What’s the Big “Armored Truck” Secret?

If you work for an armored truck service you need to be tough, honest, trustworthy and sharp. Only the best will do.
       So where do “the best” go to store their service weapons at the end of an arduous day of hauling millions in cash and coin from tills to vaults?
Tyson D. of Salt Lake City wanted a convenient and safe place to keep his handgun when he got home from work each day.

Tyson D. of Salt Lake City wanted a convenient and safe place to keep his handgun when he got home from work each day.

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For Tyson D. of Salt Lake City, the answer was a no brainer.

“We wanted a handgun vault that was tough, trustworthy and did the job,” Tyson said. “That’s why we went with Liberty. All my co-workers said go for it.”

He said he has three things on his mind when he walks in the door each evening—“My family, their safety, and securing my gun.”

That’s why Tyson and his wife purchased a Liberty HDX-250 handgun vault as a Father’s Day gift this past summer.

“I love the biometric access,” he said. “In the dead of night we just swipe a finger and the door pops, we’ve got the gun, a flashlight, and protection.”

Securing his gun has become a habit.

“First thing I do when I walk in the door is put the gun and clips into the vault, and then I kiss my wife. It’s a peace of mind that I didn’t even realize I was missing. It’s therapeutic—it let’s that knot in my gut relax knowing that my gun is safe—I can let it go.”

The HDX-250 uses 5th Generation Biometric finger swipe technology, with an emergency key as backup. “Takes me less than 2 seconds to grab the gun, it’s fast,” Tyson said.

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But there’s more.

Tyson’s father also needed a more handy gun vault. His full-size gun safe was all the way in the basement, hardly accessible should an emergency arise. For Father’s Day, Tyson and his wife made sure that he too received an HDX-250.

When asked, Why Liberty? Tyson and his father both smiled. “Who else?”

That’s why Liberty Safe now offers the best-built safes on the planet—in all sizes.

Ammo In A Fire

Liberty Safe is frequently asked about the affects of fire on a box of bullets. Do they “fire” and send lead flying in all directions? The answer is no, according to Vincent Di Maio in his interesting book, “Gunshot Wounds.”

AMBIENT HEAT DOESN’T “FIRE” BULLETS: After several experiments (using a total of 202 cartridges for handgun, center-fire rifle and shotgun cartridges), Di Maio reported that ammunition by itself that was heated in an oven never “fired.” That is, the primers did not detonate, but the cartridges themselves would rupture. After heating the cartridges until they exploded, Di Maio removed the primers (which did not detonate in the furnace) and reloaded them into other brass. When loaded into a gun, they fired just fine.

Di Maio says heat will rupture the cartridges at these temperatures:

.22 long rifle cartridges detonate at about 275 degrees F.

.38 Specials detonate at 290 degrees F.

12 gauge shotgun shells detonate at 387 degrees F.

The main danger from exploding cartridges is the potential of flying brass that can cause eye and skin injuries, depending on the type of shell/bullet.

CHAMBERED ROUNDS STILL FIRE: However, if a round is chambered in a gun and placed in a fire, Di Maio reported that such rounds can indeed detonate and the bullet will leave the barrel at lethal speeds, roughly the same as simply pulling the trigger under normal circumstances.

Di Maio’s additional experiments with a propane torch showed that intense, direct fire can detonate a primer but in such instances the powder typically didn’t burn all the way. Under those circumstances, gasses didn’t push the bullet out of the cartridge as designed, but instead vented out the primer hole. In the case of shotgun shells, the pellets were ejected at a much slower velocity than under normal conditions.

LIBERTY HAS THE ANSWER: The great advantage of storing ammunition in a Liberty Safe is that regardless of the duration or temperatures of a fire, your locked safe will contain any flying fragments from cartridges that might rupture. It’s another layer of peace of mind that Liberty offers—that should a fire break out, you won’t have bullets flying around or shell fragments injuring those police officers and fire fighters who come to your aid.