1776 Series
Made in the USA


Tradition and Security

The 1776 Series features UL Listed security, increased fire protection and Liberty's new high security 4 inch locking bars! Built with our beautiful and durable gray marble powder coat finish, each security safe is installed with SecuRam's new TopLit electronic lock and revolutionary 3-in-1 Flex interior. In the spirit of tradition and security, your valuables will be protected for the next generation.

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $1,299
Payments starting as low as $29.55 for 60 months (12.99% APR) or 12 Months Interest Free! On Approved Credit

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1776 Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 386 customers ratings and reviews

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gun safety
written by Daniel Boone on February 13, 2019
Well made in the USA! Meets my needs for firearms and room for other important items!

Great safe that fits my needs.
written by Wade on February 12, 2019
I've always wanted a Liberty Safe and after narrowing it down to a 1776/23 I went to our local sales rep. Liberty Safes of Delware. He just so happened to have the exact safe in his show room. I had intentions of staying "old school" with a mechanical lock, but the one he had had an electronic lock. After much discussion on the pros and cons of each, I decided on the electronic. I told him to put my name on it and box it up on Friday; he delivered it the following Monday. The whole experience was flawless and professional. He assured me that if I ever needed anything, that Liberty Safes' customer service was second to none.

1776 Safe
written by Lee C. on January 16, 2019
The safe is great. It is exactly what I wanted and needed. Service from the retail store was exceptional.

Good little box
written by drhutch on January 15, 2019
Good box for the price point. It will do what I expect of it, which is store firearms safely from curious children and casual smash n grab miscreants. The interior racks are ridiculously sized for any normal mix of long guns, but in my case that is a minor problem and can be easily fixed. This is a problem I found with most of the safes I looked at though regardless of brand.

Liberty 1776 23 Gun Safe Glossy White
written by DRiley on January 15, 2019
Excellent quality and Service! I'm very impressed with my safe and with the staff from Liberty Safes of San Jose. Fast, knowledgeable, & friendly service. Highly recommend you give them a call if your looking for a quality safe at a great price.

written by SVAZBuyer on January 15, 2019

Security and some peace of mind, In today's world
written by Harry's world. on January 15, 2019
Seems to be a nice and well made safe, in today's world, every household should have a safe. Should bring a little comfort and peace of mind.and Some security, even in today's world

Excellent safe
written by Uncle Tee on January 15, 2019
Beautiful safe! Moore Security of Houston was very professional on sale, delivery, and set-up. I highly recommend.

Great Safe
written by Gio on January 13, 2019
I was looking for an upgrade from a small Heritage safe I picked up at Costco. The Liberty 1776 is a beefy well built safe and it is heavy I had three other friends help me put it where I wanted it. Great buy and great price.

written by Bwilliams on January 13, 2019

Thumbs Up for Liberty's 1776 Series
written by Gregorab on January 13, 2019
After outgrowing one safe (always buy bigger than you think you need), I became aware of the 1776 series at some of the local farm and ranch stores. While I was impressed with the shiny marble gray powder coated 1776 line, there are advantages to shopping at a Liberty dealer over other retailers. Dealers can offer upgrades that the retailers can't. And when the limited edition colors became available in December (2018), I visited Liberty Safes of Oregon in Hubbard to check them out. While I favored the gloss white, the lady preferred gloss gray. They were out of stock when I made my decision, but my order (for gloss gray) was filled in under a week.

If you're considering a Chinese-built safe, please take a good look at the 1776 series. They're a good value, made of better materials (including 11 gauge American steel), have better amenities inside, an excellent fit and finish, good attention to QC, and they're made right here in the USA! At the dealer I was able to see one of the new military style locking bars that are made from a single piece of steel. They really are a better and stronger option than a lot of the boltwork designs that rely on shiny chromed bolts visible on the outside, but attached to thin or flimsy material hidden behind the door panel on the inside. Liberty's locking bars are stout!

Thumbs up to Liberty for the 1776 series, and to Liberty Safes of Oregon for a pleasant and professional purchasing experience.

Thumbs Up for Liberty's 1776 Series
written by Gregorab on January 12, 2019
Having outgrown the original gun safe (always buy bigger than what you think you need), it was time to move up to something better. The new 1776 series caught my attention in the local Wilco and Coastal Farm stores. The gauge of American steel used met my desired construction specs, and the interior was flexible enough to satisfy my needs. The marbled gray powder coat finish also caught my eye.

