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Liberty Safe Room
Liberty Safe Home Security

Protecting your valuables starts with a safe. Now you can expand your home protection plan with Liberty Safe Home Security.

Safeguard the things that matter with the most effective, affordable protection for your entire home.

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Two Trusted Security Companies

We're partnering with Cove, a company that used decades of experience to create an affordable smart home security system that doesn't compromise on quality. With Liberty Safe Home Security and Cove, you can:

  • Custom-build a system to perfectly fit your needs.
  • Monitor doors, windows, gun safes, and medicine cabinets.
  • See live HD security video anytime from anywhere.
  • Get instant security alerts sent to your smartphone.
  • Record on-the-spot video clips with the push of a button.
  • Install your system quickly and easily with step-by-step touchscreen instructions.
  • Connect Amazon Echo or Google Home to control your system with voice commands.
  • Get 24/7 nationwide professional monitoring with no contract.

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The Best in Home Security, at a Cost You'll Love

Together, Liberty Safe Home Security and Cove give you the most effective and affordable system on the market.

More effective than other DIY home security systems

  • Up to 10x faster response times
  • Only DIY system with connected touchscreen alarm panel
  • Two-way voice connect gives 24/7 direct access to monitoring centers
  • Fastest installation in the market
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More affordable than traditional home security

  • No activation or installation fees
  • Protection anyone can afford with $0 up front equipment option
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Monthly monitoring costs less than half of traditional security
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Cove Home Security

Custom Build Your Perfect Security System

We give you all the right components to create a home security system that fits your needs perfectly.

Cove Touch Alarm Panel

Cove Touch Alarm Panel

The main hub that links security, fire, and flood sensors into a central control dashboard and directly links your home to our six monitoring stations.
Door and Window Sensors

Door and Window Sensors

Monitor all your main entry points with preprogrammed, easy-to-install protection for exterior doors and windows.
Motion Detectors

Motion Detectors

Senses people moving about a large space. Ignores pets. Or bypass it to arm the rest of your security system while you're still home.
Glass Break Detectors

Glass Break Detectors

Designed to detect the acoustic tone and vibration frequency of shattering windows or glass doors.


Whether it's neighbors, teenagers, intruders, or raccoons, security cameras keep you in the know anytime anyone goes rummaging around your home.
Environmental Sensors

Environmental Sensors

Safeguard your home against fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, and indoor floods that result from clogged drains or frozen pipes.

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Home security systems and services are offered by Cove, a trusted Liberty partner that has earned the highest customer rating for home security on Google.

Home security, life safety, and home automation systems and services are provided exclusively by Cove Smart, LLC ("Cove"). Cove is not affiliated with Liberty Safe and Security ("Liberty").

Liberty is not responsible for plan selections, the services provided by Cove, claims, the contents or operation of Cove's website, how Cove uses your information, or any other actions taken by Cove. Any information you provide Cove is subject to its privacy policy and website terms of use, and may be shared with Liberty.

Cove pays Liberty for plans sold. The products and services provided by Cove are subject to Cove's Terms and Conditions of Sale of Products and Services which can be found on its website.