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Take your security to the next level with the Liberty Safe FATBOY Jr. Extreme. Our all-American gun safe is packed with security and fire features that outweigh the competition - including 60 minutes of certified fire protection. The FATBOY Jr. Extreme can handle the flames of a raging inferno. If your fears are a would-be burglar or a curious child, don't worry: the FATBOY Jr. Extreme can handle that too.

So, what is this heavy duty gun safe protecting? That's up to you. The FATBOY Jr. Extreme can hold up to 48 long guns, which means a ton of storage space for both firearms and valuables. Whether you're looking to secure your collection of guns or whether you're looking for a safe place to keep important documents and priceless jewelry, Liberty Safe's FATBOY Jr. Extreme for sale has it covered. Choose your color here and find a safe that will become an invaluable member of your home.