Liberty Safe Builds Its 2,000,000th Safe—and is Giving It Away

Liberty Safe announced a major milestone in its 29-year history of building gun, home and business safes and security products; its two millionth safe! To celebrate Liberty is sponsoring a contest to give away this one-of-a-kind safe to one lucky winner in a sweepstakes ending June 17, 2017.

“We’re thrilled beyond words,” said Kim Waddoups, president and CEO of Liberty Safe. “Achieving this two-million milestone reflects wonderfully well on our entire company for their faithful devotion to consistency and quality. Congratulations to all our employees, both past and present, and to our professional dealers who serve their 2,000,000 clients with such care and helpfulness from coast to coast. Let’s celebrate!”

The 2,000,000th safe will be a custom-made Presidential 50, a top of the line model with a silver-bronze finish, and a special door design that commemorates this occasion.

“Two million is a huge number in the safe industry,” said Jamey Skousen, Liberty’s director of marketing. “We’re there because we deliver the best quality safes in the industry. We’ve dropped our safes from 200 feet onto hard cement, we’ve exploded dynamite on the outside and on the inside, we’ve pried, chiseled, drilled and beat our safes without mercy to find and correct the least little concern. The result? A sturdy vault, best in the world. Tornadoes, hurricanes, whole-house fires, and they still hold up. If somebody tries to do any of that to your Liberty safe, we have a transferable lifetime warranty that is the best in the industry.”

The “2 Million Liberty Safes Sweepstakes” will end on June 17, 2017, and the winner will be announced on Liberty’s FACEBOOK page. For more details see Liberty Safe’s FACEBOOK page (, or enter the contest at



What’s the Big “Armored Truck” Secret?

If you work for an armored truck service you need to be tough, honest, trustworthy and sharp. Only the best will do.
       So where do “the best” go to store their service weapons at the end of an arduous day of hauling millions in cash and coin from tills to vaults?
Tyson D. of Salt Lake City wanted a convenient and safe place to keep his handgun when he got home from work each day.

Tyson D. of Salt Lake City wanted a convenient and safe place to keep his handgun when he got home from work each day.

Tyson_2015-07-16 16.28
Tyson_2015-07-16 16 Tyson_2015-07-16 16

For Tyson D. of Salt Lake City, the answer was a no brainer.

“We wanted a handgun vault that was tough, trustworthy and did the job,” Tyson said. “That’s why we went with Liberty. All my co-workers said go for it.”

He said he has three things on his mind when he walks in the door each evening—“My family, their safety, and securing my gun.”

That’s why Tyson and his wife purchased a Liberty HDX-250 handgun vault as a Father’s Day gift this past summer.

“I love the biometric access,” he said. “In the dead of night we just swipe a finger and the door pops, we’ve got the gun, a flashlight, and protection.”

Securing his gun has become a habit.

“First thing I do when I walk in the door is put the gun and clips into the vault, and then I kiss my wife. It’s a peace of mind that I didn’t even realize I was missing. It’s therapeutic—it let’s that knot in my gut relax knowing that my gun is safe—I can let it go.”

The HDX-250 uses 5th Generation Biometric finger swipe technology, with an emergency key as backup. “Takes me less than 2 seconds to grab the gun, it’s fast,” Tyson said.

Tyson_2015-07-16 16b

But there’s more.

Tyson’s father also needed a more handy gun vault. His full-size gun safe was all the way in the basement, hardly accessible should an emergency arise. For Father’s Day, Tyson and his wife made sure that he too received an HDX-250.

When asked, Why Liberty? Tyson and his father both smiled. “Who else?”

That’s why Liberty Safe now offers the best-built safes on the planet—in all sizes.

Tax Deduction for Buying a Gun Safe?

Leave it to a free people to solve America’s most pressing problems.

A new bill in Congress called The Secure Firearms Act, proposes a federal tax deduction of up to $1,200 for the purchase of a gun safe or other gun safety devices.

The legislation gives incentives to gun owners to secure their arms and ammunition when not in use. And, as a protection of second amendment rights, the IRS is prohibited from using the tax deductions claims to produce any form of gun owner registration.

The bi-partisan legislation was introduced May 8, 2013 by Rep. John Carter (R-TX) and Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), both members of the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee.

“The most common factor in the mass shootings over the past years is that people who should not have had access to firearms managed to acquire them anyway,” Carter said. “We don’t attempt to address all of the reasons for that in this bill, but specifically target better security of firearms by law-abiding citizens through incentives, not mandates.”

“This is a common sense first step towards increasing access for Americans to purchase devices that will prevent the misuse of firearms,” Cuellar said. “While this legislation is not meant to be a ‘fix-all,’ this is a bipartisan idea that Congress should immediately act on.”

Mass shootings in recent years involved people who should not have had access to guns. The most recent Newtown tragedy was apparently facilitated when a gun safe holding the weapons used to kill so many children and adults was left unlocked, or the combination otherwise made available to the mentally unstable son of the woman who owned the safe and the guns.

“We can use this legislation to kick off a nationwide push,” Carter said, “to put gun safes or security devices in every home with unattended firearms by the close of 2014, and then let’s push for everyone to use them.”

