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Customer Star Rating
Magnum 50
written by M. Patterson
April 17, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by duane
April 10, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by Polly Haley
April 8, 2014
Even knowing what we had ordered, I was still astonished when the delivery guys unwrapped the safe. It took my breath away. My husband just now saw it...all he could say is "Wow"! Thank y'all so much for creating such a fabulous product!!!
Customer Star Rating
The Cadillac of Safes
written by Magnum
April 7, 2014
I bought a $600 Safe from Tractor Supply and after only a few months i just felt it was not very "Safe". I stopped into the Liberty Safe store and immediately realized that the quality of the Safes there blew mine away.
Customer Star Rating
First Safe
written by Aaron M.
April 4, 2014
I am very happy with the purchase of my first safe. I decided to buy the best one available as a long term investment to be passed down for many generations to come.
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Safe upgraded
written by Chaz
April 3, 2014
Wife felt we needed a larger gun safe so we could share and she wanted it to look nice in the living room. So we went back to Knowells lock and Safe where I purchased my Fatboy at. Geoff showed my wife several safes and she was able to make a decision to get a safe that we could both work out of. Plus I was able to keep my other safe to use at a later time. The guys at Knowells Lock and Safe helped us fast and easy. Thanks for the help.
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Magnum 50
written by steve
April 2, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Extremely Nice Product!
written by pgtaviator
April 1, 2014
Excellent finish quality, great features! We purchased a National Security 40 in Champagne. What a gem! It really is a thing of beauty.

It's a tank, you can just feel it when opening the door. Smooth, heavy, substantial.

While we're away it's a great confidence knowing that if something burns/blows our house down or up - our safe, and it's contents likely still be there - intact, bolted to the floor. If someone with a nice tool collection wants to try and see what's in this safe, they'll just get an outstanding workout and likely a chance to meet local law enforcement.

How can you beat the lifetime warranty? Great job Liberty!

Customer Star Rating
Awesome Safe
written by NC Consulting
March 27, 2014
Fantastic safe for aything you want to keep safe and secure!
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National Security Magnum 56
written by Schootchcct
March 25, 2014
Like others have said it's a great safe. I really like the size and capacity of this safe. I have the Presidential Q-25 however, I out grew it within a year. Like everyone says buy the biggest safe you can, that way you have room to grow. The Magnum 56 meets my needs and the construction is awesome. My only issue with the Magnum 56 is I can't put my long guns (44.5" or taller overall length) in the back of the safe with the current configuration. It would be nice to have a different top shelf to accommodate placement of taller guns in the back of the safe. Still a five star safe. All American!
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A great product!
written by Hoofhoff
March 23, 2014
Just had my National Security Magnum safe delivered on Saturday, It is so much more impressive than I had imagined, The dark gray color gives a "means business" attitude that will intimidate any would be thief. 2 1/2 hour fire rating is especially comforting in wild fire country.

