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Black Chrome


Burgundy Marble/Beige Velour
Burgundy Marble / Beige Velour
White Marble/Beige Velour
White Marble / Beige Velour
Burgundy Gloss/Beige Velour
Burgundy Gloss / Beige Velour
Bronze Gloss/Beige Velour
Bronze Gloss / Beige Velour
Champagne Gloss/Beige Velour
Champagne Gloss / Beige Velour
Green Marble/Beige Velour
Green Marble / Beige Velour
Green Gloss/Beige Velour
Green Gloss / Beige Velour
Champagne Marble/Beige Velour
Champagne Marble / Beige Velour
Gray Marble/Silver Velour
Gray Marble / Silver Velour
Forest Mist Gloss/Silver Velour
Forest Mist Gloss / Silver Velour
Mirror Black/Silver Velour
Mirror Black / Silver Velour
Black Cherry/Silver Velour
Black Cherry / Silver Velour
White Gloss/Beige Velour
White Gloss / Beige Velour
Gray Gloss/Silver Velour
Gray Gloss / Silver Velour

Liberty reserves the right to change or update product specifications, colors and model sizes at anytime.

With a classy exterior and layers of security, the Liberty National Classic Select 40 gun safe is a premium addition to any home. Order this safe and enjoy features including 90 minutes of certified fire protection, an 11-gauge steel body, military locking bars, and layers of fireboard - all designed to help you protect what matters most. Store firearms, documents, and other valuables in a National Classic Select 40 and protect them from would-be thieves, as well as curious children and potential natural disasters. With the beautiful scrollwork on the exterior of each National Classic Select 40, you won't only be secure having this safe around - you'll also be able to show it off in a place of pride in your home.

Choose your own Liberty National Classic Select 40 gun safe and see why so many Americans have chosen Liberty Safe for secure home storage.