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Customer Star Rating
Great Safe
written by Carmen
April 18, 2014
Appears to be a great safe for the investment.
Customer Star Rating
Deluxe 30
written by Peyton2014
April 17, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by Charles J.
April 15, 2014
Although this is not the model I wanted it is great. I'm in and out of it all day with no problems. It's a good size with adjustable shelfs. I feel my guns are safe and you can't beat the warranty. I will be getting more safes as this one is full but it's only Liberty for me. Thanks so much.
Customer Star Rating
written by C.J. M.
April 13, 2014
I just purchased this safe and it was a floor model so I am not going to nit pic the small stuff however when I got the safe home and in it's final resting spot, I put all of my guns and important papers inside and now I can not open the door. The electronic lock has unlocked the safe but the handle hub just spins freely with no tension from the bolts to unlock the door. I think the safe is still unlocked but I don't know. From the reviews I have read I feel very confident Liberty's custermer service will come through for me and have this issue fixed quickly. I look forward to giving a update review on the status of my new safe after Liberty has fixed my problem.
Liberty's Response:
We are sending a locksmith out to you to get the issue fixed. Thanks for your patience.
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excellent safe, but made in China
written by MattHunt
April 11, 2014
I love the safe. My only complaint, which is for all gun safes, is that the only way to fulfill the recommended gun capacity is to remove all scopes and slings. Also be aware that not all Liberty safes are made in the USA as advertised. The one I bought is made in China. However, the reason I purchased it anyway is because the fire rating is better than the one made in the USA. Very disappointing! Don't be deterred by these few negatives. I am very happy with the safe and the warranty(I just wish the e-lock was lifetime and not just 5 years).
Liberty's Response:
All Liberty Safes are Made in the USA. Centurion Safes are imported by Liberty. Same warranty. 
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April 11, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Need more space for large guns
written by Ray
April 8, 2014
Nice Durable safe, I was disappointed that it doesn't have space for more large guns. The safe has plenty of room for pistols.
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Great safe
written by Chris B.
April 7, 2014
Is it made in China? Yes. Did I do my research before making a purchase this big and know what I was getting? Yes. Am I worried about buying a safe made in China? No. This safe is awesome! Fit and finish are great, and the 4-in-1 flex interior will hold anything you need it to. I didn't have any issues with the alignment of the shelves and the fabric is all uniform and well applied. Can't beat the lifetime warranty!
Customer Star Rating
written by mjh
March 27, 2014
Liberty safe are the best made safe in the usa.
Customer Star Rating
Nice and roomy
written by Boardy
March 21, 2014
Very nice layout and a lot of thought went into the interior of this safe. Very flexible to accommodate every users needs.
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Gun Owners Dream
written by Happy Hunter
March 21, 2014
I find the Liberty Deluxe safe to meet all my needs as a gun owner with little space for a gun safe. Liberty offers a safe that fits in my closet and has a 75 min fire protection. What more could I ask for?
Customer Star Rating
written by George
March 20, 2014
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Initial thoughts on purchase of our liberty safe
written by Tonya V.
March 19, 2014
We are very happy with our safe purchase. We just got it today so it's very new to us yet. I already feel this great sense of relief and security just knowing that we have it and no longer have to worry about all of our guns and valuables when we are gone. Liberty has a great reputation and is made in the U.S.A. which were both important to us. We did shop around and I just didn't seem to like any other safes, how they looked or were set up inside. I liked how liberty had different color options for the exterior and interior, along with arrangement configurations. The accessory door panel and light for the key pad that came with the safe are also nice additions.
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finally completed the longest registration in the history of man
written by uni-ball Signo
March 17, 2014
So far, so good
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Would be better if made in the USA.
written by DW
March 9, 2014
I did not click "yes" on recommending to a friend. Automatic defaulted. Tried to change to no. Would not allow.
After looking at safes for several months I was excited to finally make a decision. In visiting Liberty's website I remember seeing MADE IN AMERICA, but it appears that was for select safes. It was a toss up between Winchester and Liberty and felt Liberty was the better deal. Very disappointing to get the safe home and see the words "MADE IN CHINA" on the inside of the door. Had I not driven round trip 60 miles and brought the safe home myself I would have returned it. Cannot recommend to anyone.
Liberty's Response:
We make 85% of our safes here in America. The deluxe is one that we have made overseas. It is designed, engineered, inspected and warrantied just as a US made Liberty. I hope this helps. 
Customer Star Rating
Deluxe 30
written by Jed Newhardt
March 2, 2014
5 star
Customer Star Rating
Great safe for firearms and valuables!
written by Ducati Dave
March 1, 2014
This safe had the highest fire rating and a lower price than other safes I looked at. It was a no brainier for me.
