What’s the Big “Armored Truck” Secret?

If you work for an armored truck service you need to be tough, honest, trustworthy and sharp. Only the best will do.
       So where do “the best” go to store their service weapons at the end of an arduous day of hauling millions in cash and coin from tills to vaults?
Tyson D. of Salt Lake City wanted a convenient and safe place to keep his handgun when he got home from work each day.

Tyson D. of Salt Lake City wanted a convenient and safe place to keep his handgun when he got home from work each day.

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For Tyson D. of Salt Lake City, the answer was a no brainer.

“We wanted a handgun vault that was tough, trustworthy and did the job,” Tyson said. “That’s why we went with Liberty. All my co-workers said go for it.”

He said he has three things on his mind when he walks in the door each evening—“My family, their safety, and securing my gun.”

That’s why Tyson and his wife purchased a Liberty HDX-250 handgun vault as a Father’s Day gift this past summer.

“I love the biometric access,” he said. “In the dead of night we just swipe a finger and the door pops, we’ve got the gun, a flashlight, and protection.”

Securing his gun has become a habit.

“First thing I do when I walk in the door is put the gun and clips into the vault, and then I kiss my wife. It’s a peace of mind that I didn’t even realize I was missing. It’s therapeutic—it let’s that knot in my gut relax knowing that my gun is safe—I can let it go.”

The HDX-250 uses 5th Generation Biometric finger swipe technology, with an emergency key as backup. “Takes me less than 2 seconds to grab the gun, it’s fast,” Tyson said.

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But there’s more.

Tyson’s father also needed a more handy gun vault. His full-size gun safe was all the way in the basement, hardly accessible should an emergency arise. For Father’s Day, Tyson and his wife made sure that he too received an HDX-250.

When asked, Why Liberty? Tyson and his father both smiled. “Who else?”

That’s why Liberty Safe now offers the best-built safes on the planet—in all sizes.

When “Big Brother” Comes to Steal Your Stuff

The little island-nation of Cyprus is going through a nightmare.

European socialism is in the final throes of ruining that Mediterranean paradise, and now the Cyprus government has turned to stealing from frugal savers to keep its economy from collapsing.

Everybody with more than $130,000 in the bank will have those excesses stolen, taken, frozen, absorbed, and subtracted to keep the country’s economy floating. Those who are not protected under government insured accounts (similar to America’s FDIC), will have up to 40% of their savings taken by the government.

The Russians (they love Cyprus’s tax haven) will lose billions, businesses will lose millions, the individual saver will lose thousands, and the entire foolish experiment in “our government will protect you from cradle to grave” is going up in smoke.

The result?

Tens of thousands of Cyprus citizens are lining up at ATM machines to withdraw money. But they may only take 100 Euros a day—that’s $130 a day.

Why the ATM machines? Because the government has closed all the banks so people can’t empty the vaults and take their own property home.

How do you suppose the crime rate in Cyprus might change with cash being hoarded in people’s homes instead of in banks? The pickings for a thief must be pretty ripe in Cyprus right now.

That’s just one more reason why a Liberty safe makes so much sense.

This same kind of event happened in the U.S. during the New Deal era, and helped set off the Great Depression. Something like that is not likely to happen again any time soon, but emergencies do erupt at the worst possible times. And, with the twisted economic thinking taking place in America right now, the same kind of thinking that mimics the economic choices in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, and elsewhere, there can be no guarantees. If America did experience a similar problem, two things would happen.

First, thieves would know that many people would be stashing cash and valuables in their houses. Under such impoverished and desperate conditions, break-ins would skyrocket.

Second, Liberty safe owners would have peace of mind because their cash and valuables are locked behind the door of the finest safe in the world. It’s a peace of mind only Liberty can deliver.

It’s a pretty good bet that right now, most of the 1.1 million people in Cyprus are wishing they had a Liberty safe in their homes. Unfortunately for them, however, things changed abruptly, shockingly, and expeditiously. And now it’s too late.

Liberty safe—makers of the best-built safes in the world.

The Most Perfect Safe Isn’t

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away, the extraterrestials have invented home fire safes that stand impervious to all physical and material challenges. Nothing can penetrate or harm these safes or their contents—not even X-ray vision, Kryptonite radiation, or a supernova.

For these safes, the sales team is bored to tears because people buy them every time they change their wallpaper. The biggest issue for extraterrestials, as we can all appreciate, is color.

Meanwhile, back here on planet Earth, it’s a much different story. We earthlings are subject to the frustrating flaws of an imperfect world where state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing does its best to predict and defend against dreaded outcomes. Ours is a world of unforeseeable surprises. The best that we mortals can do is take all the precautions our budgets will afford, and leave the rest to careful planning.

For example, customers might be tricked into thinking that the fire safe they are about to buy can last forever during a fire simply because the safe says it has “fire protection.” Don’t be fooled. How long that safe lasts depends on what is installed inside and the environment in which it is placed. Any safe can fail and “run out of coolant” and result in despair and anger, so buying to exceed any anticipated disaster is the wise way to go.

We here in the Liberty pyro-techno engineering world would like to help so you can make the best informed decision. Consider these aspects of careful planning that some other fire-safe owners may neglect when weighing cost versus protection in the event of a fire:

Where is your house? If you plan to put your fire safe in a home that is a half hour away for the fire trucks, then you’d be smart to get one of the highest-rated safes available. If your fire department is volunteer, you’ll need to consider the extra time that will be needed to pull all those first responders together and get on their way.

