Tokyo Rose and Liberty Safe

On September 26, 2013, Blaze TV featured Liberty Safe, and teased the viewing audience with a brief glimpse of the inside of Glenn Beck’s personal safe in his studio.

The 90-second report includes a look at Beck’s recent acquisition of the actual microphone used by the infamous Tokyo Rose during World War II.  He uses it on-set for his daily program, and locks it away after each show.

TV and radio host Glenn Beck returns for safe keeping in his Liberty safe the actual microphone used by Tokyo Rose during World War Two

Tokyo Rose is the collective name given to a dozen or so Japanese women who broadcast propaganda to Allied troops during World War II. Beck acquired the microphone because some of the broadcasters were secretly delivering vital information to the Americans without the knowledge or awareness of their military overlords. Beck wanted that piece of history preserved for display in his own studio.

Blaze TV also revealed other priceless items that Beck keeps in his safe, but you’ll need to watch the video to find out what those are. Click here.

What is this priceless treasure that Glenn Beck keeps locked up in his Liberty Safe?


Don’t Tangle with a Liberty

The whole point of a quality safe is to protect the owner if the unexpected happens. That’s why Liberty receives fan mail all the time, expressing astonishment that the safe performed as advertised and stood strong in a disaster or attempted break-in.

A recent thank you letter came from Marjorie who returned home to face the shock of a burglary, but then that great flow of relief when she discovered that they couldn’t get into her Liberty. Here’s her story in her own words:

“We were burglarized today — broad daylight. The burglars turned over our Franklin model purchased in 2006 — all 700 lbs of it! They used every power tool in our garage — drills, saws — and then hammers and various prying tools to try to get that safe open. The hardware is gone and they turned our house upside down — dumped every single drawer — looking for the key. But that safe held. Thanks Liberty Safes!!”

What more needs be said?

As shown in the photo, the thieves tipped the safe over onto its side to make the attack more effective, but to no avail. Even lying down on the job, Liberty is the best.

Fortunately for Marjorie, Liberty protects buyers with a lifetime warranty. She will be receiving her replacement safe shortly, and then? And then she’ll have that patented Liberty Safe peace of mind.

Liberty Safe, makers of the best-built safes on the planet.

Liberty Engineering Holds Up Under Pressure

Everyone who purchases a safe has something that they value and want to protect.  Whether it is guns, valuables in the form of jewelry, gold or silver, or even family heirlooms and pictures, Liberty Safe understands that it is their job to give you peace of mind should the worst case  scenario arise.

This worst case scenario happened for William from Illinois after a weekend away with his family.  He returned to find their home had been  burglarized.  It was in complete disarray—drawers dumped out, belongings thrown in piles, evidence that the burglars had systematically ransacked the house looking for valuables. Unfortunately, a coin collection and three firearms that had not been locked up had been stolen.

Tools taken from the garage to attack the Liberty safe.

William’s peace of mind came when he discovered that the thieves had failed to break into his Liberty Safe. They tried everything at their disposal from a shovel, a hatchet even a pair of scissors. William reported that, “About the only thing they managed to do was to nick up the safe.”

Anyone familiar with the Liberty Safe brand is probably not surprised by this story.  For 25 years, Liberty has led the industry in fire protection as well as innovation to make their safes secure so that Liberty customers may have peace of mind about their valuables. What may surprise people familiar with Liberty’s quality safes is that William’s Centurion was made in China.

William's safe suffered some minor damage, but his investment is covered by Liberty's life-time warranty.

What makes Liberty Safe’s imports rise above the other imports in the market?  While Liberty Safe has turned to international craftsmen to keep up with the ever growing demand, Liberty has refused to abandon its dedication to quality. Liberty Safe engineers work hand in hand with their import manufacturers to ensure that each import safe matches the same fire protection and security measures that 1.5 million customers have come to expect from their American-made products.

All Liberty Safe imports are backed by a lifetime warranty. That’s why William doesn’t need to worry about going out and buying a new safe, because Liberty has him covered. Although he did admit, “I guess I need a bigger safe to hold everything.”



Fascinating new details about Moore, OK, tornado

As we mentioned three months ago (June 18, 2013), one of the Oklahoma homes demolished in this summer’s terrible tornado season, had everything but a Liberty safe destroyed. The safe was the only thing left standing there, bolted to the cement floor, as recommended, and everything else gone.