Why mess around with a cheap safe when you know you're gonna have it for years? Go for the best.
Customer Star Rating
Awesome Safe!
written by wait1aye
March 21, 2014
superior quality and functionality!
easy to use
Customer Star Rating
Great Safes and Great Support
written by GM
March 20, 2014
From start to finish Liberty Safes performed exceptionally well. Excellent, patient customer service, outstanding delivery (early with a verification call), and clean install. Very professional outfit throughout.
Customer Star Rating
Firearms and important documents finally secure.
written by Wapiti
March 20, 2014
I took a long time and researched many options before purchasing my National Magnum 50. The fire rating was my first concern with the security of the safe second. Needless to say, the Liberty safe is very well constructed and also has a show room look.
Customer Star Rating
Best Safe Ever
written by David Jones
March 19, 2014
I have been a proud owner of a National Security safe for many years. It has followed my family from home to home. When I needed a safe for my second home I looked at several safes and none compare to National Security. I wanted the best and I believe I have that in my two National Security safes.
Customer Star Rating
written by TINO
March 19, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Liberty National
written by Woodwalker
March 16, 2014
Not only a complete fire and burglar proof safe but a beautiful piece as well....
Customer Star Rating
Feeling Secure
written by Guns against Obama
March 14, 2014
The appearance of the safe is excellent. We were impressed with the capacity. When shopping for a safe, I knew a smaller safe would not meet our needs now or in the future.
All of your employees went beyond seeing that we were taken care of. My first safe was damaged and I would not accept it. A second was delivered and it also was damaged. Gary and I had several discussions on the phone. By this time I was getting worried, however, my worries were unfounded. Gary had the third safe wrapped with flannel, cardboard and shrink wrapped when it was delivered.
Cody Sterling and Jason were super. Where very careful unloading and securing it to floor getting it set up and making sure I knew how to operate the locking system before they left my house. Outstanding men and service.
Home invasion is very much a concern, knowing that we have our valuables secure, is a real comfort when we are asleep or leave our home.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Safes are the best
written by lwsunrise
March 13, 2014
I researched safes for a couple of months and decided that the extra cost of a Liberty is worth it.
Customer Star Rating
Glad I had a National Safe
written by Rufus
March 12, 2014
I bought my National safe for security of not only guns, but other valuables, I never really considered fire protection+. On a beautiful spring May day, I received a life changing phone call, that my house was completely destroyed by fire. I was 35 miles away, as I drove home, thoughts of everything that I had, went thru my head, when I got to a spot were I could see where my house was, I could see the charred remains of were my house used to be. As I surveyed the rubble, I saw my National safe, I could only think, I hope it did its job. A couple days later, I was able to gain access to its contents, I LOST EVERYTHING I OWNED, EXCEPT THE CONTENTS OF MY NATIONAL SAFE. THANKS A LOT NATIONAL!!!!!!!!
Customer Star Rating
Liberty, yes please!
written by A244
March 5, 2014
As a police officer I couldn't be any happier then with my NS50. I have had the privilege of dealing with many safes, both good and bad. I know from experience what criminals are capable of and what great lengths they will go to to steal your hard earned belongings. I looked at a variety of different safes before purchasing and I could not find one I was more pleased with.
Liberty's Response:
Thank you for your public service.
Customer Star Rating
Awesome safe is awesome!
written by Daddy in Austin
February 28, 2014
Big, Burley, and amazing! Beautiful color and finish with a solid feel to it. Love it!!
Customer Star Rating
Great safe
written by 1791 (molon labe)
February 28, 2014
Pleased with everything about my NS 56. Did a lot of shopping and research before deciding on this brand and model. Glad I chose this one love it, great job Liberty!
Customer Star Rating
A true safe.
written by Excalibur Ace
February 26, 2014
A big safe. Lots of space. Plenty of shelves. Well lit. Made good & in the USA. Everything works good and smooth. Very well painted. Looks great in the home. Buy one!
Customer Star Rating
Interesting outcome
written by Silence Dogood
February 22, 2014
I ordered a Presidential 25 (White). When the delivery men took off the box and protective covering (inside my house), Liberty had delivered a National Security Magnum (White) instead. The color matched and the specifications were identical. I liked the door swing with the exterior hinges so I didn't complain (plus it was difficult getting it in my house with a very thick rug!). The top of the safe was covered with a thick layer of dust so I assume that Liberty delivered an in-stock equivalent safe given that my order was in process over 60 days (Christmas holidays).

