Liberty Safe Announces Free Subscription for SafAlert

Liberty announced in January the subscription fee for the 24/7 monitoring service has been waved and is now included with the purchase of the SafAlert safe protection system. The monitoring service will now be provided free of charge to Liberty safe customers.

“There are many monthly service charges and subscription fees that are cumbersome for the consumer,” said Kim Waddoups, Liberty Safe CEO. “Customer satisfaction is our first priority, and offering free monthly monitoring was a priority goal that we set some time ago. We are pleased to announce that SafAlert now comes with a free subscription to the monitoring service.”

SafAlert is a wireless device placed inside the safe to detect motion, change in humidity, and change in temperature. It allows owners to monitor the status of their safes from anywhere in the world. And, should someone open the door, move the safe, tamper with it, or if a house fire breaks out, the SafElert system immediately sends an alert to the owner’s cell phone, email, and other electronic device, for up to a total of five contact points.

The subscription fee was put in place to offset the costs incurred for staff and equipment that monitored the nation-wide SafAlert network. Absorbing those activities into other company projects made possible the free subscriptions offer.
Existing SafElert customers who have already paid for the monitoring service may receive a full refund of the subscription fee by contacting the SafElert support team at 801-657-5352 ext.


With Rights Come Responsibilities

Our friends at Gander Mountain are running a great sales campaign right now about rights and responsibilities.

And it’s been a timely alert, too.

A recent Gander Mountain customer responded to that campaign after he inherited his dad’s gun collection. He found in a Liberty safe exactly what he needed.

“My two boys (9 and 12 yrs) are very excited about learning gun safety and hunting. I did not want their enthusiasm to get carried away to handling them without permission or to be influenced by friends to make bad choices, so locking them up is the safest way to keep them out of curious hands.”

He wasn’t disappointed and gave the safe a five-star review: “To my delight I stumbled across Liberty at my local gun store,” and made his purchase.

That’s why Liberty keeps building the best-made safes in the world at a rate of one quality job completed every 90 seconds. It’s the attention to detail that makes all the difference because at Liberty we firmly agree with Gander Mountain—”With rights come responsibilities.”

Be prepared by storing guns and ammo, Wall Street advisor says

What does chaos look like? People don’t have to go far to see examples of societal meltdowns in recent times:

In the last five years, massive riots involving millions of people in dozens of countries have hit the streets demanding changes in economic polices, austerity programs, race and religion issues, entitlement programs, and NBA finals. In total, thousands have died at the hands of police or military forces. Businesses, banks, homes and private property have been attacked, people injured, robbed, assaulted, and beaten to death. Governments fell in Egypt, Libya, Syria, with more teetering on collapse elsewhere as elections swing against incumbents.

These are no apocalyptic fantasies from a “last days” Hollywood disaster movie, it is a reality in today’s destabilized world.

Could America be next on the chopping block for massive social upheaval?

A Wall Street advisor sees similar explosions coming to America (click here for an interview of David John Marotta published in The Washington Examiner). Marotta says the culprits include the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), NSA’s spying, rising taxes, and unrecoverable debt and spending by the federal government. He calls it a “financial apocalypse” for which all Americans should get prepared.

“A bug-out bag is a good idea depending on where you live,” Marotta said,” even if the emergency is just power outages, earthquakes and hurricanes. And with your preparedness you will be equipped to help others,” he wrote.

It is a well established fact that such a tinderbox of rage will flare hot and fast in America should any national disaster or upheaval strike. Recent proof includes the hurricane damages along the Atlantic seaboard (not to mention Katrina, etc.) that triggered looting and crime, the rioting after the George Zimmerman trial, the flare-up over Detroit filing for bankruptcy, or any singular NBA or Superbowl championship. Imagine what a full-scale economic meltdown would create?

The financial apocalypse that Marotta warns of begs the question: What is the average American doing to protect his or her own valuables at home?

Marotta suggests storing guns and ammo for protection. That’s where Liberty comes to the rescue.

“Be prepared,” he wrote. “Especially because it keeps you from being scared.”

To keep your guns and ammo out of the hands of rioters or thieves, and to keep all other valuables safe in the event of storms and fire, look to Liberty Safe for real peace of mind. That’s what Liberty sells better than anybody on the planet—Peace of mind no matter what happens.

Bash In The New Year: Watch the Liberty Safe Drop for 2014!

No celebration of New Years is complete without the dropping of the ball in Times Square at the stroke of midnight.

And now you can celebrate the New Year with another family tradition: The dropping of safes at Liberty!

