Mr. Teeth could win a Fatboy!

Did you hear about Liberty Safe’s contest to win a FATBOY safe and a free year of SafElert?

The contest just started, it’s been a lot of fun, and you can enter.

GET CREATIVE! Tell us about the most extreme measures you take to protect your stuff and you could be a winner. Go to Liberty’s Facebook fan page and post your photo and description. In fact, take a moment right now and go see the really wild and crazy ideas people use to keep their stash safe. Click here.

Everybody votes for their favorite post to select several weekly winners, and at the end, an arbitrary drawing from the top ten finalists will win the grand prize FATBOY safe with a year’s worth of SafElert monitoring.

MEET MR. TEETH! Our contest took a really fun turn when we found THIS, the alligator pictured above, guarding 34 pounds of pot in a Northern California home. Now, as you can probably appreciate, we’d like to include Mr. Teeth and his owner in the contest, but it would be tough to install a FATBOY in a prison cell, so he’s disqualified.

BETTER THAN AN ALLIGATOR: Most people don’t know about our brand new SafElert system. It’s a set of eyes and ears inside your safe. You leave home feeling great that your things are locked safely away, but what if somebody attacks your safe, how would you know? Or, what if somebody has the combination and opens the door, how would you know? Did the kids get the combination and are giving your guns a try in the back yard? Know instantly when your safe door is opened or even if the handle is jiggled, that’s what SafElert does.

GUARD WATCHING THE VAULT: SafElert is a wireless device placed inside your safe and stays in constant communication with your home’s Wi-Fi system. If your safe is tampered with, the door opened, the handle jiggled, or if the temperature changes, SafElert sends you a text and email to warn you there might be trouble at home. What if the power goes out? SafElert notifies you of that, too. You can even check with a mobile app, such as to view the humidity inside your safe.

SafElert is a great new advance in protecting your valuables and having peace of mind. Would you like to win one for free, and maybe win a free FATBOY safe to go with it? Then send us your “extreme measure”!


Date: Aug. 27 – Sep. 20

Anyone in the 48 contiguous states may enter (Liberty and SafElert employees excluded).

To Participate: Submit a photo with a caption and explanation of the most extreme, funny or ridiculous measures you take to protect something important to you. Send it to the Liberty Safe Facebook fan page. Include your contact information.

GRAND PRIZE:  1 Fatboy safe, a SafElert system, one year of SafElert monitoring.

WEEKLY PRIZES: A SafElert system and six months of SafElert monitoring.