The Revolution is Over! All Roads Lead to a Centurion

If you missed the news, the Revolution is ended—now stand up for the Centurion.
Starting this year, Liberty’s Revolution series of safes has entered history to make room for the new Centurion series, and what a safe it is.
A Centurion was a Roman captain over a century of soldiers—a “century” is Roman-speak for 100 tough guys with attitudes.
The Romans picked their Centurions because of superior size, strength, dexterity, vigilance, temperance and their constant alertness to stand ready at all times.
If that describes the kind of safe you want, check them out at Liberty Safe. It’s like having 100 tough guys with attitudes at your house guarding your stuff all the time.
Each Centurion stands guard with 4-inch wide military style locking bars for more security against the hordes of Attila the Hun. And if the Asiatic Warlords come to pillage and burn, your Centurion will protect your valuables from fire for up to 30 minutes.
Rome didn’t have an external relocker back in their day, but our Centurions do. And, an internal lock hardplate makes it tougher for the Celtic Barbarians to drill it out.
It’s the perfect combination of quality and engineering that excels at keeping out Spartacus, Hannibal of Carthage, The Warrior Queen, and even your high school math teacher. It’s the entry level safe for all Roman citizens and friends who want the peace of mind that only Liberty Safe can deliver.
Take the chariot down to your Liberty dealer today.  Don’t get caught when the King of the Vandals comes to wipe you out. Let your Centurion deal with their vicious ways, and you will conquer.
Every Centurion knows that all roads lead to Liberty because that’s where they make the best-built safes in the empire—and everywhere beyond.

2016 is the Year for the Next Generation

Documents, photographs, firearms and artifacts are the important parts of your unique story. They define who you are and how you lived. They tell of yourself, your family and your experiences. Most of all, they let you share that marvelous story with others.
Liberty Safe is part of a world-wide preservation campaign. More than 4.8 billion artifacts are held in public and private trust by more than 30,000 museums, archives, libraries, collections and research genealogists. Experts choose Liberty because of its superior theft-prevention and fire-resistant design. Can you say the same about your artifacts?
Do you keep your firearms under the mattress, or your fabulous sentimental treasures in a cardboard box where accident, theft and neglect will ruin them?
Make 2016 your year for peace of mind. Take that wonderful step forward and put your valuables, handguns, long guns and precious artifacts into a Liberty ‘memory vault’ and let it become a time machine for future generations. That’s what the experts do, and you can too.
Are you ready to make 2016 the year for the next generation? You are probably more ready than you realize. See Liberty’s new 2016 catalog for all the details—coming soon!