Challenging Freedom with Terror

Every gun tragedy brings to center stage the dual need for weapons to defend life and liberty, and the responsibility on a national, local, and personal level to see that such firearms are never used to injure or kill the innocent. Millions of responsible gun owners in America are the strongest advocates for the safe use and secure storage of their firearms. Many have taken the added time and expense to become trained in home protection and to purchase one of our safes for proper storage of their firearms. That is what freedom provides to a free people, the right to self-defense and the responsibility to exercise that right correctly. Liberty Safe is proud to be a part of those responsible choices..

While the nation recoils in grief in the aftermath of the insane slaughter of 49 fellow Americans and the wounding of dozens of others, Liberty Safe stands up to be counted among those who condemn and reject those evil horrors, and renew our declaration and determination to be part of keeping this great country safe and strong..

May the leadership of our nation now kindle the political fortitude to promote our second amendment rights as a better answer to the many growing threats to our national security. May they unite with all of us in our promises to each another to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, and provide for the common defense..

From all of us here at Liberty Safe, we send our heart-felt support and prayers to the families and friends of those who were killed and injured in the recent Orlando massacre at the hands of Islamic terrorists..

We also want to commend the courageous first responders who regularly put their own lives in harm’s way, who once again answered the alarm and rushed to extinguish the inferno of hatred that was unleashed without cause or rationale against our unarmed fellow Americans.