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Already Recommended
written by N. B.
December 11, 2014
I recently purchased a National Security Safe Company Magnum Safe from Dean Safe Company in Pacoima,CA. I was impressed by the customer service representative's professionalism and knowledge of the products on hand. I have already recommended this product & retailer to friends and family. In this technological age it is nice to have a good old brick and mortar establishment to be able to walk into and see and handle the products available.
Customer Star Rating
Quality Safes, Made in the USA
written by Ice Cream Man
November 25, 2014
We have spent almost a year researching out safes to purchase. Liberty was the favorite throughout our family and friends. The Quality, Look and Durability of Liberty Safes says it all.
Customer Star Rating
national safe the only way togo
written by Roy
November 20, 2014
Since the safe has been delivered I sleep much better just knowing I now have a safe place for my firearms and legal papers
Customer Star Rating
national security 50
written by lineman bob
November 17, 2014
If you are trying to decide on a company to buy a safe from, look no further. It has been many years since I have dealt with a company that delivers a great product and a go out of their way, accepting nothing but a completely happy customer.
Customer Star Rating
written by Happy Customer!!!
November 15, 2014
Everything I hoped for. Big enough to hold all the gear plus some. Heavy enough to stay put. Just a fantastic Safe and the local dealer made it a pleasure to purchase and the delivery and installation crew was fantastic.
Peace of mind is what a quality safe is all about.
Customer Star Rating
magnum 40 safe
written by Traci
November 12, 2014
5 star safe
Customer Star Rating
Five stars
written by Joe H.
November 4, 2014
Very pleased with the mechanism operation, general appearance, indoor layout and versatility.
Customer Star Rating
Great Looking and Functional Safe
written by D Taylor
October 19, 2014
I really like the size of this safe. It has a great interior. The LED lighting is spot on. The fact that it comes standard with all the important options was was an influencing factor for me. At the moment, its far more safe then I can use, but I don't plan on ever buying another one. I only have one complaint, I noticed that if i pull on the handle, the bottom of the door opens about a quarter inch. That was disappointing.
Liberty's Response:
There is a door adjuster on the bottom of the inside of the door frame. Using the hex key in the STOP packet, it can ge adjusted out to tighten the door. Try that. If that doesn't work, contact our customer service at (800) 247-5625. 
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Best Safe In The World
written by Thomas Jefferson
October 4, 2014
Great sales person, Thanks Stan for your help. Fantastic delivery service.
Customer Star Rating
The Best!
written by Dan S.
October 1, 2014
These are the best safes there are. Period. Don't waste your time and money on a different brand (you could be very sorry). The NS50 is superior to any other safe out there. The folks at Liberty know what they are doing when it comes to building safes. No one does it better. They have incredibly strong values and when they give there word they back it up. That's how it should be.
Customer Star Rating
Thing of beauty!
written by My Precious
September 24, 2014
I have had my National Safe for two weeks. The delivery guys were awesome. The safe is a National. All my gear is safe and secure and Safelert lets me know if I have anybody taking a real close look at it. Security doesn't get any better than that.
Customer Star Rating
National 50
written by T.
September 22, 2014
My safe was delivered and in excelent condition. Safe is clean and no markings. Very solid feeling heavy door and beautiful paint scheme. I love this safe and will never get rid of it. Bought the biggest and the best they had. It's about half full so i have some growing to do :-).
Customer Star Rating
Excellent Safe
written by Landman
September 18, 2014
Excellent Safe and Made in USA
Customer Star Rating
Beautiful Safe, good quality
written by Shon
September 17, 2014
We are extremely happy with the look of our safe and the quality of the safe.
Customer Star Rating
Magnum 25
written by Blondie
September 15, 2014
I really did not appreciate the size and elegance of the Liberty Safe until it was delivered. It is truly good craftsmanship. The team delivered the safe and installed all the features for us. We would recommend Liberty safes to anyone and everyone.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Safes are excellent
written by Blue eyes
September 9, 2014
Libertky Safes are made in the United States. Liberty does excellent work in making the safe. Great features.
Customer Star Rating
Top of the Line!
written by Steve and Tori
August 30, 2014
First of all, the folks at Jimmy's Mens Store & Pawn Shop in Fort Walton Beach, Florida were first class in explaining the various safes to my wife and I. Upon ordering, we were told it would take two to three months for delivery and as promised the safe arrived just days shy of 3 months after ordering. It was a long wait but it was worth it. The safe is beautiful and is in perfect condition. The delivery team from Jimmy's worked hard getting it into the house and they did an outstanding job. Everything works as advertised and the quality is definitely top of the line. You can buy cheaper safes, but you will get what you pay for. The National Security safe is a beautiful addition to our home and I could not be happier with it. You cannot go wrong buying a National Security series safe. We chose the Grey Charcoal Feather Edge with the Silver Velour and it is absolutely beautiful. The color scheme certainly made it easier to convince my wife that we needed a safe like this in our home. Keep up the good work Liberty Safe!
Customer Star Rating
American Dream Continues
written by Smith & Jones
August 20, 2014
Great Addition to the Family! Anything else would be subpar!
Customer Star Rating
Ease of mind
written by Stormin
August 17, 2014
Bought my Liberty National Magnum from the Northwest Safe Company of Enumclaw, Wa. And what a business. A pristine and well stocked showroom with top professionals. Went to them because they had in stock the Browning model Gun Safe I intended to buy. My sales rep showed me the Browning Safe and highlighted all of the features. Before I made my purchase decision, I asked him if there was any other manufacture he felt I should look at that Northwest Safe featured in their showroom. He suggested I take a look at Liberty and showed me the safe I bought with a full summary of it's features and security benefits. I was sold almost instantly despite having gone in to buy a different make and model.
Customer Star Rating
This is one beautiful safe
written by MikeD
August 15, 2014
This safe is so nice, it makes me want to buy another. Smooth, flawless operation of the lock and the gear drive mechanism is awesome. I can actually open this by nothing more than my little finger spinning the spokes.

