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(HDX350W) MSRP: $359.99
SALE: $299
(HDX350) $359.99

HDX-350 Smart Vault Ratings and Reviews

Biometric is slow and cumbersome
written by Freedom on October 29, 2018
the gun vault is small(ish) and the back is flimsy(ish) and the price is fairly high and the shelf does not extend past the door and the biometric is not always responsive unless your finger is placed exactly corrrectly

Second times the charm
written by John on October 19, 2018
I purchased an HDX-350 and at first I was pleased with it until I tried to shut it the first time and the door took a few attempts to get it to stay closed. I figured it just needed to be used a few times and it would latch a little better, but then I started having intermittent issues with the door not wanting to open, even though it was acknowledging my fingerprint. I could hear it attempt to open the door but it wouldn't open unless I used the key. So I called customer service, and they issued an RMA #, but I never received the email they said they would send. So I called again a couple days later, and the same thing happened; they said they would send the email, yet it never came. A couple days later I called a third time, and this time within an hour of the call I had received the email with shipping instructions, but no shipping label. I decided I would rather just pay the shipping myself than try to call and have it resolved. So I shipped it to them, and in less than a week I received a brand new safe, and everything seems to be working as it should. The door closes easily and it opens every time I want it to. I may have just received that one safe that had an issue, but the customer service was the part that I am slightly disappointed about. Not saying I wouldn't think about buying another Liberty Safe in the future, but I think this purchase could have gone a little smoother...

A Bit Discouraged
written by Dan on April 28, 2018
The quality of the safe seems excellent with the exception of the biometric functioning. It was difficult to program my fingerprints into the safe. I finally programmed mine, but my wife was unable to program hers. I would have given this safe five stars had it not been for this flaw. So far though, it functions perfectly using my fingerprints.

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