Since we first reported on this event, the home’s owner wrote to provide more detail. See his letter below:

August 27, 2013

Dear Liberty Safe,

About three years ago, I bought a Liberty Franklin 50 from H&H
Gun Range in Oklahoma. I had them bolt it to the floor in my garage when they
delivered it. The safe has worked great for those three years, and even more so
when we had one of the worst tornados in our history hit our town of Moore,

On May 20, 2013, I went to work about seven miles away from
my home. I was going to drive my Corvette that day, but when I heard there was
a hail storm in the forecast, I left it in the garage. News came later that day
that an F5 tornado had hit our town. We knew it was bad when the news came out
that many people lost their lives that day.

We were not able to get to our homes right away because of
all the destruction and downed trees. We couldn’t even drive in. We had to walk
two miles in to reach our home. I was shocked at the power of that tornado and
the devastation. We finally made it to our place. Our home was a 3800 sq ft house
and it was completely leveled to the ground. To our surprise, the Liberty safe,
which was bolted to the concrete, was still sitting there. My Corvette was even
still there, with its windows blown out. We were shocked. An Oklahoma
University meteorologist informed us that our home was 30-40 feet within the
center of the tornado.

I thought to myself, “What am I going to do now?” In the next
couple of days we salvaged what valuables we could. We noticed that some of our
things around the safe actually were protected. The Liberty Safe stayed where
it was suppose to stay. Two weeks went by, and after all the clean up around
property, we finally decided to see if we could open up the safe. I put in my
combination and it opened up. The very first time, too. We were also surprised
that it was not even wet inside, as about ten inches of rain came down during
the past two weeks. Everything in the safe was the same as I had left it.

I’ve never seen anything like this.
The tornado tore cars apart. There was an 18-foot boat and trailer together
before the storm. Now there is no boat and the motor was 300 feet in the
opposite direction as the trailer. While we were cleaning up, another neighbor,
asked if we had seen a 2.5 x 2.5 safe anywhere? We told him we hadn’t, but we
told him insurance would cover it. He said that he had a lot of valuables
inside and they’re all gone; they never could find it.

I am a big believer in Liberty Safes. I have sold several of
them since this happened. Mr. Hall at H&H Gun Range has been wonderful to
work with. They have picked up the safe and are keeping it in their showroom.
They are letting me choose a new replacement safe. It’s a good product. If it
is installed properly it can withstand an F5 tornado. It did what it was
absolutely supposed to do!

Bud Wilkinson

Moore, Oklahoma

Mr. Teeth could win a Fatboy!

Did you hear about Liberty Safe’s contest to win a FATBOY safe and a free year of SafElert?

The contest just started, it’s been a lot of fun, and you can enter.

GET CREATIVE! Tell us about the most extreme measures you take to protect your stuff and you could be a winner. Go to Liberty’s Facebook fan page and post your photo and description. In fact, take a moment right now and go see the really wild and crazy ideas people use to keep their stash safe. Click here.

Everybody votes for their favorite post to select several weekly winners, and at the end, an arbitrary drawing from the top ten finalists will win the grand prize FATBOY safe with a year’s worth of SafElert monitoring.

MEET MR. TEETH! Our contest took a really fun turn when we found THIS, the alligator pictured above, guarding 34 pounds of pot in a Northern California home. Now, as you can probably appreciate, we’d like to include Mr. Teeth and his owner in the contest, but it would be tough to install a FATBOY in a prison cell, so he’s disqualified.

BETTER THAN AN ALLIGATOR: Most people don’t know about our brand new SafElert system. It’s a set of eyes and ears inside your safe. You leave home feeling great that your things are locked safely away, but what if somebody attacks your safe, how would you know? Or, what if somebody has the combination and opens the door, how would you know? Did the kids get the combination and are giving your guns a try in the back yard? Know instantly when your safe door is opened or even if the handle is jiggled, that’s what SafElert does.

GUARD WATCHING THE VAULT: SafElert is a wireless device placed inside your safe and stays in constant communication with your home’s Wi-Fi system. If your safe is tampered with, the door opened, the handle jiggled, or if the temperature changes, SafElert sends you a text and email to warn you there might be trouble at home. What if the power goes out? SafElert notifies you of that, too. You can even check with a mobile app, such as to view the humidity inside your safe.

SafElert is a great new advance in protecting your valuables and having peace of mind. Would you like to win one for free, and maybe win a free FATBOY safe to go with it? Then send us your “extreme measure”!


Date: Aug. 27 – Sep. 20

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GRAND PRIZE:  1 Fatboy safe, a SafElert system, one year of SafElert monitoring.

