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Liberty Survives F5 Tornado in Alabama

On April 27th 2011, Jeff McCafferty's house and vehicles were demolished by an F5 tornado in Capshaw, Alabama.

When his family returned they found both Liberty Safes (a FATBOY 64 and a Lincoln 25) with their doors still secured. He opened up both safes to find all of his guns and valuables were still protected!

Liberty Protected Valuables from an F4 Tornado


With his third safe (a COMPETITOR'S SAFE) Jeff was not so Lucky!

Jeff found his third safe blown over 300 feet away with the door missing. Where are his guns and valuables? Somewhere in the stratosphere of Alabama. Competitor's safe lost all its guns.

Competitors Safe Lost all Valuables


When it comes to protecting your valuables, nothing beats a Liberty Safe!

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