Having some time off during the holidays, I became aware of some additional limited color choices during December (2018) for the 1776 series: gloss gray or gloss white (with a beige interior). Liberty Safes of Oregon in Hubbard had some display models in their showroom. Initially I favored the white, but the lady preferred gray.

The guys and gal at Liberty Safes of Oregon are a pleasure to work with. They listen, don't use pressure tactics, and they know their stuff. After looking and researching for a couple of weeks, I placed my order on a Saturday and received notice of the safe's arrival the following week. An advantage to working with a Liberty dealer over other retailers is the availability of upgrades or custom configurations if you'd like. Lane upgraded the lock for me and helped load the safe when I picked it up that weekend.

The gloss gray finish looks great! The lady approves. I hope Liberty will offer this limited promotion again in the future.

When I first saw the new military style locking bars in the Centurian series, I thought they were kind of gimmicky. But, after seeing one of the bars at Liberty Safes of Oregon, and seeing how they are cut from one solid piece of steel, I'm sold. The bars provide a significantly larger contact area than traditional locking bolts, and they extend beyond the door's frame inside the body of the safe. This is a good design. The 1776 series is solid and a good value.

Thank you, Liberty, and thank you, Lane, and Liberty Safes of Oregon.

This firefighter/EMT is a 2nd amendment supporter!
written by Rosie :) on January 12, 2019
Nice safe for the price. Just what i needed. Liberty... Best of the best!
Thank you Liberty Safes for supporting First responders and our military and the 2nd Amendment!!!

Dan's 48 Gun Liberty Gun Safw
written by Dan B on January 12, 2019
Product is great. When they tell you to go as big as you can, listen to them. Very happy.

Dan B

High Quality Product
written by Concourse 14 on January 11, 2019
I have owned 3 different brands of safes in the past 15 years. By far, Liberty is my brand of choice. I started with less expensive brands and finally quit messing around and bought what will most likely be my last one (barring I do not outgrow it). Reputable company and a friendly knowledgeable sales staff were the two main reasons I purchased Liberty. This and the internal layout of the unit was exactly what I was looking for. Made in the USA influenced by decision as well. Could not be happier with my purchase.

Great solid safe
written by Anon on January 11, 2019
I only had my 1776 safe for a day, but I am happy with the purchase.
The safe was manufactured the same month I purchased it, and it seems very solid and capable of what I intend.

Liberty Safes are the best!
written by C. Greenfield on January 10, 2019
I had my eye on a 1776 for a while, but when they came out with the limited edition glossy white, I knew I had to pounce. I absolutely love it!

A Solid Investment
written by South Bay Bob on January 9, 2019
I am very happy with the purchase of my safe. The experience was everything I hoped for and more, much more. I would certainly recommend Liberty Safes.

written by Jason ladd on January 8, 2019

Great safe
written by F Parker on January 8, 2019
Love this safe. Well made in USA!

written by Dennis on January 7, 2019

Love my Liberty safe
written by Jeffrey on January 7, 2019
I think the 1776 is the best bang for your buck in the Liberty line up. You get the 11 gauge steel and 60 minute fire rating at a good price. I love the flex interior too. Solid construction and a perfect finish it looks great in my house

Best Christmas present ever!
written by lammerslodge on January 6, 2019
Waited over 25 years to own a gun safe. My wife bought the 1776 as a Christmas gift and could not be happier. The quality and looks of the safe are exactly what I have been waiting for. Already have all the accessories on order, can't wait to install the interior lighting and de-humidifier. I would definitely recommend this safe to anyone looking for a high quality first time purchase.

Quality Safe at an Affordable Price
written by Andy G from Plano on January 5, 2019
The manager where I bought the safe has been at the same location for 18 years. I have been in the store more than once and the sales associates always made me feel welcomed and were happy to answer any questions I had regarding security and safes. The sales associates courteous, knowledgeable, and will go the extra mile in helping the customer. I decided on the Liberty 1776 safe because of the upgraded bolts over the comparable Colonial series safes. I was looking for a safe 11 gauge steel with at least a 60 minute fire rating. This safe's fire rating starts at 60 minutes when the outside temperature is at or above 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. During the holidays Liberty had mail in rebate along with 18 month same as cash promotional financing. Financing this safe was a very easy online process with sales and financing paperwork signed using docusign.
I was giving a three hour window for the safe delivery. After one hour in the delivery window the delivery men called and said they were 20 minutes away and if it was OK to do the install which I agreed. They arrived 20 minutes later, unboxed the safe and furniture dolly safe to my first floor. They had a metal plate which made moving the safe over the front door step very easy. They moved the safe into the house with no damage to the walls or the safe. The safe's paint was flawless and everything work as designed. I requested the safe be bolted to the floor during installation and what little mess the drilling created they had it cleaned up right away. The delivery men recommend some safe accessories and let me purchase them at a discounted price. I bought the electrical outlet kit, light kit, and humidifier. The light kit was the LED lights on both sides of the indoor. The safe's and accessory installation took less than 45 minutes with them taking the time to explain what they were doing. These delivery men were polite and professional. I have shopped around for a safe for more than a year and I highly recommend buying a Liberty safe from A1-Locksmith.