WEEKLY PRIZES: A SafElert system and six months of SafElert monitoring.

Liberty’s FATBOY Safe Beats Thieves 3 Times in 3 Days

Thieves burglarizing a home in Maine succeeded in hauling off everything that wasn’t nailed down, but failed to break open a Liberty safe after three separate tries, according to home owner, Ron.

While the family was on vacation, police notified Ron that his home had been burglarized. Investigators discovered Liberty’s top-of-the-line Fatboy Jr. had been hammered and pried but was not opened. Over the following two days, thieves returned with heavier implements to break open the safe, failing each time.


“The Fatboy wore them down,” Ron said. “While it was totaled, they never were successful in opening it.”

Photos provided to the police show evidence that the 2-year-old safe received pounding and prying, the handle was broken off, and deep scuff marks from assorted implements had marred the outside, but there was no violation of the integrity of the safe.

Ron took advantage of Liberty’s lifetime warranty to help him replace the damaged Fatboy Jr. with a full-sized upgrade of the same series. “I can’t say enough for the security offered by theFatboy Jr.,” Ron wrote. “I am going to replace it with a Fatboy, for the sake of the extra space.”

Liberty safes, the best-built safes on the planet.



Liberty Safe Survives Whole-house Fire

Liberty Centurion safe proved its value after a terrible fire destroyed a
family home in Arkansas. “If it wasn’t for the safe we would have lost everything,”
said homeowner Alice.

Alice’s safe was fire-rated for 30 minutes. Fortunately for her family, the fire
department was close by and was able to knock down the fire within 30 minutes.
Many house fires last longer than half an hour, and some people suffer losses
for lack of a higher-rated fire safe. While many safe buyers give too little thought
to fire ratings, Liberty has a solution.

“Which Safe Is Best For Me?”

is an on-line quiz now available at Important questions to consider include, Is your local fire department far away? Is it a volunteer force? Does it service a large city with few or no backup fire crews available?
Are their fire hydrants nearby?

Alice’s experience illustrates the importance of pre-planning. Had that fire lasted longer than 30 minutes, the safe’s contents would not have fared as well. Alice is living proof that preparing for the worst pays off in a big way. For others, it drives home the point that under-preparing for the worst is close to no preparation at all.


Liberty Versus the Oklahoma Tornado

Even with Oklahoma’s tornado season winding down for 2013, those who live in tornado alley know the threat remains whenever the sky clouds over. This year was a particularly unusual season with some terrible storms that took lives and ruined others.

The biggest culprit in 2013 was the Moore tornado, officially designated an F5 storm. The Fujita scale rates tornadoes according to the destruction they leave behind. Experts say an Enhanced F5 tornado represents the upper limit of tornado power. Its destruction is almost always total.

They say an F5 will pull well-built homes “off their foundations and into the air before shredding them, flinging the wreckage for miles and sweeping the foundation clean.”  Most materials are reduced to a coarse mix of small or granular particles spread evenly over the damage path. Heavy farm equipment weighing many tons are mangled beyond recognition and deposited miles away. Skyscrapers are twisted, whole communities leveled, and asphalt can be stripped from roadbeds.

When the Moore tornado touched down on May 20, 2013, to begin its 39-minute, 17-mile long rampage, its winds exceeded 210 miles per hour, killing 24 people and injuring 377 others.

When the storm passed and people emerged into the light to see what was left of their lives, those in Moore found nothing left standing except the swept remains of losses that will mount into the billions.

At one location, however, a home owner discovered an encouraging ray of hope, a monumental vestige of courage upon which to rebuild and restart life. It was a well-built Liberty safe, bolted to its foundation as instructed, standing like an immovable sentinel on a cement slab with the blasted remains, bricks and debris littered about to prove that a house once stood there.

Fortunately for this family, there, behind that locked Liberty door, securely held safe and harmless, were the most precious remains of their earthly belongings—all else was otherwise obliterated into tons of waste. Everything that mattered the most to them, next to family and pets, was safe and sound inside that Liberty safe.

These photos show the devastation created by an F5 tornado. When residents were finally allowed to return to their homes, no one else could have been more surprised than Bud Wilkinson. He saw from a distance a singular dark object standing amidst the rubble of his former home. What could it be? When he got closer, he saw it was a Liberty safe stoically holding its ground.

For Bud, the idea of preparation was hammered home in a very real way. After all, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark, and it wasn’t blowing when Liberty shipped a safe to a beautiful family home nestled in Moore, Oklahoma.

