Updated Pry Bar Test

Can a promise be as iron-clad as a Liberty Safe? Let’s put it to the test.

Recently we set up a demonstration for Guns & Gear TV to show how Liberty’s promises are as armor-clad as each of our home safes—even our entry-level safes.

With two competitors’ safes standing next to a similar-model Liberty on our factory floor, and two of our burly “safe breakers” armed with pry bars, we filmed their attempts to break into all three safes. The time limit was five minutes, a typical “rush job” for many home break-ins.

The two competitor safes opened in less than a minute, and the Liberty held up until the expired time.

See the segment by Guns & Gear TV here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1iDz8Yt-ys

Not If But When—The importance of this demonstration is lost on some people. The question isn’t about “if” someone can break in, because no safe, car, home or building is impervious to a successful attack if they have enough time.

The question is about “when.” The longer a safe can delay entry the more time for police to arrive. Liberty builds in as much time-delay as possible into each of our safes for every model, design and price point.

Here’s a photo of a FATBOY that was attacked with all kinds of tools, without success. While there is no way to determine how long the bad guys were busy, our guess is they spent at least 30 minutes before giving up.

Fatboy 2

Burglars worked on this safe for at least 30 minutes, probably longer, trying to defeat all of the specialized engineering improvements that make Liberty Safes the best-built safes on the planet.

In addition to Liberty’s state-of-the-art quality engineering, there are two other safety measures that Liberty offers.

First, a home safe bolt-down kit. You’d be amazed at how many reports we receive of attempted break-ins that failed for the simple reason the bad guys had to attack the safe in its upright position. Keeping a safe standing is a huge deterrent.

Second, an industry-leading high-tech monitoring device called SafElert is available that will instantly send an alert if your safe is jostled or moved, or even if the door handle is tried. Thieves usually don’t know this device is awake and watching because the wireless SafElert is stored inside your safe, out of view. Once the attack begins, SafElert is already sending for help.

Can a promise be as iron-clad as the safe it promotes? In the case of Liberty, even for its entry-level safes, the answer is yes—an affirmative echoed by more than 1.5 million satisfied customers.

Liberty Safe, makers of the best-built safes in the world—at any price.