Going Independent for Independence Day, Liberty Style!

Nothing means being independent more than a gun, gold, and a Constitution worth defending. Keep yours safe with a FREE HANDGUN VAULT during this special July Liberty Safe Sale!

From July 1 – July 16th Liberty is running an Independence Day promotion on our Liberty Safe Website.

When you purchases a Colonial or above July 1 through July 16th, you will qualify to receive a Free Handgun Vault by submitting a completed rebate form. The rebate form will be available for you to print on our website.

To get your FREE HANDGUN VAULT, there are three steps:

1.  Buy the safe (Be a Minute Man or Woman, don’t put this off any longer!)

2. Register the safe warranty (You’d do that anyway)

3.  Fill out the rebate form, attach it to a copy of your safe receipt, and mail it in to Liberty Safe (EASY! Won’t take more than 180 seconds)

For details click HERE.