The Secure Firearms Act is endorsed by:

The National Rifle Association (NRA): “…we support the Secure Firearms Act of 2013 …”

Gun Owners of America: “This bill provides a solid benefit to law-abiding gun owners nationwide, and will increase public safety in the process.”

National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF): “[We] thank Rep. Carter for his leadership in offering a real, bi-partisan solution that will help make our families safer….”

Rep. Carter added, “This is one bill that will reduce illegal firearms use, is constitutionally-sound, paid for with appropriate corresponding budget cuts, and should be supported by all sides on this debate.”

Stay tuned for updates as they become available.

Liberty Safe To Be Featured on “Built In America”

On Sunday, May 5, at 11:30 a.m., Liberty Safe is being featured on the highly acclaimed cable television program, Built In America.

“Liberty makes jobs,” said Collin Williams, the producer of Built In America. “This truly American company provides not only peace of mind and security but also American jobs for proud American workers. We are very excited to have them on our program.”

Built In America is a documentary/educational program featuring American companies that are on the cutting edge of manufacturing and production innovation. The featured companies receive exposure to consumers and media outlets around the world.

Williams says his producers were attracted to Liberty Safe because it is the #1 seller and largest producer of home and gun safes in the world. The directors visited the company in Payson, Utah, to witness for themselves the amazing automated production process that builds more than 150,000 safes a year.

According to Jamey Skousen, marketing director for Liberty Safe, “Liberty employees take great pride in the products they build. They know if their quality state-of-the-art product stands up to attempted break-ins, a fire, tornado, hurricane, or earthquake…let me tell you, the pride that these guys have knowing they are part of a huge success story is just fantastic. That’s where the real joy and satisfaction comes from, the chance to build safes with the Liberty name attached.” Skousen is also seen on the documentary.

Built In America is aired at 11:30 a.m. EDT, on the FOX Business Network (FBN). Williams says the May 5 segment featuring Liberty Safe will reach more than 92 million households in North America and internationally.

For a sneak preview of the introduction, click here.

When Sharing and Sharing Alike Doesn’t Work

It’s a scene that has been repeated more than a million times in recent years—-

     A husband and wife pace back and forth in front of a row of Liberty safes at their local safe store. They’ve already learned enough to realize Liberty is the best deal for the money, and they can see all of the extra features that make Liberty a wise choice.

 But how big do we want to go?

      The dealer encourages them to consider going larger, but they counter with concerns of cost and that look of, “Is he trying to step us up?”
“You’ll really want the extra space,” the dealer says. “You’ll end up putting more stuff in it than you ever thought possible. Wishing it was bigger is Liberty’s #1 complaint.”

     But husband and wife are perfectly confident that the smaller size will work, and they go forward buying a safe that meets current needs.

       Within days, their new safe is delivered, professionally installed, and the owner’s manual thoroughly exhausted and the combination numbers stashed away safely, the fun can finally begin.

     He brings his stuff and starts filling the shelves. The guns and rifles, the papers, the Coke bottle from the 2002 Winter Olympics, his letterman’s jacket and medals, dad’s class ring, grandpa’s war memorabilia, the plaster caste of Big Foot he made while hiking through Montana in 1992.

       But wait, there’s more! And then she comes with her dried bouquet from their wedding, her mother’s wedding rings, the mortgage papers, some cash and stock certificates, three binders of personal journals, that jar of sand from their honeymoon in Maui, and all those family photos from great-grandma.

       But wait, there’s more! And sure enough, over the course of time, that safe slowly fills. It fills as the clarity of safe storage begins to dawn on the two of them, and just what it means to have valuables stored away from theft, neglect and fire.

     Before long, the ultimate in confrontations finally arrives.

     “Honey, I need to take out your grandmother’s dress and shoes,” he says. “I know these mean a lot to you, but I don’t have room for these antique snowshoes and my victory cups from A&W.”

     “Why do you need those paper cups anyway?” she retorts. “Who cares about those, it was high school for crying out loud.”

     “I bought one every time we won a game, it’s family history, people will want to know, the kids will love these in 50 years!”

     “And they won’t value grandmother’s wedding dress and shoes? They’re rare, they’re valuable….”

       And then it hits both of them: “We should have bought a bigger safe.”
When it comes to safes, bigger is better. But if the one you own is packed full, here’s another solution. Make it His and Hers.

     That’s just what these Liberty safe owners did (see photo), and they’ve been happy ever since—a safe for him and a safe for her.

       With plenty of secure storage between the two of them, the arguments ended, the decisions became easier, and they report it was the best thing they could have done. “Thank you, Liberty,” they recently wrote. “It saved our sanity.”

     Liberty safe—encouraging happy marriages everywhere with the best-built safes on the planet.

Who Survived the Free Fall?