Customer Star Rating
written by jennifer
February 27, 2014
first time safe owners and we love our safe!
Customer Star Rating
Great Value
written by Erik
February 25, 2014
I am very pleased with my new safe. The quality is very high, and the warranty can not be beat. I could not find a safe at the big box stores that had a fire rating near this one's, and the price was very competitive..
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Satisfied Customer
written by Happy Customer
February 23, 2014
Looked at a lot of safes and I could not find any other safes built the way Liberty Safes are built. It only makes sense to build them the way Liberty Safe builds them. They are very well thought out plans to build a safe. The warranty is satisfactory.
I would recommend Liberty Safes to anyone. The business I purchased from were very professional.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Deluxe Series Safe
written by BB
February 22, 2014
The safe is well made and has a great fire rating. Door opens and closes easily, touch pad works great with a lit up key pad for ease of seeing in low light conditions. I did look at many safes before purchasing as many safes had fire ratings not as long as the Liberty, as this was a big factor regarding purchase. I would highly recommend this safe to others, especially regarding the price as this one is very hard to beat. The online videos showed how hard they are to break into as this was also a good selling point.
Customer Star Rating
Pete's Safe
written by Peter Rabbit
February 22, 2014
I bought my Deluxe 17 because it's size fits my closet and it protects my handguns of which I have several. The special deal included an electronic lock which was mandatory for me and a handy door panel which stows 5 handguns right where they are handy and easily reached. In California where gun laws are VERY restrictive, I wanted a safe that met the law and gave me easy access to my guns in an emergency. The 75 minute fire protection rating caused me to choose this safe over the more costly Franklin series. The only negative is the safe was made in China. The same safe made in the USA if only ~$100 more would have been perfect.
Customer Star Rating
awesome safe
written by nathan
February 20, 2014
Wonderful safe, wife and I picked it out. Color and style was great, able to be in living room and still looked nice. The lock on it is great, very safe. I feel much better knowing all of my firearms and ammo is put away so the children can not be in danger.
Customer Star Rating
Centurion Deluxe
written by SB
February 15, 2014
Great bang for the buck safe. It's not as refined as the US made units, but it serves the purpose and I am very happy with the overall unit.
Customer Star Rating
gun safe
written by chuch
February 9, 2014
High quality for the price
Customer Star Rating
Deluxe 30 Safe
written by J.E.
February 9, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Excellent Safe for the money
written by Fun Hunter
February 9, 2014
Fire rating is unbeatable for the price. Door panel is excellent. The only issue that I had with this product is getting it in the house. Putting the plug in was not fun, but manageable. If you are looking for a no frills solid safe this is a good choice.
Customer Star Rating
Safe Purchase
written by DonWATG
February 8, 2014
Customer Star Rating
A great safe for home defense
written by MABAZ
February 6, 2014
This is a well made home defense gun and ammo safe with a sufficient fire rating for residential homes (75 minutes).
Customer Star Rating
written by John
February 4, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by fiatbros
January 30, 2014
overall the best you can buy, period
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Deluxe
written by sgrenon
January 28, 2014
Good safe, gave it 4 stars because the matting inside was loose and pulled away from the walls.
Customer Star Rating
Deluxe 30
written by buford
January 27, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by M&M
January 15, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Made in China
written by DevilDawg
January 15, 2014
The surface quality of the safe is typical of what I would expect of a Chinewse made product and certainly not of the quality of an American made product. If I can find quality issues on the surface, like the poor quality of the shelf clips and the shelf rails not lining up so that shelves end up being uneven ond not level, then what is the quality behind the walls where it can't be seen? Good thing it is backed by the Liberty name and warrenty. Otherwise I would have sent it back.
Customer Star Rating
Excellent Features, Amazing Value
written by Buddy Lee
January 14, 2014
I purchased the Centurion Deluxe 30 safe. In comparing similar safes at the store, it really stood out because of its tremendous value. After sealing the deal, I later discovered it was priced so well because it is made in China. However, I saw no noticeable difference in the quality as compared to the other models. My safe came with the accessory door panel, electronic lock, lifetime warranty, and was ready for an electrical outlet kit. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this safe. I am confident that as long as my collection does not exceed my safe's capacity, it will be the last gun safe I ever buy.
