1776 Series
Made in the USA


Tradition and Security

The 1776 Series features UL Listed security, increased fire protection and Liberty's new high security 4 inch locking bars! Built with our beautiful and durable gray marble powder coat finish, each safe is installed with SecuRam's new TopLit electronic lock and revolutionary 3-in-1 Flex interior. In the spirit of tradition and security, your valuables will be protected for the next generation.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,299
Payments starting as low as $29.55 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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1776 Ratings and Reviews

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Average 5 out of 5 stars for 74 customers ratings and reviews

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Milton Clouatre Architect
written by MBJR on August 12, 2018
My son-in-law a Louisiana State Trooper help me select the type of safe I needed.

written by NICK & NATALIE BAUMGARDNER on August 11, 2018

perfect fit for my needs.
written by ksho on August 11, 2018
works perfectly, plenty of room. very pleased.

American Made
written by RD on August 11, 2018
Liberty safe manufactures a superb product at an affordable price. I'm proud to have a great gun safe which in made in the USA. I would definitely recommend the Liberty Safe 1776 for protecting your valuables and guns.

written by Jon on August 2, 2018
Great color/price and size capacity

written by Phillip Herrington on August 1, 2018

Great safe great price
written by Blaze on August 1, 2018
Not to big, not small at all customizable storage with easy to use lock. Looks good in my garage. WARNING!! Once you get one you will start trying to fill it up

Excellent safe
written by D. on August 1, 2018
Love the safe, well built, excellent service from the salesman to the delivery personnel.

Marble safe
written by Jack on July 31, 2018
Excellent safe

Safe Surprise
written by Phoenix Patriot on July 31, 2018
My wife and I looked long and hard for a worthy upgrade to our previous smaller safe. After hearing the testimonial's from patriots like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, I had to inquire further. Once seeing the products first hand, it was only a matter of time and funding. The ideal size we needed happened to be the 1776-23 series, and this Independence Day it was on sale with zero % interest for 12 months. My wife and I were happy to pull the trigger on this patriotic purchase. The delivery men just brought a beautiful safe and carefully installed it in our home. We could not be any happier with such an awesome safe. Now we have the safety and security we need. I'd recommend Liberty to anyone. Keep up the great work!

I own two Liberty Safes Fatboy 64 and 1776 Series 64.
written by Rick on July 30, 2018
Great safe with 60min fire rating, spacious, well built in USA. Lifetime guarantee and great customer service.

great size, sometimes more is more
written by Ed from southern california on July 30, 2018
I purchased this safe because I outgrew two smaller safes. If you are looking for a safe with a small footprint but large capacity, this is the one for you. I like the fact that this safe is taller rather than wider. It makes more sense for me to add more shelves and go higher inside as opposed to going wider or deeper. The first thing I did was throw away the stock interior and make my own. Once I did that it really opened up my interior and maximized the space. Everyone is a little different and with the large size I was able to build in shelves and drawers to my liking. Keep that in mind if you are considering this size safe.

Great looking safe, and a very responsive company
written by Dan on July 30, 2018
I looked around for a while at safes, no one could really beat liberty in terms of cost, style of product, and features. Best of all the company is an American company that makes their products in America. The safes are beautiful, high quality and sport patriotic themes.

The safe is easy to use and operate. Plenty of roam in the safe for my firearms, titles, other important documents, and other valuables. The customization of the storage in the safe is fantastic too.

The speed of delivery after purchase was remarkable. I bought the safe online on Sunday and it was delivered Monday afternoon!

Excellent flat bar bolts for locking/security
written by Jim Johnson on July 29, 2018

Love my Liberty
written by Libertylover on July 29, 2018

Finally got one.
written by MWill on July 26, 2018
Easy to access. Plenty of room for my guns and other valuable items.

Great Safe
written by Paul on July 25, 2018
Great Buy and a Great Safe For Me

1st gun safe
written by wddmaui on July 21, 2018
Purchased from AZ Liberty Safe. The whole experience went very well. Helpful salesman, but absolutely no pressure. Very polite, professional delivery service provided by store.

written by Ernie on July 20, 2018

Great Product
written by Elk Hunter on July 20, 2018
Great bang for the buck.

written by Tulsa Girl on July 18, 2018

New safe owner
written by Q on July 17, 2018
Just had it delivered and installed. They arrived early, got the safe into the master bedroom easily, balanced and anchored it and showed me what I needed to know within an hour. AWESOME!!

Excellent Gun Safe!
written by Stratto4 on July 17, 2018
Quality and Made in the USA. Once you open a Liberty Safe after looking at another brand you will go home with the Liberty!

Great safe
written by Derek on July 16, 2018
Well made safe in the USA, great interior, great company, love it.

Excellent service and delivery
written by Steve on July 15, 2018
I highly recommend Liberty Safes of Oregon. Sales and delivery was top notch

Good Experience
written by donavawo on July 13, 2018
Great job by everyone involved. Only thing keeping this deal from being 5-star is that when the delivery guys had to dismantle my door frame and trim to get the safe in the designated room, they didn't reassemble said door/frame. Liability, or something like that. I furnished them with many different measurements before their visit but the one that I didn't send them was the one that was too small, which caused the door frame to need removing. To get the safe into the room in question, a rather tight quarter had to be negotiated, during which the back of the safe made contact with the other side of the hallway from the door in question. Oh well. I got my safe, installed where I wanted it. Happy customer.

Piece of Mind
written by Jason L. on July 12, 2018
When my smaller safe became so full that the door would not close, and more of my valuables were outside the safe than inside, it was time for a new safe! When shopping around the name "Liberty Safe" kept coming up due to the quality, warranty, interior design and over all look of the safe. Thinking this brand was way out of my price range I kept looking else where, but when I decided to check them out I found that they have more models to fit just about any budget. I bought the "1776" 64 gun safe and now have room to grow! My wife and I love our new safe!!!

