debate.”

Stay tuned for updates as they become available.