At 11:58 p.m. on December 31, have your family and friends gathered together in front of your computer screen. Have some popcorn, cheese ball and crackers, and pour some beverages of your choice, and then bash in the new year with a thunking, smoking, crushing crash of safe against safe, a scene of free-fall dynamics never before witnessed by New Years revelers in the history of quality safe manufacturing. It’s a wonderfully new family-safe New Year’s tradition!


1. At 5 minutes before midnight, click here or go to, click on the window “200 FT Drop! WATCH 200 FOOT DROP TEST VIDEO!”

2. After the video loads, wait for 1 minute 36.8 seconds before midnight, and then hit the play button.

3. For the first minute and a half, you will enjoy the amazing survivability of a Liberty safe enduring the horrific collision of a free-falling competitor safe being dropped on top of it from 200 feet. And then it’s Liberty’s turn.

If your Internet connection speed isn’t suffering a hangover, and you’ve hit play at the exact right moment, you will enjoy at the strike of midnight the Liberty Safe Drop of The New Year!

Witness the exhilaration of a Made in the U.S.A. Liberty safe smashing its equally weighted and sized imported competitor and ripping it to shreds, proving once again that Liberty makes the best-built safes on the planet.

May you and yours be Liberty safe for 2014.

Happy New Year!



How to Stay Cool When the Heat’s On

Is your home safe going to let you down in the event of a fire? That depends on how much you understand about the basics of fire protection.

When a safe displays a sticker saying it is rated for “60-minute” or “90-minute” protection, it means it will prevent the inside temperature from rising above 350 degrees F. for the stated time period, even if the house around it is blazing away at temperatures as high as 1200 degrees F.

Why 350? Because testing by Underwriter’s Laboratory found that standard paper will start to become unreadable around 350 degrees, chars at 400 degrees, and will ignite at 451 degrees F. (remember reading the book “Fahrenheit 451”?). The 350-degree standard is used because many people use a safe to store a variety of valuables, but especially important paper items such as cash, stock certificates, wills, legal documents, contracts, etc.

What about things that would be ruined at temperatures below 350 degrees F., such as that stash of Swiss chocolate, your original 8-track tape of the Beach Boys, or grandma’s 80-year-old photograph collection?

For items sensitive to temperatures below 350 degrees F., the prudent safe owner will purchase a firebox or media cooler to put inside the home safe. These containers offer additional temperature protection for things like diskettes, CD/DVDs, backup hard drives, photographs, etc. There are several on the market that will do the job.

Be careful that you don’t fall for the trap your neighbor steps in with, “Hey, why buy a big Liberty safe when I can get all the fire proofing I need with a much smaller and cheaper fire box?”

The answer is simple: For every house fire, there are 5 burglaries. Thieves really appreciate home owners who put their valuables in fire boxes, even those that are bolted to something. Why waste valuable time beating, whacking, cutting, torching and prying at the mighty armor of a Liberty safe when you can pop a fire box off the floor with a crowbar and walk out with it in your arms?

When you shop for the right fire rating, always buy more fire protection than you think you need, especially if you live far from the fire department. Also, placing your safe on a cement floor or against cement walls improves the performance of your home safe in a fire.

“How Can I Gain 880 Pounds Over the Holidays?”

Liberty Safe’s FATBOY giveaway sweepstakes is nearing the end!  Already, two winners have been selected, and you could be the third.

Liberty Safe’s FATBOY is the industry’s premier safe with a capacity of 64 rifles, or, 8 years worth of Twinkies, or, most of your old college VW bug.

The FATBOY is built for security and weighs in at 880 pounds of peace of mind, the best money can buy. It has a fire rating of 60 minutes, and has survived tornados, floods, fires and attempted break-ins.

You could win one FREE by simply entering our FATBOY give-away contest before December 4, 2013.

The old Christmas song about “….up on the rooftop, click-click-click, down through the chimney comes old Saint Nick,” is more accurately the sound of Santa’s keyboard, entering the sweepstakes before the chimney thing. You should too.

Don’t delay! Click-click-click here to enter.

Three FATBOYS Shipping ….

No, it’s not part of the official “Twelve Days of Christmas” holiday song, but it might as well be because we’ve got a contest you won’t want to miss!

Here are Liberty, we love the Holiday Season. It is such a great time of year. As the season creeps up on us, the excitement starts to build with thoughts of being with family and friends, giving thanks, and reminiscing. Another big part of the Holidays is traveling; with some being gone for weeks at a time. We don’t want you to return from a trip, just to find that your valuables are now someone else’s Christmas present.

