What’s the Big “Armored Truck” Secret?

If you work for an armored truck service you need to be tough, honest, trustworthy and sharp. Only the best will do.
       So where do “the best” go to store their service weapons at the end of an arduous day of hauling millions in cash and coin from tills to vaults?
Tyson D. of Salt Lake City wanted a convenient and safe place to keep his handgun when he got home from work each day.

Tyson D. of Salt Lake City wanted a convenient and safe place to keep his handgun when he got home from work each day.

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For Tyson D. of Salt Lake City, the answer was a no brainer.

“We wanted a handgun vault that was tough, trustworthy and did the job,” Tyson said. “That’s why we went with Liberty. All my co-workers said go for it.”

He said he has three things on his mind when he walks in the door each evening—“My family, their safety, and securing my gun.”

That’s why Tyson and his wife purchased a Liberty HDX-250 handgun vault as a Father’s Day gift this past summer.

“I love the biometric access,” he said. “In the dead of night we just swipe a finger and the door pops, we’ve got the gun, a flashlight, and protection.”

Securing his gun has become a habit.

“First thing I do when I walk in the door is put the gun and clips into the vault, and then I kiss my wife. It’s a peace of mind that I didn’t even realize I was missing. It’s therapeutic—it let’s that knot in my gut relax knowing that my gun is safe—I can let it go.”

The HDX-250 uses 5th Generation Biometric finger swipe technology, with an emergency key as backup. “Takes me less than 2 seconds to grab the gun, it’s fast,” Tyson said.

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But there’s more.

Tyson’s father also needed a more handy gun vault. His full-size gun safe was all the way in the basement, hardly accessible should an emergency arise. For Father’s Day, Tyson and his wife made sure that he too received an HDX-250.

When asked, Why Liberty? Tyson and his father both smiled. “Who else?”

That’s why Liberty Safe now offers the best-built safes on the planet—in all sizes.

A Liberty Safe Helps Sell A House!

Are you a home owner feeling frustrated that your house for sale hasn’t attracted many lookers, let alone buyers?

We have the perfect answer for you.

Make your potential buyers aware that you have a beautifully designed, well engineered, and heavily armored Liberty safe bolted to your floor, and, that it goes with the house—along with transferal of its lifetime replacement/repair warranty from Liberty Safe.

Like dangling live bait in front of a hungry fish, you just might see a buyer come along a lot sooner! After all, who doesn’t know that Liberty makes the best home and office safes on the planet?

And, it just so happens that just the other day, in the mail bag, we received a remarkable note that told of that very process successfully put to use.

The correspondent was the owner of a Liberty safe, a Lincoln 25. He said he had been frustrated at how long his home was sitting with the “For Sale” sign in the front yard. Finally, somebody noticed that a Liberty safe was in the house.

The buyer made quick contact and said he wanted the house, but the Liberty safe had to be part of the deal. The sellers agreed, sold the house, and used some of the money to get a larger safe.

In their note to us they said: “We accepted, and replaced the safe with this Liberty Lincoln 50.”

Some of the most valuable real estate in life is the real estate on which your home is built, but the most durable real estate are those cubic feet inside the security and safety of a Liberty safe. It’s a peace of mind that even some stranger hunting for a new home will recognize in the name Liberty—the makers of the best-built safes on the planet.