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(HDX350) $359.99

HDX-350 Smart Vault Ratings and Reviews

Nice upgrade from the HD-300
written by Coppertop004 on April 11, 2019
When I had a locking failure on the HD-300 gun vault, I decided to upgrade to the HDX-350. Should have spent the extra on this safe from the start.

Plenty of room to store four handguns on the bottom of the safe and two pocket pistols in the sliding tray. I also have room for a spare magazine in the tray as well. I like the soft-opening door that prevents it from slamming open like the HD-300's door does.

Setting up the fingerprints does require a bit of patience, but you won't be pulling out your hair. Set-up requires multiple scans of your finger and I would recommend setting things up before you mount the safe. Speaking of which, go ahead and get the mounting plate. It makes life a lot easier.

Operation is simple, but as with setting up a fingerprint, it does require a little patience. You need to learn how much finger to swipe at the scanner and the angle. At first, opening the HDX-350 is twice as slow as opening the push-button code on the HD-300. Once you get the hang of things, this safe is only slightly slower than the HD-300. I would have liked to seen Liberty offer this safe with a push-button lock to shorten the learning curve and avoid issues opening the safe during stressful situations.

All in all, I would recommend this safe. Mine sits bolted to a shelf in my closet and provides ample storage space. I lack the resources to hook it up to AC power and just hope the 9V battery lasts at least 6 months.

Bio seems spotty
written by Gary Ivan on December 9, 2018
Great vault, but the bio finger reader doesn't seem to work every time, or it "loses" my registered print. I have several times now, recorded my right index finger (sometimes it will take a bit, to get it to take), but will finally get it to enter. Then I'll check it 2-3 times, works just great. Maybe in the next couple days, I'll try it again, to find it works well. Then, at some point, it just stops taking it, and will not open. So I'll need to re-register it again. Have done this 4 or 5 times now.

My BIGGEST concern, if I EVER need to get into this safe fast, to retrieve my handgun, in an emergency, and it does NOT open - it 'could' cost me my life. That scares me about this.

I would love to hear back from Liberty, on this topic.

Seems great!
written by Steven on December 3, 2018
I haven't got to set it up yet. I thought I was just registering the safe and ended up doing a review

First Time Liberty Owner
written by New Liberty gun safe owner on April 4, 2018
The smart vault metal construction is well done and with high quality. Very please with that part of the safe. I am having difficulty with the fingerprint recognition. I was able to get three fingers recognized on each hand in the pull direction. Not able to get the push direction nor my wife's fingers recognition accomplished. However, I'm confident I will be able to get the issue resolved.

HDX-350 Smart Vault
written by Augusto Lapidario on March 31, 2018
The product is well made with the exception that its hard to program fingerprint. Also the key area is all scupped and debris around it, when looking at it with in the magnifying glass.

written by T.H. on March 14, 2018

Biometric is not user friendly
written by Scott Siller on March 7, 2018
I love the construction of the safe and the size however the biometric programming is very difficult to program for it to "learn" your fingerprints - too long if you are in a hurry to reach for a weapon.

Also, LED should be brighter.

There should also be a combination alternative.

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