This is my second Liberty safe and I'm glad I went with the National Security. It sits in my recreation room and is more furniture than safe.

Oh! And it has a ton of room inside.
Customer Star Rating
written by USA
August 10, 2014
Cool, like the opening safe wheel and safety it provides.
Customer Star Rating
National Security is a winner
written by hicks in sticks
August 10, 2014
We finally took delivery after a few years of shopping, dreaming, wishing. Very happy. Good construction well made and finished to our specs.

Couldn't be happier.
Customer Star Rating
Excellent quality and appearance!
written by Joe
August 9, 2014
I don't think there is any other safe at this price point that even compares in any way! I would highly recommend the National series to anyone.
Customer Star Rating
National Security Mag 50
written by Safety First
July 26, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Burglary Foiled
written by George Orwell
July 26, 2014
Unknown bad guys kicked in the front door and ransacked the house. They tried for probably a couple hours to get in my National Security safe. They hammered the electronic lock off and pulled out the wire, requiring the locksmiths to later drill into the safe. The Bad guys were defeated and Liberty stood by the product with a warranty replacement (which I paid extra to upgrade to a larger safe). Outstanding product and great company!
Customer Star Rating
GREAT SAFE at a great price and availability
written by Martin
July 24, 2014
This is a GREAT safe with Excellent security features and fire protection.

Watch out for cheaper safes that can be open with a can opener or simple axe.

This safe has plenty of Steel (7 gauge) and plenty of fire board to keep valuables safe from fire or theft.

I took over 6 months looking at safes and this is the one I determined was the best for the price. About the only other one I found that had comparable security features cost about twice as much money and was not sold locally or within 100 miles.
Customer Star Rating
Beautiful Safe
written by Bayou Mike
July 20, 2014
This is a very good looking safe. That was not my primary reason for purchasing but it added to the decision. Safe arrived in perfect condition too.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty's National Series safe
written by Alan
July 19, 2014
I am happy with my safe in every way.
Customer Star Rating
There are
written by Sasha
July 8, 2014
I could go on for days about how this safe looks, the quality of its finish (painted with the quality of a classic car), the robust look of the bolts, size of the door and just the imposing nature of it looks but I'll spare you.

I will say this. It's huge and maybe a bit overkill but when you consider whats going inside- its common sense. An insurance payment can replace somethings but the headaches of lost deeds, titles, birth certificates, etc along with valuables/ heirlooms that could never be replaced, the payment is just a reminder of the mountain that faces you.

My Magnum 50 is mainly for my camera equipment, documentation and a small collection of firearms. The size allows for expansion in any of the areas which is important to consider when purchasing one of these (not that having a matching one like bookends would bother me in the slightest :)