Liberty Safe, the best-built safes on the planet.

Peace of Mind for Scott in Arkansas

Most people never get close enough to a house fire to experience the tremendous heat of loss and tragedy that home owners witness first hand. The charred remains become a spectacle for the curious who come by afterwards to gawk and wonder, shaking their heads as if they’re immune from such disasters.

But unknown to most stickybeaks who remain unmoved by such conflagrations is that there’s a quiet a peace of mind in the hearts and souls of those homeowners who prepare for such disaster.

Take, for example, Scott in Arkansas. His beautiful home caught fire on May 31, 2013, and it was a complete and total loss—pictures on the walls, the piano, the TVs, the computers, the beds, toothbrushes, medicines, light fixtures, carpet, clothing, work boots, pots, pans, everything.

After the insurance investigators released the house, Scott and his family were able to go through the charred rubble to see if anything was left. It took only a few minutes of kicking through the destruction when suddenly, the light of hope went on in Scott’s head and he knew exactly what he needed to do. He pulled out his cell phone and called Liberty’s customer help to find out how to open his safe. The combination-lock  mechanism had melted off.

Customer service put Scott in touch with a local locksmith who helped him get to his valuables. The on-site insurance investigator was not encouraging as the lock smith went to work. Scott writes, ”The investigator kept telling me not to expect to salvage anything out of the safe.” The investigator was pretty sour about things. “After 18 years of investigating fires,” the investigator told Scott, “the safes never seem to stand up to the destruction of a fire and the water from the fire trucks.”

And then the safe was opened. Every jaw on every person watching the process just dropped, they couldn’t believe what they saw. The photos below show what greeted them in the midst of the smoldering sorrow and loss.

Scott said that when the investigator saw how well his Liberty Safe had protected his guns and documents, the man said he didn’t need any more convincing, he was on his way to go buy a Liberty safe.

Scott’s letter concludes with, “JOB WELL DONE!!!”

Liberty offers an assortment of safes with fire ratings of up to 2.5 hours. But there’s more than that. Quality engineering is why Liberty is the world’s leader in home safe sales, with an average sale of one safe purchased somewhere in the U.S. every 90 seconds.

The story of Scott of Arkansas has a happy ending because he subscribed to the axiom, “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark,” and now he’s part of a new axiom: “It wasn’t burning when Scott bought his safe.”


Ammo In A Fire

Liberty Safe is frequently asked about the affects of fire on a box of bullets. Do they “fire” and send lead flying in all directions? The answer is no, according to Vincent Di Maio in his interesting book, “Gunshot Wounds.”

AMBIENT HEAT DOESN’T “FIRE” BULLETS: After several experiments (using a total of 202 cartridges for handgun, center-fire rifle and shotgun cartridges), Di Maio reported that ammunition by itself that was heated in an oven never “fired.” That is, the primers did not detonate, but the cartridges themselves would rupture. After heating the cartridges until they exploded, Di Maio removed the primers (which did not detonate in the furnace) and reloaded them into other brass. When loaded into a gun, they fired just fine.

Di Maio says heat will rupture the cartridges at these temperatures:

.22 long rifle cartridges detonate at about 275 degrees F.

.38 Specials detonate at 290 degrees F.

12 gauge shotgun shells detonate at 387 degrees F.

The main danger from exploding cartridges is the potential of flying brass that can cause eye and skin injuries, depending on the type of shell/bullet.

CHAMBERED ROUNDS STILL FIRE: However, if a round is chambered in a gun and placed in a fire, Di Maio reported that such rounds can indeed detonate and the bullet will leave the barrel at lethal speeds, roughly the same as simply pulling the trigger under normal circumstances.

Di Maio’s additional experiments with a propane torch showed that intense, direct fire can detonate a primer but in such instances the powder typically didn’t burn all the way. Under those circumstances, gasses didn’t push the bullet out of the cartridge as designed, but instead vented out the primer hole. In the case of shotgun shells, the pellets were ejected at a much slower velocity than under normal conditions.

LIBERTY HAS THE ANSWER: The great advantage of storing ammunition in a Liberty Safe is that regardless of the duration or temperatures of a fire, your locked safe will contain any flying fragments from cartridges that might rupture. It’s another layer of peace of mind that Liberty offers—that should a fire break out, you won’t have bullets flying around or shell fragments injuring those police officers and fire fighters who come to your aid.