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Liberty Safe Survives Devastating Fire in Arkansas
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ARKANSAS - A tragic house fire was a complete loss for Scott and his family. The appliances, computers, medicines, clothing, furniture, eveything was destroyed.

After the insurance investigators released the house, Scott and his family were able to go through the charred rubble to see if anything was left. It took only a few minutes of kicking through the destruction when suddenly, the light of hope went on in Scott's head and he knew exactly what he needed to do. He pulled out his cell phone and called Liberty's customer help to find out how to open his safe.
The combination-lock mechanism had melted off.

Customer service put Scott in touch with a local locksmith who helped him get to his valuables. The on-site insurance investigator was not encouraging as the lock smith went to work. Scott writes, "The investigator kept telling me not to expect to salvage anything out of the safe." The investigator was pretty sour about things. "After 18 years of investigating fires," the investigator told Scott, "the safes never seem to stand up to the destruction of a fire and the water from the fire trucks."

And then the safe was opened. Every jaw on every person watching the process just dropped, they couldn't believe what they saw. The photos below show what greeted them in the midst of the smoldering sorrow and loss.

Scott said that when the investigator saw how well his Liberty Safe had protected his guns and documents, the man said he didn't need any more convincing, he was on his way to go buy a Liberty safe.

Scott's letter concludes with, "JOB WELL DONE!!!"

Liberty offers an assortment of safes with fire ratings of up to 2.5 hours. But there's more than that. Quality engineering is why Liberty is the world's leader in home safe sales, with an average sale of one safe purchased somewhere in the U.S. every 90 seconds.

The story of Scott of Arkansas has a happy ending because he subscribed to the axiom, "It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark," and now he's part of a new axiom: "It wasn't burning when Scott bought his safe."