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Liberty reserves the right to change or update product specifications, colors and model sizes at anytime.

Select a color that makes your Franklin Liberty Safe pop. We offer security home safes that are built to fit you and your home - whether you're looking for a muted and sophisticated combination of bronze and camel or something more flashy (maybe a burgundy gloss?), we have it available here. You can even customize your hardware! Choose from brass, chrome, and black chrome for your Franklin 35.

You can rely on our Franklin Liberty Safes. These home gun vaults offer layers of security and fire safety in a sophisticated package. With 75 minutes of fire protection and UL-listed security, a Franklin 35 has what you need to guard anything from currency to firearms to jewelry. View the different options available for your Franklin 35 home security safes and find your perfect safe. When it comes to protection and peace of mind, there really is nothing like a Liberty Safe.