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Liberty Safe's FATBOY Jr. is no joke. This wide gun safe for sale has a capacity of up to 48 long guns, with enough of our top security features to keep all of your firearms locked up tight. Each FATBOY Jr. safe features 60 minutes of certified fire protection, along with an 11-gauge steel body, military style locking bars, a composite door, and more. Not enough? How about UL listed security and hardened steel plates? At Liberty Safe, we know that your security is of the utmost importance - that's why we've designed the FATBOY Jr. with the best features that we know. Like all Liberty Safes, the FATBOY Jr. is designed to protect what's important to Americans like you. Whether that's your gear, your guns, or your valuables and mementos, our heavy duty gun safe is ready to step up to the task of keeping you secure.

What are you waiting for? Build a FATBOY Jr. for your home or office and see just how much it brings to the table.