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What if You Can’t Bolt Your Gun Safe to the Floor?

What if You Can’t Bolt Your Gun Safe to the Floor?

Every full-sized Liberty gun safe comes predrilled with holes in its bottom. This makes it easier to bolt down your safe. Anchoring your gun safe serves several purposes for both security and safety:

  • Deters crooks from being able to tip your safe over, a common tactic that makes it easier to pry the door off the safe
  • Prevents thieves from carting your safe away so they can open it at another location
  • Stabilizes your safe so it cannot tip over when you are opening it

But what if there is some reason why you cannot bolt your safe to the floor?

This may be because you’re installing it on top of post-tensioned concrete that cannot be drilled. It could be that you rent your home and are not allowed to drill into its floors. Or it could be as simple as not wanting to put holes in your flooring. We've got some tips that can help.

Anchoring Your Safe to a Wall

If you cannot bolt your gun safe to the floor, the next best thing is to bolt it to the wall, especially if you are renting. It is easier to repair a few small holes in a wall than having to replace the floor or carpeting when you move.

Like many manufacturers, Liberty does not pre-drill holes in the back of our safes. Because of this, bolting your safe to a wall is not as easy as anchoring it to the floor. We always recommend you have a professional install your safe because they will have the knowledge and proper tools to get the job done.

The safe installers will have to drill holes through the back of your safe at the precise location of the studs in your wall. This requires the use of a stud-finder. You don’t want to anchor your safe into sheetrock only. Sheetrock doesn't make for a good anchoring material, and the screws holding your safe to the wall could be easily torn out.

Once your installers figure out where to place your safe so they can anchor into studs, they have to deal with the trickiest part of anchoring your safe to a wall: trying to drill through the back of your safe. Obviously, our gun safes are designed to make them difficult to drill through. A strong drill with a drill bit capable of drilling through steel is necessary.

Planning Ahead

It is important to have a plan in place before your safe arrives so the install crew is prepared. If you can't anchor your safe to your floor, make sure your installers know that. You can always speak with your local Liberty dealer to discuss your options for installation.


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