Customer Star Rating
Chinese Quality
written by DevilDawg
January 13, 2014
I have just received a Deluxe 17 that my wife bought me for Christmas from a Big Box Sporting Goods store. She didn't know that the Deluxe was made in China as the Big Box store didn't make that fact available. My feeling was that if Liberty would put their name on a Chinese product, then that product must meet Liberty's qualtiy requirements. I was disappointed to find that the quality wasn't to what I expect from American made products and not what I expected from Liberty. Number 1: the shelf clips are terrible, they have over 3/32 of an inch of tolerance difference beteween them that makes it such that some clips won't stay in the shelf rails and just fall out and others are too wide to fit in the shelfs rails and need to be adjusted with pliers to fit. Number 2: The shelf rails mounted on both sides of center divider are 1/8 of an inch higher that the shelf rails on the walls of the safe, resulting in the shelves not being level. I know these are realitively small items to complain about but if the quality is lacking in these areas where the user is interacting with it then what about the quality of wall construction and the fire rating? Otherwise I'm happy to own a Liberty safe and feel better knowing that Liberty does stand behind this product with it's warrenty. Just try to improve the quality from these Chinese providers. I know they can do better than this and that Liberty demands better than this.
Liberty's Response:
We are sorry to hear that you have had to deal with these issues. We will have our customer service rep contact you shortly to see if we can get you take care of.
Customer Star Rating
Great Protection for the Price
written by "Freddie"
January 11, 2014
This Safe is well built, with good options to organize for guns and other valuables.
Customer Star Rating
Good Value
written by Fast Eddie
January 10, 2014
I shopped on the web and in various sporting goods stores for a good quality safe at a fair price. My search encompassed one year and included all sizes, quality and manufacturer products.

My needs were for a basic safe to fit my storage, price and size restrictions. Basic utility was more important than fancy features. To that end, in my area [southcentral PA], the [Liberty] Centurion safes had the best selection.

My only criticism is that more instructions into safe interior setup would have been helpful. Liberty should fill its website with videos into many helpful areas to maximize the safe's setup, lock setup and the installation of accessories.

Despite these nit-picks, I would recommend this safe to anyone as a good bang for the buck.
Customer Star Rating
Great Bang for the Buck!
written by Bennie
January 10, 2014
Overall great look and the interior is very flexible. 75 minute fire rating is a great feature. The door organizer for handguns and miscellaneous items as well as the "Cool pocket" for important papers/files/photos is very handy. Wish it were made in the USA like some of the other Liberty models but the quality is still great.
Customer Star Rating
Centurion Safe
written by Bryan
January 7, 2014
Excellent quality safe at a reasonable price.
Customer Star Rating
written by Minneapolis
January 3, 2014
I just received my Liberty safe and it was easy set up and exactly what I was looking for!!!
Customer Star Rating
Nice R.S.C.
written by HEFTY!!!
January 1, 2014
This safe is a nice way to protect your valuables and firearms. I'd like to see a thief (or 4 for that matter) walk away with it or get it broken into. I considered many other options before purchasing this safe, but I am glad I got one big enough to hold what needs held. Liberty makes a great product.
Customer Star Rating
written by Happy Bakersfield
December 31, 2013
Nice product, price was right, nice finish and just the right size for what we needed.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Safes, there is no competitor.
written by Peyton
December 30, 2013
I have always known about Liberty Safes, and have never heard of any complaints about these safes. Now I must say, the ONLY reason why I gave this safe only 4 stars is because I have a very odd, rifle that has an overall length of 27 inches. Since it is so short, there is no way to set the rifle in this safe securely with out blocking off a one whole side of the safe. This is not a common problem, by no means. I am just the one in a million chance to having a odd type of rifle. Thanks a lot guys, the safe looks great..!!!
Liberty's Response:
Try our rifle rods. They solve the exact problem you are having:
Customer Star Rating
Christmas present!
written by Western New Yorker
December 29, 2013
Just purchased this safe and so far, very pleased with the product. The fire protection rating is excellent for the price.
Customer Star Rating
written by V RANDOLPH
December 29, 2013
Customer Star Rating
Made in china
written by Dean
December 28, 2013
Liberty safes is a company that is proud to be American, but due to demand some liberty safes are made in china . I was told they did this because demand was high after the newtown incident and had to outsource these safes to china . I think there's a fine line between making money and keeping a level of quality and reputation for the consumer . I was disappointed after I unpacked the safe and saw "made in china" on the back and my first thought was poor quality . Liberty makes me think of America and the pride that goes into it . To me it knocked down the safe a couple of notches in quality just because of the made in china sticker .
Customer Star Rating
new owner
written by S.J. - Bham,AL
December 28, 2013
Well not sure yet as just got the safe today. One thing I can comment on is the shelf clips, not extremely strong, bent two of them installing. Bought this particular safe because of price/value bigger for just a bit more money. Somewhat concerned that it is a Liberty safe made in CHINA...well I bought it anyway..will see if it can live up to the USA Liberty safe..Give it an average rating as I just got the safe. Check back later....
Customer Star Rating
Just purchased 30 gun safe
written by Billy Bob
December 28, 2013
Just purchased and great so far . Came very highly recommended and looks high quality.
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