Preliminary Impression is Fantastic
written by Chauvin on July 12, 2018
As a new owner of the 1776 (48) gun safe, I cannot provide an experience-based review on how well the safe meets my needs. I can say I don't know how Liberty can provide the features and fire protection at this price point--I find this gun safe to be a great value.
The Flex interior will be very beneficial for storing jewelry, coins, important documents (passports, car titles, original birth certificates, etc.) in addition to my firearms in a secure location.
The 1776 is solid and the seven locking blades should be sufficient to keep all but the most dedicated burglars from gaining access. At over 750 pounds empty, I am not concerned with said burglars taking the entire safe to another location to be opened/cracked.

written by boe shull on July 12, 2018

1776-50 Purchase
written by Daniel W- Fontana, Ca on July 10, 2018
I looked around for a couple of months for a large gun safe to store my guns and belongings. I new of Liberty and the brand name and what it meant to security. Th store in which I purchased the safe was very helpful and knew what I was looking for. West Coast Safes went above and beyond for everything from the sale to delivery. I love my safe and very satisfied with my purchase.

American Made
written by John Dunn on July 10, 2018
Great safe at a great price made in a great country. Provides peace of mind when not at home.

excellent safe
written by TMGSJ on July 6, 2018
I have only had the safe a few days, but am very happy with it so far.

written by Madaian on July 6, 2018

Great Size
written by Buyer on July 3, 2018
I purchased the 50 gun safe due to the extra 12 inches in length I got. It provides an extra shelf at the top to store items. I debated between Liberty and Cannon safes but ended up choosing another Liberty due to the fact that it has a slot in the back for an outlet kit. Lights are a necessity in a safe this size in my opinion so an outlet was the only way to go. My only other suggestion would be to have the dial lock option. Other than that, the safe is built well and the leather trim with white stitching gives it a nice pop. Good job Liberty.

1776 50
written by Mwags on July 1, 2018
Nice safe with great capacity. Definitely a good buy. Priestess gun shop in Nanticoke, PA was great to deal with.

written by Walt Baby Luv! on July 1, 2018
Flexible Layout and "go big or go home" look! I love knowing that all our family valuables will be safe for many GENERATIONS to come! Thank you Liberty Safes!

Liberty Safes for the Home
written by - A Longtime Liberty Fan - on July 1, 2018
I needed a new safe again, as I outgrew my last one. This is my 4th safe, 3 of which have been National Security/Liberty Safes.
The 1776-64 is going to serve me well. I decided to buy this safe as it was priced within my range and it was the perfect size needed.
I shopped around quite a bit, but always kept going back to the Liberty Safes. Their quality is Excellent and I knew I could not settle for less.
When I finally arrived look at the safes (West Coast Safes), I was impressed by the sales rep who was very helpful in answering my questions and demonstrating what the safes, within my interest, where all about. I couldn't have been happier, once the safe was purchased and delivered.
It's true what they recommend... "buy bigger and not smaller" ... everything I needed to be safe, now fits with room for extra accessories!

Thank You Liberty Safe, your products have Great Quality and give me Peace of Mind!!

All you need, nothing you don't!
written by Bryan R. on June 30, 2018
This safe is basically the Colonial series with the 4" locking bars instead of the 1" locking bolts, so you get all the important features of size, fire rating, security rating and interior for a more economical price. The only option is a combo or keypad lock and that was fine for me. Its not going to be part of the decor in my house, so the safe and handle colors were not an issue.
This safe is easy to operate and has multiple interior configuration options. And of course, it does its job! In my opinion, the 1776 series is the best bang for your buck!

Right Safe, Right Time
written by Dr. B. on June 30, 2018
I'm stoked about the new 1776 Series Safe. I was planning to buy a smaller safe and I'm so glad I went with a larger and new 1776 model. This safe, God willing, is going to get passed down generations. I love the patriotic theme and that these safes are made in the USA!

nice dafe
written by trucker dave on June 29, 2018
well built and a great bang for the buck. looks great in my house

1776 60 gun safe
written by D. Cherpin on June 29, 2018
No complaints. Awesome safe for the price. Very well made. I am not disappointed.

Great safe
written by Ted Wugent on June 27, 2018
This is the best safe for your money.

I love this safe so much I bought 2.
written by Ted Wugent on June 27, 2018
This safe is so good I had to buy two of them.

Very nice 1776-64 safe!
written by James from Florida on June 27, 2018
Very big, weight about 850 lbs. lots of room great fit and finish, versatile interior, looks great in the room we put it in. When you get one be sure to think about the future bigger is better in this case.

Best investment ever
written by SooCold on June 23, 2018
Love love love my beautiful safe

Great product
written by Mountaineer 1 on June 22, 2018
Excellent safe and price

written by Brian on June 22, 2018
This safe is a beast! At a beefy 980 lbs this safe isn't going anywhere. A very roomy safe ready to hold a nice collection of firearms, and well made. I am so happy that I chose to buy a Liberty safe, and that I bought it from Rowdy's Range in St. George, Utah. Those guys were awesome to work with on every aspect of my purchase. If you want a dependable, well made safe that will protect your belongings and not break your finances, there is one brand to buy and it is Liberty.

Awesome Safe
written by Fullstrut81 on June 21, 2018
This is a great safe. I look forward to keeping my personal belongings and guns in this safe. I also look forward to filling it up and maybe getting another one down the road.

written by NFAGMan on June 21, 2018
Great safe and great help from staff!

written by vern on June 19, 2018

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