Dealers Who Make The Best-Built Safes Even Better

At Liberty, we do more than build safes—we improve and advance our customer’s lives. That is why enlisting the help of the best dealers in the country is so critical.

A recent example of great dealerships is H&H Shooting Sports in Oklahoma City, OK, a proud Liberty safe distributor.

In March 2014, the world-renowned business publication, INC Magazine, selected H&H from among 100,000 other medium-sized companies as one of the top 100 best-run companies in America. The magazine put H&H on its prestigious list called “The Build 100.”

The stature of this honor is greatly amplified by the fact that to even be considered, such companies must first demonstrate best practices and winning strategies, have CEOs with vision and responsiveness to market and customer expectations, and deliver outstanding products.

INC Magazine examined 22 million establishments to determine what qualities make a business great, and narrowed the list of best companies to 100,000. Landing on the elite “Build 100” means H&H has been recognized as among the best of the best. And, H&H happens to also be the only representative from the shooting sports industry to make the list..

Miles Hall, the founder and president of H&H, said the recognition was a huge compliment to his whole company. “INC is an impressive and important publication, so this is an honor to our team, operation, and the shooters of our area,” he said. H&H has been in business since 1981, and the honor shows how valuable H&H is to reshaping the way that shooting sports are marketed.

Today, H&H has more than 120 staff team members, and it continues to grow and expand even in these rough economic times.

And, for those in the Oklahoma area, H&H is a great place to purchase your next Liberty safe because quality and service is what H&H is all about. See the March issue of INC Magazine for the full review on “The Build 100.”



Liberty Safe Announces Free Subscription for SafAlert

Liberty announced in January the subscription fee for the 24/7 monitoring service has been waved and is now included with the purchase of the SafAlert safe protection system. The monitoring service will now be provided free of charge to Liberty safe customers.

“There are many monthly service charges and subscription fees that are cumbersome for the consumer,” said Kim Waddoups, Liberty Safe CEO. “Customer satisfaction is our first priority, and offering free monthly monitoring was a priority goal that we set some time ago. We are pleased to announce that SafAlert now comes with a free subscription to the monitoring service.”

SafAlert is a wireless device placed inside the safe to detect motion, change in humidity, and change in temperature. It allows owners to monitor the status of their safes from anywhere in the world. And, should someone open the door, move the safe, tamper with it, or if a house fire breaks out, the SafElert system immediately sends an alert to the owner’s cell phone, email, and other electronic device, for up to a total of five contact points.

The subscription fee was put in place to offset the costs incurred for staff and equipment that monitored the nation-wide SafAlert network. Absorbing those activities into other company projects made possible the free subscriptions offer.
Existing SafElert customers who have already paid for the monitoring service may receive a full refund of the subscription fee by contacting the SafElert support team at 801-657-5352 ext.


With Rights Come Responsibilities

Our friends at Gander Mountain are running a great sales campaign right now about rights and responsibilities.

And it’s been a timely alert, too.

A recent Gander Mountain customer responded to that campaign after he inherited his dad’s gun collection. He found in a Liberty safe exactly what he needed.

“My two boys (9 and 12 yrs) are very excited about learning gun safety and hunting. I did not want their enthusiasm to get carried away to handling them without permission or to be influenced by friends to make bad choices, so locking them up is the safest way to keep them out of curious hands.”

He wasn’t disappointed and gave the safe a five-star review: “To my delight I stumbled across Liberty at my local gun store,” and made his purchase.

That’s why Liberty keeps building the best-made safes in the world at a rate of one quality job completed every 90 seconds. It’s the attention to detail that makes all the difference because at Liberty we firmly agree with Gander Mountain—”With rights come responsibilities.”