When Something Goes Bump In The Night

It’s everybody’s nightmare, that bump in the night that sits you up listening and wondering. Is it a break-in, a home invasion, the crazies looking for drugs or money, or one of the kids headed down the hall to the bathroom?

There is no better peace of mind than protection for whatever concern might wake you in the night than Liberty’s new 9G Inprint handgun vaults.

Programmed to accept up to 15 separate fingerprints, you and your responsible family members may access protection should that need arise.

No fumbling through the dark to that unattended shoe box in the closet or having to scurry downstairs to where your full-sized safe is located. No scrambling in your car for the key to open your glove compartment. Just put your finger on the fingerprint reader and the lid pops, and there’s your gun. A smart move is to keep a small flashlight there as well; you don’t want to trip over your shoes or the dog on your way to the light switch, that makes a much bigger bump in the night.

Liberty’s handgun safes use 9g’s 5th Generation Biometric finger swipe technology, the most reliable biometric entry system available, with supreme accuracy and the lowest fail-rate on the market. That’s one of the reasons we give all our 9g smart vaults a 5-year replacement warranty on any defects.

Speed counts too. Entry through the finger swipe system can be obtained in under 2 seconds (1.63 to be exact) and accommodates 15 different fingerprints. They are portable, can easily fit in a drawer or automobile, and you can bolt them down, secure them with a cable, and brings the wonderful peace of mind that Liberty Safe has been offering for more than 25 years.


Security cable included. Optional AC adapter also available.

The most reliable biometric system available

Quick and Secure finger swipe access

15 Fingerprint Memory

Tamper Resistant Design

Sturdy Steel Construction

Fits most handgun sizes

Key Backup

Portable, security cable included

5-year warranty