So, we are giving away one FATBOY safe for the next three weeks. You read it right…we are giving away THREE FATBOYS! Liberty will also deliver and set-up your safe for free ($350+ value), with guaranteed delivery for Christmas. How about that for a stocking-stuffer!

The FATBOY is one of Liberty’s most popular safes for one reason…it has awesome space! For additional information on the FATBOY safe, click here.

Entering is easy, just go to Facebook and "like" Liberty Safe. Three lucky winners will be picked for a free FATBOY safe.

Tokyo Rose and Liberty Safe

On September 26, 2013, Blaze TV featured Liberty Safe, and teased the viewing audience with a brief glimpse of the inside of Glenn Beck’s personal safe in his studio.

The 90-second report includes a look at Beck’s recent acquisition of the actual microphone used by the infamous Tokyo Rose during World War II.  He uses it on-set for his daily program, and locks it away after each show.

TV and radio host Glenn Beck returns for safe keeping in his Liberty safe the actual microphone used by Tokyo Rose during World War Two

Tokyo Rose is the collective name given to a dozen or so Japanese women who broadcast propaganda to Allied troops during World War II. Beck acquired the microphone because some of the broadcasters were secretly delivering vital information to the Americans without the knowledge or awareness of their military overlords. Beck wanted that piece of history preserved for display in his own studio.

Blaze TV also revealed other priceless items that Beck keeps in his safe, but you’ll need to watch the video to find out what those are. Click here.

What is this priceless treasure that Glenn Beck keeps locked up in his Liberty Safe?


Don’t Tangle with a Liberty

The whole point of a quality safe is to protect the owner if the unexpected happens. That’s why Liberty receives fan mail all the time, expressing astonishment that the safe performed as advertised and stood strong in a disaster or attempted break-in.

A recent thank you letter came from Marjorie who returned home to face the shock of a burglary, but then that great flow of relief when she discovered that they couldn’t get into her Liberty. Here’s her story in her own words:

“We were burglarized today — broad daylight. The burglars turned over our Franklin model purchased in 2006 — all 700 lbs of it! They used every power tool in our garage — drills, saws — and then hammers and various prying tools to try to get that safe open. The hardware is gone and they turned our house upside down — dumped every single drawer — looking for the key. But that safe held. Thanks Liberty Safes!!”

What more needs be said?

As shown in the photo, the thieves tipped the safe over onto its side to make the attack more effective, but to no avail. Even lying down on the job, Liberty is the best.

Fortunately for Marjorie, Liberty protects buyers with a lifetime warranty. She will be receiving her replacement safe shortly, and then? And then she’ll have that patented Liberty Safe peace of mind.

Liberty Safe, makers of the best-built safes on the planet.

Liberty Engineering Holds Up Under Pressure

Everyone who purchases a safe has something that they value and want to protect.  Whether it is guns, valuables in the form of jewelry, gold or silver, or even family heirlooms and pictures, Liberty Safe understands that it is their job to give you peace of mind should the worst case  scenario arise.

This worst case scenario happened for William from Illinois after a weekend away with his family.  He returned to find their home had been  burglarized.  It was in complete disarray—drawers dumped out, belongings thrown in piles, evidence that the burglars had systematically ransacked the house looking for valuables. Unfortunately, a coin collection and three firearms that had not been locked up had been stolen.

Tools taken from the garage to attack the Liberty safe.

William’s peace of mind came when he discovered that the thieves had failed to break into his Liberty Safe. They tried everything at their disposal from a shovel, a hatchet even a pair of scissors. William reported that, “About the only thing they managed to do was to nick up the safe.”

Anyone familiar with the Liberty Safe brand is probably not surprised by this story.  For 25 years, Liberty has led the industry in fire protection as well as innovation to make their safes secure so that Liberty customers may have peace of mind about their valuables. What may surprise people familiar with Liberty’s quality safes is that William’s Centurion was made in China.

William's safe suffered some minor damage, but his investment is covered by Liberty's life-time warranty.

What makes Liberty Safe’s imports rise above the other imports in the market?  While Liberty Safe has turned to international craftsmen to keep up with the ever growing demand, Liberty has refused to abandon its dedication to quality. Liberty Safe engineers work hand in hand with their import manufacturers to ensure that each import safe matches the same fire protection and security measures that 1.5 million customers have come to expect from their American-made products.

All Liberty Safe imports are backed by a lifetime warranty. That’s why William doesn’t need to worry about going out and buying a new safe, because Liberty has him covered. Although he did admit, “I guess I need a bigger safe to hold everything.”