Buying a new safe!
written by JOJOGUNN on January 5, 2019
Good safe heavy hard for weak criminals to carry "GO LIBERTY"

written by David on January 5, 2019
Huge, great color, nice interior, and customed to my needs.

Overly Impressed with new Liberty 1776 safe
written by Russ from Bama on January 5, 2019
Started the New Year off right with delivery of my Liberty 1776-64 safe and as President Trump would say, "It's HUUGE." There is loads of room on the inside for all my current weapons, valuables,
ammo, compound bow and plenty of room for the firearm family to grow. I think that was the plan all along, but don't tell my wife that. This masterpiece of made in the USA craftsmanship will keep would-be thieves saying, "nah...I'll pass." You know tools and others items are built tough when they have some weight to them. Well this safe has just that. From it's size, weight and massive door you can tell it was built to keep your valuables secure. Speaking of security, those military stlye locking bars was a big selling point for myself after doing many months of research and visits to local safe dealers examining many different brands on the market. I believe it will be hard to beat Liberty on the level of quality, workmanship, security, warranty and price.

As expected.
written by Bill Trafton , Sandy Oregon on January 5, 2019
The safe is as I expected from liberty.The quality of my 48 1776 is top notch in all aspects , plenty of room for my long guns with scopes.Could not be more pleased with my purchase.

1776 Liberty 30 Gun Safe
written by Cuzntom on January 4, 2019
1776 series is a awesome safe for upgrading from a gun cabinet. While gun cabinets are great for keeping little kids away from firearms they don't protect you from home break ins from the bad guys. The 1776 series, with the new 4 inch locking bars should hopefully do the trick. Great looking safe and awesome warranty. No complaints of craftsmanship from the factory and delivery went smoothly. Bought safe from Tractor Supply which had the best deals with delivery.

Great safe
written by Beef on January 4, 2019
Love my new 1776 64. Easy to read instructions. Added accessories were easy to install. The quality of the safe is superior to others I have seen. Overall it is a 10 out of 10.

written by "Bearded" on January 4, 2019
I am pleased. Across the board, PLAIN & SIMPLE! Thank you to all the folks at Liberty Safe for a quality product. Thank you for the Peace of mind..for years to come.

written by DJ - Sanford NC on January 4, 2019
Great looks with better storage options.

Excellent first safe
written by Avid hunter on January 4, 2019
The safe was very clean on the inside and everything fit well. This safe will not only contain guns but other objects that may not be worth much to other people, but can't be replaced. Such as family pictures and air looms. Make sure you have several people available when you move this into your house due to the weight of the safe.

written by Frank on January 4, 2019

Liberty Safes are just better
written by Jake on January 4, 2019
I love my safe. Looks great in my office! Can't wait to fill it up with more guns!!!!

excellent service and great safe.
written by mj on January 3, 2019
I had a wonderful experience wit the purchase of my safe.

1776 series
written by Meat on January 3, 2019
This is perfect household safe not to big or small, it's big anough move on your own i didn't need to call a group of guys to help me relocate it to the basement all though it did take longer then I expected. With the right rigging tools, lumber, hard ware and a 1000 Ibs weight capacity lawn cart there was no damage what so ever, not even a scratch. Also the safe isn't small enough for someone to bear hug it out the door. I have friends in law enforcement and you wouldn't believe some of the stories I've heard involving gun safes.

Beautiful finish !
written by BILLYBOB on January 3, 2019
This is my first Liberty safe...not my first gun safe purchase. I like to collect guns as well as hunt big game. The finish on my new Liberty 1776-50 safe is beautiful ! Its a really nice addition to my office in my home. The new security features ( flat bars instead of bolts ) are nice and I guess stronger. I really also like the versatility of the interior. I will definitely recommend Liberty to my friends and family in the future.

