Liberty Safe Builds Its 2,000,000th Safe—and is Giving It Away

Liberty Safe announced a major milestone in its 29-year history of building gun, home and business safes and security products; its two millionth safe! To celebrate Liberty is sponsoring a contest to give away this one-of-a-kind safe to one lucky winner in a sweepstakes ending June 17, 2017.

“We’re thrilled beyond words,” said Kim Waddoups, president and CEO of Liberty Safe. “Achieving this two-million milestone reflects wonderfully well on our entire company for their faithful devotion to consistency and quality. Congratulations to all our employees, both past and present, and to our professional dealers who serve their 2,000,000 clients with such care and helpfulness from coast to coast. Let’s celebrate!”

The 2,000,000th safe will be a custom-made Presidential 50, a top of the line model with a silver-bronze finish, and a special door design that commemorates this occasion.

“Two million is a huge number in the safe industry,” said Jamey Skousen, Liberty’s director of marketing. “We’re there because we deliver the best quality safes in the industry. We’ve dropped our safes from 200 feet onto hard cement, we’ve exploded dynamite on the outside and on the inside, we’ve pried, chiseled, drilled and beat our safes without mercy to find and correct the least little concern. The result? A sturdy vault, best in the world. Tornadoes, hurricanes, whole-house fires, and they still hold up. If somebody tries to do any of that to your Liberty safe, we have a transferable lifetime warranty that is the best in the industry.”

The “2 Million Liberty Safes Sweepstakes” will end on June 17, 2017, and the winner will be announced on Liberty’s FACEBOOK page. For more details see Liberty Safe’s FACEBOOK page (, or enter the contest at



What’s Inside the Vault of Vaults?

Even Tom Cruise and his block-buster movie-making buddies couldn’t get into this place …

On November 3, 2012, an amazing, high-tech security facility opened in Salt Lake City. It’s not a government-run bunker, it’s not a Hollywood action-movie studio set, it’s an actual, real life, super-secure storage facility where every client has 24 x 7 access—provided they can get past a battery of security barriers including multiple security codes, the right set of keys, and, the right retina—all under the watchful care of on-site personnel and 50 “hardened” cameras keeping an eye on things from the central security offices.

Once inside, what do you suppose clients find for the very last level of security, the actual safes? Yes, you guessed it—they find rows and rows of Liberty safes, the best-built safes on the planet (for PHOTOS—click here).

The new Safe Haven Private Vaults is one of nine similar facilities in the U.S. It is an ultra-secure building housing some 3,000 deposit boxes of assorted sizes, and full-sized safes.

At a time when people everywhere are concerned about their valuables being taken by either thieves or the government (sorry for the redundancy), here is a place that doesn’t ever close like the banks do, doesn’t stand unguarded like that desk drawer at home while you’re at the movies, and stays awake morning, noon and night.

Remember the advantages of a Liberty safe at home. If they’re good enough for Safe Haven, they’re good enough for you. It’s the best way to have peace of mind and to keep your valuables close at hand, when you really need them fast.

Liberty, the best-built safes on earth.