In the end- there are other choices but Ive always researched a lot and purchased once. You might save a few bucks elsewhere but try telling yourself that when its the only defense left between your valuables and the impending fire, burglar, etc. You'll wish you had spent the money- Buy once - Buy smart.
Customer Star Rating
Mag 40
written by Billy Bob Smith
July 8, 2014
I like the safe
Customer Star Rating
written by HeavyD
July 3, 2014
Customer Star Rating
written by JMB
July 2, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Great Safe
written by Gaylon
June 30, 2014
I am very pleased with my purchase of the National Security 40 safe. It's beautiful in finish both inside and out. The leatherette trim, the jewelry drawer, the upgraded dehumidifier, the premium accessory door panel and the auto on/off clearview safe lights make this a very functional safe. This is the only safe I have ever owned, but as I looked locally there is no doubt that this is a premier safe and none that I looked at before purchasing it compares. All I can say is whatever size you think is appropriate for you, get at least one size bigger. I got the 40 and wish now I'd have gone ahead and gotten the 50 size.
Customer Star Rating
National Security 50
written by Chip
June 29, 2014
Very nice safe, VERY Heavy, Shelves are particle board and manual lock dial very sloppy and hard to read (shiny brass with black numbers). Like the power center but it is large. The interior lighting is awesome. The folks at Flora Ill.were great to work with. I am proud to have this safe in my home. It looks awesome.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Safes, the best built safes made in America
written by Sarge 7000
June 26, 2014
It's all about the outstanding quality and workmanship, from start to finish, top to bottom, back to side, Liberty Safes are in a class by themselves. No one comes close to providing this consistent level of perfection. The selective options offered truly fill the high level of expectation from a customers perspective. Look around, perform comparison shopping and simply notice the huge difference in the materials used-You can not fail in returning to an Liberty Safe! Hands down, no one comes close.
Customer Star Rating
Magnum 50
written by Ole Boy
June 23, 2014
Customer Star Rating
National Security Magnum 40
written by steve
June 23, 2014
beautiful safe but liberty needs to step it up on the quality of workmanship on the interior.
Customer Star Rating
Liberty Safe
written by Mike J.
June 17, 2014
This is the second Liberty Safe that I have purchased. They are extremely well made. Another reason I purchased this safe over other brands is that it is made in the USA.
Customer Star Rating
Love it!!!
written by Titanic
June 9, 2014
Did not see my safe until it was delivered.....very impressive.....definitely made the right choice after 2 years of searching......bought the National Security because the doors open wide and fire not know why I waited so it!!!
Customer Star Rating
written by disappointed
June 4, 2014
Not until the matter is settled on the minor damage to this safe.
Liberty's Response:
We have sent you some touch-up paint for the scratches on your safe. We apologize you had to deal with this issue. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thanks.
Customer Star Rating
written by Dave
June 2, 2014
Customer Star Rating
Beautiful Safe
written by Steve B
May 30, 2014
This safe is not only functional, it's a piece of furniture. My wife fought me a little on buying a safe but between keeping my weapons locked safely, we had a small electrical fire from our water heater in the garage. THAT opened her eyes and she got on board to proceed with our purchase. When the safe arrived, she pulled out all her precious photos, passports, etc. and they are now tucked safely away from danger.
Customer Star Rating
Mag 25
written by e
May 29, 2014
Need the power modification kit not included in delivery.
Customer Star Rating
I bought a National 50 as lifetime insurance!
written by Michael
May 28, 2014
My First National 50. It's beautiful! If you are going to buy a safe do you want to try to sell one that's to small and buy a bigger one in the future? My advise is buy a National 50 you will NOT be disappointed! I look at my new National 50 as a one time insurance payment that will last longer than my children's lifetime!
Customer Star Rating
Safe Buyer
written by Safe buyer
May 27, 2014
Fell in love with the Safe as soon as we saw it on the sales floor, looks even better in our house!!! Fantastic color and the door pocket is a great addition. The interior lights really set it off. Very pleased with the safe.
Customer Star Rating
Beautiful Safe!
written by Christopher M.
May 22, 2014
We just got a National 50, and couldn't be happier! I've been going back and forth for years between a Liberty, and a Fort Knox. I finally spoke with Joe at Moore Security in Houston, and made my mind up right then.

His two sons delivered it three days later, and had it moved in, and installed within an hour. The whole Moore family was extremely polite, proficient and professional.

I would definitely recommend the National 50, and Moore Security to anyone who wants the best!
Customer Star Rating
Natinal Security excellent review and product
written by Derek B.
May 22, 2014
I have been very satisfied with the quality and durability of the National Security safes.
Customer Star Rating
written by WHITERR
May 20, 2014
Thank you for the three day delivery from payment to receiving the safe. It is exactly what we wanted and we would recommend to anyone to purchase from
Customer Star Rating
written by AK
May 20, 2014
Received my safe today. Wow what a beautiful piece of art. My wife and I love the look, quality and piece of mind. Thank you!
Customer Star Rating
Great Safe!
written by New Safe Owner
May 14, 2014
Beautiful safe that looks impressive and feels solid. I have all of my sentimental items, important financial and estate planning documents, check books, passports, social security cards, etc. in there. I have replacement home owners insurance for the stuff not in there that can all be replaced. I bought the safe because I am away from the house probably 60 hours weekly without anyone home and the fact that every important thing I have in this world is in one spot protected. The rest is just stuff. It is strange, but the house could burn to the ground and I can get robbed, and it will only be an inconvenience and not a tragedy. Give yourself extra height for the safe, the PX 50 did not fit. Apparently you need extra height for the safe's diagonal height (tipping it back) and the boards under it to move the safe into place. The shelving system does seem weak, but I have experienced no problems. I love the D Drive digital lock. I can unlock the safe in 5 seconds and use the safe a lot more because it is so easy to quickly drop something in or take it out before bed or before going out the door. I may replace the lock every ten years for good measure.
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