Security is peace of mind
written by Andy H on January 2, 2019
I bought a safe to store my firearms. I knew I should buy the biggest safe that would fit in the space intended for it.
I purchased the Liberty 1776-50 and am very glad I did. The safe is very well built. It has room for firearms, ammo, and almost anything I think is of any value.
If you were in the market for any home safe type products you should look at Liberty. When I walked into the local dealer store, they had a lot of options and the salesman gladly answered all my questions. I would only warn people that the timeframe I was told was not met. I have been told that i was an anomoly, and the factory normally meets all their dates(again I was told 4-6 weeks and did not receive the safe until 9 weeks after agreeing to purchase it). Other than that I really like the purchase. When (if) I sell my house the safe will be a selling point and stay with the house. When (if) I move I will buy another one without hesitation.

Superior Craftsmanship & Materials!
written by Lee The Liberty Lover on January 1, 2019
I'm thrilled over my Liberty 1776 Series safe! I truly love the superior quality and materials put into this product, along with the design of it! Sean Hannity spoke of Liberty Safes for years ( he says he owns 8 of them!), now I know why he loves Liberty!

Amazing product
written by Motomom on January 1, 2019
The 1776 Series safe comes in a variety of sizes and dimensions. I chose the tallest safe design, as we are a tall family. The integrity of the locking door plates sold me on this safe compared to the other manufacturers bar type designs. Due to the sheer weight and bar plate design, I feel confident that my safe is less likely to suffer a theft or break in event. There are so many safes to pick from, make sure you look at them all so you really pick exactly the one you want and that fits your space the best. I chose to finance my safe, along with my son. The financing process was reasonably easy and served to help build my young person's credit for future needs. I cannot imagine buying any other brand of safe than a Liberty.

Perfect For Most Homes
written by J.E. Neff on December 31, 2018
The fit and finish on the 1776 Series Safe is better than the other brands I compared. The "Made In USA" quality really stands out!

Great safe
written by Menno Hershberger on December 31, 2018
Just got my new safe. Great product very well made would recommend to anyone that wants a good safe...

Heavy Metal
written by Marlynbaker on December 30, 2018
Our new big steel box is very handsome. The best place for it ended up being in our dining room and it looks great. we got the 1776-64. It has plenty ofd room for our firearms plus 6 large ammo cans, gun and range bags, etc. we also have room for important documents and when we go on a trip the wife can put her entire jewelry box in it with all she is not wearing. It is a multi purpose safe that we are continuously finding new uses for. We bought a bigger safe then we thought we needed and are glad we did. It is a quality product .

written by John Little on December 30, 2018
I have heard about Liberty safes for some time now but the price always seemed a little higher than I wanted to pay. When I ended up buying a safe I bought a cheap generic brand and when I got it home the handle broke, locking me out(thankfully I hadn't loaded it up yet). Needless to say I returned it immediately and decided that quality needed to mean a lot more to me than it had. Just the thought of not only my prized possessions, but the means of defending my family, locked without me being able to access them almost sent me into hysterics. I looked up Liberty that same day and my wife and I settled on the 60 gun 1776 series, with mechanical lock. It was several times more expensive than the previous safe but it is quality and something that I can passed down through my family for generations. The mechanical lock ensures I can gain access to my possessions and after some practice I was able to open it in a fairly quick 6.5 seconds. The "1776" emblazoned on the door reminds me of my responsibilities as an American and the "Liberty" reminds me of my responsibilities as a father and gun owner. My wife and I could not be happier with the safe. It exudes quality and is a constant reminder that whatever comes, we will be ready.

Liberty Safe 36 X 25
written by Hawk on December 30, 2018
Very satisfied with purchase. At least upon initial assessment, quality and functionality appear to be just as advertised.

Liberty 1776
written by BLM412 on December 30, 2018
I am very satisfied with my Liberty 1776 safe. It has definitely given me peace of mind. My only regret is that I didn't get one sooner!

Great Safe
written by Flandro on December 29, 2018
Looked at several different safes and found this one the most recommended from friends who had bought.

Great safe at a great price!
written by Mike on December 28, 2018
Very happy with my second Liberty safe. I knew I would buy another Liberty when the time came and I am very happy I bought from them again. The value I got on this safe coupled with the peace of mind offered by the security and fire features is second to none.

written by JoeB on December 28, 2018

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