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75 Minute Fire

With 75 minutes of certified fire protection and triple case hardened steel plates, Colt safes are some of the toughest personal gun safes in America. These safes are built to last through disaster while also complementing your home decor. For the perfect balance of style and security, choose a Liberty Colt safe.

Our safes are made in the USA and crafted with care to provide you with the quality and peace of mind you expect from a Liberty Safe. Colt personal gun safes utilize Liberty's "Tough Door" for greater fire protection and security - all the way to the door edge! Combined with our UL Listed mechanical locks and locking bars, a Colt safe is guaranteed to keep your belongings locked up tight. We believe that a personal gun safe is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, and that's why we trust in our Colt safes to protect everything that matters most to you.