Do you have a ceramic or metal roof? Both ceramic and metal roofs can hold in the heat during a house fire a lot longer than traditional asphalt-shingle roofs. If your house caught fire, these roofs subject your safe to cooking at higher temperatures for a longer period of time than is typically expected.

Is there a water source nearby? Another problem with houses far removed from towns and cities is the water source to fight a fire. Are there fire hydrants nearby? Is the only water supply only what the truck brings with it? If they run out of water before the fire is out, how long before they can refill or call another department to respond.

Did you put flammables inside your safe? In addition to flammables near a safe, some people store inside their safes black powder, a bottle or two of expensive liquors, or other items/liquids that can explode or catch fire under certain circumstances. If you have accelerants inside your safe, chances are something might trigger them to ignite in the event of a fire. Keep those items in a separate lock box, and save your Liberty Safe for those things that truly are irreplaceable.

Liberty Tests Its Safes: For the past 15 years, Liberty has fire tested more than 250 safes, and continues today. When we say our fire safes will keep contents protected at 300 degrees for a certain length of time while a fire rages outside at 1200 degrees, we mean it. We test each series to make sure their certifications are accurate. When we put our fire rating label on our safes, customers can expect that level of performance.

Backed by the #1 Warranty: Liberty’s generous replacement warranty always kicks in when a customer’s safe goes through a fire, break in, or other unforeseen disaster. If your Liberty Safe ever goes through a fire (or an attempted break-in), Liberty will repair or replace the safe for as long as you own it, especially if your insurance won’t. We even cover the delivery and installation too. No hassle.

Quality Is Always Worth The Cost: We realize there are situations where budgets preclude homeowners from buying the higher-rated fire safe that would better serve them. But remember, for a relatively small cost to step up, a higher-rated fire safe can prove to be the most valuable and cost-effective purchase, especially when you need it.

Take The Quiz! A great way to determine the best fire protection is to take our quiz, “WHICH SAFE IS RIGHT FOR YOU?” on our website. It’s 10 simple questions that will help determine the right fire series and sizes that would best meet your needs.

Listen To Survivors Tell Their Story: And, on the same web page we have several testimonials from customers who considered the risks of placing their quality Liberty safe in a setting where help couldn’t come for an extended period of time, and how well their higher-rated safes held up in protecting the contents. Those who cut corners, thinking to cheat disaster, find out in the end that there is nothing that can compensate for high quality and wise choices.

That’s why most people choose Liberty Safe—makers of the best built safes on the planet.

Who Survived the Free Fall?

It’s the ultimate in “smash and grab.”
What happens when a 900-pound Liberty Safe falls from 200 feet and crashes into a competitor’s safe at 77 miles an hour? It wasn’t pretty, but that’s what we do to prove the integrity of Liberty safes. And, to make things fair, we dropped a 900-pound made-in-China competitor’s safe on one of our Liberty safes. All safes were the same size and weight. The pictures say it all.
Now, let’s get our numbers straight. Here’s how we calculate the time it takes to fall 200 feet … the distance “y” is 200 feet. The acceleration of gravity is 32 feet per second squared. Too much math?  We agree. But it works out to be:
Time to fall = sqr of 2y/g = sqr of 400/32 = 3.535 seconds
Remember miles per hour? We’re figuring feet per second, then we’ll convert to miles per hour. Here’s how we did that:
Velocity after 200 feet of falling = g x t = 32 x 3.535 = 113 ft/sec = 77 mph
We’re checking with Mr. Harris in 11th grade physics to make sure we got that right, but for now, that’s pretty darn fast for a big ol’ safe to fall and land on another. If you happen to have a safe drop on your house, make sure you’ve got a Liberty, they’re the best-built safes in the world.

For this test, the safes were hoisted 200 feet into the air with a cable release controlled by the ground crew. This arrangement allowed the safes to free-fall onto the target safe below.

Ground crews align safes before hoisting the competitor's 200 feet into the air for the drop. This was the first of two tests. The second test, between a black Liberty 25 and a competitor's 25, are shown below.

Moment of impact: A Liberty 25 crashes into a competitor's safe, breaking welds, shattering fire board, blowing the door off, and leaving the inferior safe in shambles.

The Liberty 25 after falling 200 feet and smashing into a competitor's safe---notice there are no broken welds, just some dents and scratches---and under Liberty's lifetime warranty, this safe is completely replaceable free of charge (although, we do frown on customers causing intentional damage---leave the testing up to us!).

After the crushing impact of the competitor's safe onto this white Liberty 25, notice how the Liberty safe retained integrity on all sides. The door remained closed and locked. No broken welds, no access to the interior after the horrific impact.

This made-in-China safe didn't fare well from the drop. Notice that it suffered a ruptured weld along the bottom, which was the impact point between the two safes. For a thief with a crowbar, such a rupture would make quick work for sheering open the rest of the safe to access the valuables inside.

Here is the Liberty safe (right) that was just dropped from 200 feet onto a same-sized and weighted competitor's safe. The Liberty safe did very well because of attention to detail, excellent engineering, and Made In The U.S.A. superior quality. All of its welds were intact, and the door remained firmly attached, shut, and locked. The made-in-China competitor delivered exactly what the buyer bargained for---a pretty paint job, but in comparison, that's about all.