Fascinating new details about Moore, OK, tornado

As we mentioned three months ago (June 18, 2013), one of the Oklahoma homes demolished in this summer’s terrible tornado season, had everything but a Liberty safe destroyed. The safe was the only thing left standing there, bolted to the cement floor, as recommended, and everything else gone.

Since we first reported on this event, the home’s owner wrote to provide more detail. See his letter below:

August 27, 2013

Dear Liberty Safe,

About three years ago, I bought a Liberty Franklin 50 from H&H
Gun Range in Oklahoma. I had them bolt it to the floor in my garage when they
delivered it. The safe has worked great for those three years, and even more so
when we had one of the worst tornados in our history hit our town of Moore,

On May 20, 2013, I went to work about seven miles away from
my home. I was going to drive my Corvette that day, but when I heard there was
a hail storm in the forecast, I left it in the garage. News came later that day
that an F5 tornado had hit our town. We knew it was bad when the news came out
that many people lost their lives that day.

We were not able to get to our homes right away because of
all the destruction and downed trees. We couldn’t even drive in. We had to walk
two miles in to reach our home. I was shocked at the power of that tornado and
the devastation. We finally made it to our place. Our home was a 3800 sq ft house
and it was completely leveled to the ground. To our surprise, the Liberty safe,
which was bolted to the concrete, was still sitting there. My Corvette was even
still there, with its windows blown out. We were shocked. An Oklahoma
University meteorologist informed us that our home was 30-40 feet within the
center of the tornado.

I thought to myself, “What am I going to do now?” In the next
couple of days we salvaged what valuables we could. We noticed that some of our
things around the safe actually were protected. The Liberty Safe stayed where
it was suppose to stay. Two weeks went by, and after all the clean up around
property, we finally decided to see if we could open up the safe. I put in my
combination and it opened up. The very first time, too. We were also surprised
that it was not even wet inside, as about ten inches of rain came down during
the past two weeks. Everything in the safe was the same as I had left it.

I’ve never seen anything like this.
The tornado tore cars apart. There was an 18-foot boat and trailer together
before the storm. Now there is no boat and the motor was 300 feet in the
opposite direction as the trailer. While we were cleaning up, another neighbor,
asked if we had seen a 2.5 x 2.5 safe anywhere? We told him we hadn’t, but we
told him insurance would cover it. He said that he had a lot of valuables
inside and they’re all gone; they never could find it.

I am a big believer in Liberty Safes. I have sold several of
them since this happened. Mr. Hall at H&H Gun Range has been wonderful to
work with. They have picked up the safe and are keeping it in their showroom.
They are letting me choose a new replacement safe. It’s a good product. If it
is installed properly it can withstand an F5 tornado. It did what it was
absolutely supposed to do!

Bud Wilkinson

Moore, Oklahoma

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