So I can't really review a Presidential Series safe ... but the National Security Magnum is real nice. The lighting accessory is a must. There is no way to tell if the upgraded Peet dehumidifier was really working -but I hope so. A very high quality safe and I am happy with what I received.
Customer Star Rating
Piece of Furniture
written by TX Mom
February 21, 2014
The beauty and quality of the safe are outstanding. It is a great addition to my office while also fulfilling my needs for security.
Customer Star Rating
written by B Church
February 21, 2014
Customer Star Rating
No Better Safe Out There
written by Reeder's Raiders
February 21, 2014
If you're looking for a large capacity safe that gives you 2.5 hours fire-rating and is clearly not going to be broken-in-to or stolen, all-the-while looking like a beautiful addition to your home (or office), this is the safe for you. We purchased the National Security series and opted to have it lag-bolted to the floor. It's not going anywhere. Delivery was professional and timely, just as promised. Two small complaints: 1) These safes advertise a certain number of gun/long gun capacity but clearly don't take into account scopes on long guns. The truth is - nobody is going to remove their scope from their hunting rifle - which means - significantly less capacity in the safe for long guns with scopes. 2) The center shelving doesn't go all the way up to the top of the safe, and if you have long guns, you end up not being able to use all your shelves.
Customer Star Rating
When nothing but the Best will do....
written by JDM5LugHatch
February 20, 2014
I picked up a National 25 in Feathered Gray Gloss and this is one gorgeous safe. The external hinges make it easy to get in and out of the safe and offer great flexibility on placement. I really have no complaints on the safe itself nor on the fit and finish. However, if I had to find something to complain about it would be the handle. I just don't like it never have on this series. I would much rather it have the ship style wheel in black on it like found on the Presidential series rather than the traditional 5 spoke found on most of Liberty's safe line. Other than that if you're on the fence between the Presidential and the National just go with the external hinges as it makes getting in and out of the safe a lot easier.
Customer Star Rating
Magnum 40
written by Bill H.
February 19, 2014
Have only had the safe for two day, thus far, I am well satisfied with it. I especially like that it is made in the U.S.A.
Customer Star Rating
written by Mark Twain
February 16, 2014
Safe is well made except for the material on the inside. Material is rough and the shelves are not supported on the top shelf.
Customer Star Rating
Organized Protection
written by Nanfinman
February 12, 2014
After looking at many other brand-name safes, I knew immediately that the Liberty safe was definitely the way to go. The efficient use of interior space, the quality of the product, not to mention the lifetime warranty, were far and above any other safe that I had considered.
Customer Star Rating
Beautiful Safe, excellent quality
written by Tim L
February 8, 2014
Our safe was delivered and looks great! Quality appears to be excellent. Only a small flaw in the National Security logo (some wrinkles in the graphic) is the only thing that I have found so far (@$5200 I'm particular, so it loses a star for it) Seems very solid. Haven't put anything in it yet as I am waiting for it to dry out. Gander Mountain stored it outside in -15 temps with -35 wind chills, so when it was delivered, it instantly filled up with condensation. Let it sit overnight with the door open, now have the PEET dehumidifier running to dry it out, will start filling it next week.
Customer Star Rating
Improving peace of mind
written by John S
February 7, 2014
We recently had a fire at a family member's property where our Fatboy was destroyed and all its contents (luckily only ammo). We decided to increase our fire protection to ensure our other investments don't go up in smoke.
Customer Star Rating
When only the best will do
written by Mike R.
February 4, 2014
National Security full opening door is a great assett. Huge safe, tons of room and configurations, cool options like lighting, thermostat, just a great product and something every serious gun owner needs to purchase.
Customer Star Rating
Highly Recommended by Marine Corps OEF Vet
written by JSemperFi2004
January 31, 2014
After much internet research and comparison it was a no-brainer to buy a liberty safe. We ended up buying the National Security and have to say we were even more pleased than we expected to be when it was delivered! The safe is beautiful, pragmatic, and brilliantly designed! The photos online do it no justice to as it looks and functions in person. We are thrilled to have it in our come and have a completely new peace of mind that comes with it. Thank you Liberty Safe!
Customer Star Rating
WOW...Everyone should own one!
written by Sammy M
January 31, 2014
Best built safe on the planet! Could not be happier with my Liberty Safe! Wish my car was painted this nice!

Great Product!
Customer Star Rating
The New Safe
written by Chip Bogosian
January 29, 2014
Never having purchased a safe before, it became obvious that with the current social situation that we needed to have not only our firearms secured but also our papers. Recently our assistant fire chief was robbed and not only were his firearms taken but also his birth certificates and passports. We live on an island which has minimal law enforcement so this was our best option. After reviewing the current volume and styles of safes, we elected to go with a group of professionals at NW Safe Company of Enumclaw, Washington. Our neighbor had recently used them and was very satisfied. After inspecting his safe and installation we sized what we needed in accordance with the items we felt needed protection and wound up with the National Security Magnum 50. So far so good---looks great and is easy to operate and has a heater which is necessary since it's location is in our garage. The only this I would change would be to make the shelving out of high grade plywood instead of particle board which would support more load over longer periods of time---but again I've only had the safe for one day so what's there may be perfectly adequate.
Customer Star Rating
What a beauty!
written by Dairyman
January 28, 2014
We have had our safe for a little over one month now. It exceeded our expectations. We are very pleased with everything about it. It looks, works and functions great. I would recommend it to anyone.
Customer Star Rating
Great Safe!
written by Pol G.
January 23, 2014
The National Series Safe is exceptional in build quality and features. I am very impressed and extremely satisfied with my purchase. The lifetime warranty is a plus for me and my family. Definitely worth the investment.