It’s the ultimate in “smash and grab.”
What happens when a 900-pound Liberty Safe falls from 200 feet and crashes into a competitor’s safe at 77 miles an hour? It wasn’t pretty, but that’s what we do to prove the integrity of Liberty safes. And, to make things fair, we dropped a 900-pound made-in-China competitor’s safe on one of our Liberty safes. All safes were the same size and weight. The pictures say it all.
Now, let’s get our numbers straight. Here’s how we calculate the time it takes to fall 200 feet … the distance “y” is 200 feet. The acceleration of gravity is 32 feet per second squared. Too much math?  We agree. But it works out to be:
Time to fall = sqr of 2y/g = sqr of 400/32 = 3.535 seconds
Remember miles per hour? We’re figuring feet per second, then we’ll convert to miles per hour. Here’s how we did that:
Velocity after 200 feet of falling = g x t = 32 x 3.535 = 113 ft/sec = 77 mph
We’re checking with Mr. Harris in 11th grade physics to make sure we got that right, but for now, that’s pretty darn fast for a big ol’ safe to fall and land on another. If you happen to have a safe drop on your house, make sure you’ve got a Liberty, they’re the best-built safes in the world.

For this test, the safes were hoisted 200 feet into the air with a cable release controlled by the ground crew. This arrangement allowed the safes to free-fall onto the target safe below.

Ground crews align safes before hoisting the competitor's 200 feet into the air for the drop. This was the first of two tests. The second test, between a black Liberty 25 and a competitor's 25, are shown below.

Moment of impact: A Liberty 25 crashes into a competitor's safe, breaking welds, shattering fire board, blowing the door off, and leaving the inferior safe in shambles.

The Liberty 25 after falling 200 feet and smashing into a competitor's safe---notice there are no broken welds, just some dents and scratches---and under Liberty's lifetime warranty, this safe is completely replaceable free of charge (although, we do frown on customers causing intentional damage---leave the testing up to us!).

After the crushing impact of the competitor's safe onto this white Liberty 25, notice how the Liberty safe retained integrity on all sides. The door remained closed and locked. No broken welds, no access to the interior after the horrific impact.

This made-in-China safe didn't fare well from the drop. Notice that it suffered a ruptured weld along the bottom, which was the impact point between the two safes. For a thief with a crowbar, such a rupture would make quick work for sheering open the rest of the safe to access the valuables inside.

Here is the Liberty safe (right) that was just dropped from 200 feet onto a same-sized and weighted competitor's safe. The Liberty safe did very well because of attention to detail, excellent engineering, and Made In The U.S.A. superior quality. All of its welds were intact, and the door remained firmly attached, shut, and locked. The made-in-China competitor delivered exactly what the buyer bargained for---a pretty paint job, but in comparison, that's about all.

It’s All About Trust: The Best Built Safes on the Planet

Paper shredders, complex passwords, identity theft and computer viruses—who could have imagined that trust would explode into such a huge complex concern in our lifetimes? The world has gone crazy.

There was a day when you could safely leave the door unlocked and strangers would return a lost wallet (with all the money intact). In some places that kind of honesty still happens, but not like it used to be. In today’s world the least rise in unemployment triggers a rise in break-ins by thieves looking for valuables to pawn.

Even the bank isn’t as safe as it once was, and for surprising reasons: A record number of bank closures in the past two years has left tens of thousands stranded without access to their safety deposit boxes.

That’s why people buy safes—there’s something reassuring about protecting what matters most closer to home. Liberty Safes is feeling the brunt of those concerns.

Demand for our quality safes is at record highs this year, and we’re going night and day to fill more than 350 orders every 24 hours. Such is the demand for quality. That’s why we’re ramping up and expanding in all directions to meet our customer’s urgent needs, because quality never cuts corners and quality takes time.

With more than 1.3 million safes anchored in homes and businesses all across the country, Liberty Safes is now the largest large-capacity home and gun safe manufacturer in America.

1.3 million. What a huge compliment. People don’t vote with their dollars like that unless they have a lot of trust in the product. Building trust takes a long time. It also takes consistent and predictable quality. Liberty can’t wait around to be the best or exceed expectations—it just does it. It must, because that’s how we keep our own valuables protected. We want to sleep well at night knowing our property is also resting comfortably—right where we left it—within a quality manufactured safe, made in America, with fire and security features unmatched in the world.

Liberty Safes has been inventing and improving the best safe technology since 1988. Its line of safes are more than just practical, they are absolute show pieces—beautifully finished, handsomely styled, securely stationed. With a wide range of included and optional features, Liberty offers the most for the money, and they’re fun to show off.

Liberty now has more than 350 independent dealers nationwide, and more than 4,000 retail stores that carry Liberty products. Chances are high there’s an outlet near you.

Can you trust Liberty Safes in a fire? Up to 2.5 hours, including wildfire stories where people thought no way would that safe protect, but it did!

Can you trust Liberty Safes in a tornado? They’ve survived 100-foot plunges to the earth.

Can you trust Liberty Safes in a burglary attempt? They consistently outperform all competitors hands down. Try ripping off a Liberty Safe door without ripping a new hernia—without dynamite it’s a long, sad day of frustration. See our video for a demonstration.

If trust in the honesty of others is dying, it’s comforting to know that trust is alive and well within the walls of a Liberty Safe. See your dealer and find out for yourself why we’re all sleeping better with a Liberty Safe standing guard.

Questions? We’ve got answers. Click contact us and we’re happy to help.