The installers, Shawn and Lloyd were very professional and extremely efficient. They answered all of my questions and also made the installation and setup VERY painless.

If you are thinking about purchasing a safe, go with Liberty. You will be satisfied!
Customer Star Rating
Feeling safe, safe buyer
written by John
January 22, 2014
This is a very high quality safe that is easy to use. We like that the shelves inside can be changed around to accommodate our needs. Very classy looking.
Customer Star Rating
Electric plugin
written by Bodegaman
January 21, 2014
The plugin for the lighting out of the back of this safe needs to be recessed for close installation. With the set up that is installed now you must leave the safe an inch or more away from the wall to accommodate for the electric cord that sticks out the back.
Customer Star Rating
Live -N-Learn
written by Ronald T
January 20, 2014
I was happy to receive my safe. The company I purchased it from was very helpful. I love to buy American products. The outside of the safe had a great finish. The digital lock worked great was very simple to set up. Now the downside, dropped a shelf about 2 feet it broke in half. That is when I found out it was made of particle board. It was very fragile. Also I have 8 long guns and the way the center brace is made,I can't put them a safe I just paid $7,000.00 for. I suggest if you have long guns and like real wood shelf look elsewhere.
Liberty's Response:

Sounds like we need to get a new shelf sent out to you. I will have a member of our customer service team contact you to see what we can do to help. We may be able to provide a solution for your long guns as well.

Customer Star Rating
Love our safe.
written by Stan
January 19, 2014
We love the looks of our safe. When we open it we love the looks, safety and variety of the shelves.
Customer Star Rating
Magnum 40
written by lucy
January 19, 2014
Five Star Safe
Customer Star Rating
WOW...better than I expected
written by Bama
January 15, 2014
The quality inside and outside is amazing...will never buy another brand!
Customer Star Rating
National Security 56 - Liberty brand rifle/gun security Safe
written by Ready to retire here in the "Show-me" State (Missouri)
January 14, 2014
Lighting kit is space saving; recommend the EZ out shelf option; Peet convection dryer-dehumidifier was my choice over the 12" dry stick. I use the 12" in my smaller 24-gun Cannon Safe, which is effective there (Ounces of prevention vs pounds of cure after the fact). Anchor bolts (Cement-sleeves and wood lags) supplied for stability, essential with this safe as the door is wide (great access and view) but can get "tippy" when door open and safe was empty. Once loaded I am sure it isn't an issue but I like the idea of another layer of resistance by bolting into cement. Locking mechanism smooth and provides ability to close bolts w/o locking...keeps humidity even when frequent trips into and out of the safe. Recommend to first-time buyers as a first safe, because I thought 24 gun Cannon was more than adequate and the family/ business out-grew the capacity in less than 5 years.
Customer Star Rating
Magnum 50
written by Brad S
January 8, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Only way to go.
written by Big Daddy
January 8, 2014
Began looking for a new safe. Needed the room and better working space. Liberty had just what I needed. The National was a perfect fit.

Great price, prompt deliver and over all good service. Look forward to many years of good use and service from my new safe.

Customer Star Rating
Best safe
written by Hunter Joe
January 3, 2014
I primarily centered my review of safes to Liberty, National Security and Browning.I first decided on the size of 50 cubic feet. This was based on salesman recommendations and after listing everything I wanted in the safe (rifles, cameras, lens, pistols, documents, ammunition, etc) the space seemed small. I originally liked the Browning Safes due to the deer scene and the guns in the door. I discovered the door will only accommodate guns with 30mm scopes or smaller. My scopes are larger. The National Security safe interior seems plusher than Browning. The pistol pockets seemed more usable for a wider variety of guns. There appeared to be more shelf space for the variety of miscellaneous items. I really like the door opening all the way on the National Security. The fade in of the colors looks elegant. The only drawback in the top shelf spans the entire width so don't load this with heavy ammunition without installing a brace to the lower shelf. The salesman at Mark's Outdoors was very knowable and gave me a very good deal. I would recommend this safe to anyone. In fact my son liked it so much he bought one.
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