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Made in the USA

Lincoln Series

#1 Rated Safe in America!

One of our mid-level safe lines, the Lincolns are an easy way to get excellent protection and features in an affordable price range. Those features include:

  • 90 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • Sleek 5-point handle
  • 24 color options
  • Up to 15 - 3/8” thick locking bars
  • Beautiful upgraded 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

The Lincoln gun safes also include these accessories:

  • Clearview LED wand light kit
  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Jewelry drawer
  • Premium door panel
  • 12" dry rod dehumidifier

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,549
Payments starting as low as $57.98 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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Lincoln Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 5242 customers ratings and reviews

Great safe. Sketchy lock.
written by Rusty Shackleford on January 5, 2019
My Lincoln 25 looks great and seems very well built.

The S&G electronic lock, however, feels flimsy and was dead-on-arrival when the safe was delivered to me. I had to dig up a new battery before the movers could get into the safe to get it off the pallet.

After just one month (11/26/2018 - 1/5/2019), the battery is dead again and I can't get into my safe without putting a new battery in there again.

So I guess the lock is nice if you don't mind putting a new battery in it every month. I guess I'll have to stock up on 9vs and just keep a stack of them next to the safe.

written by Billybif on December 23, 2018

Seems like a great safe
written by pic3gin4 on October 18, 2018
I can't really give a fair rating at this time. I just received it yesterday and the mechanical combo lock doesn't work, so safe is locked and unusable. Before I can give a proper rating, I need to contact support and see how they handle the problem. I do like all the different configurations you can personalize, the reputation of Liberty and how the safe looks.

written by Lieutenant Firefighter/Paramedic RN on March 3, 2018
Too many problems with the safe when it was delivered to my house. The jewelry box fell off when turned right side up and one of the plastic rings that goes around one of the locking pins was missing causing a sound hen the safe door was opening or closing. The needs to be a better quality control inspection done on the safe before they ship. Too many problems for what I feel like is a simple safe that is high in price.

Perfect...except the door was not fit properly
written by Texan with lots of firepower on March 30, 2016
Obvious quality construction and laid out wekll inside to accommodate my most valuable item, including many guns.

Only disappointment wa the loosely fit door.
Liberty's Response:
good news...the door has adjusters that you can simply adjust to make the door fit as snug as you would like. See your manual for simple instruction. 

written by Will A. on March 22, 2016
My Lincoln Series safe is nice, as it should be for over $4,000.00, but the seal around the door appears to be malfunctioning as I can see the light from the interior lights through the safe when I close the door.
Liberty's Response:
The seal is not meant to be more than a fire seal. It expands to 7x its size to seal the door during a fire. Your only concern would be if there was some play in the door, which is easily fixed with our door adjusters that are found on each safe. 

Liberty cutting corners on quality control?
written by Tim on January 23, 2016
I've been looking forward to owning a Liberty Safe for a couple of years now . . . I was very excited when the dealer unloaded it off the trailer and brought it into the house. The box was in pristine shape and the exterior was beautiful with no noticeable scratches or dings. Fit and finish seemed great!

After the dealer left and I got to spend some time with my new baby, I noticed a few things that muted my excitement for my new purchase:

1. Several panels have deep impressions into the "pin dot velour." It looks like something very heavy with a sharp edge created an indention into the material.
2. The border along the top of the interior is loose on both ends and the stitching is starting to come out on one side. If someone would have taken an extra minute or two at the factory, this could have been avoided!
3. There is a circular disc about the size or a nickel on top of exterior of the safe. It appears to be covering a hole or something? Every liberty safe I've ever seen was perfectly flat on top. Is this disc the result of a new shortcut in the manufacturing process?

Generally my Lincoln seems to be a good quality safe, but at $3000+ I would expect better quality control at the factory!
Liberty's Response:
Sounds like your safe is not the quality that we strive for. As for the disk on top...we changed our manufacturing process to hang them during the paint process. this allows for quicker production and a painted bottom. It is not as clean and nice to look at, but it ultimately results in a better safe.  

Not as heavy duty as you would think
written by The German's on September 14, 2015
Safe is nicely lite, spacey but you would think that the side walls would be thicker than 11 gauge metal, at least a 7. Other than that it's a nice safe.

Lincoln safe review
written by B. Cohan on March 29, 2015
I ordered this safe from a local well respected company about three months ago, and could not wait to receive it. It looked like a solid safe worth the 3k dollar investment. Upon inspection we noticed that there was a small 1/4 inch circular cap that was covering the top of the safe. (the delivery people informed me that the Liberty Safes started putting this cap on the top to cover the hole where they are hung to be painted.) The safes at my local dealer did not have this, and I even went back to the store to verify. If I would have known about this, I would have purchased a older safe, or a different brand. The safe came with some motion sensor lights that worked awesome first. The lights now work when they want to. I don't see myself recommending a Liberty safe to anyone close to me, unless Liberty makes this right.


nice looking
written by S on March 27, 2015
Hopefully I'll never know whether the safe functions as promised or fails. I bought it as a fire safe. Seems as if it'll do the job (or I wouldn't have bought it, duh). I like the jewelry drawer, the dehumidifier and the lights, none of which my previous safe (bought in 1999) had. Also that I can cover up the slots for the long guns and make a shelf out of that. It's not as substantial as my previous safe but then it also cost half of what I spent 16 years ago.

Lincoln 25
written by Brian on February 6, 2015

My problems with quality
written by John Bryant on January 3, 2015
Finally, I received a Lincoln that I'm satisfied with. The story is too long to type here. Alan of Liberty Safes of San Jose, CA knows about my situation. I will soon write the entire story to Liberty Safes and will be interested to see the reaction I receive from Liberty.
Liberty's Response:
We will be in touch today to figure out what we can do to help. 

Other than bottom welds its a great safe
written by John S on October 23, 2014
Overall a great safe. welds at the bottom are finished very poorly which is shocking. If it was not for that area I would rate this safe as excellent.

The Jury is still out
written by Sam in Greenville, SC on October 20, 2014
I recently purchased a safe from Liberty. I went with the Lincoln 35 and at first I was happy and excited about the safe. It works great and the delivery went smoothly.

After a few days, I went into the room where I keep the safe an noticed a place on the front that looks like it was scratched while the paint was still wet. When the light coming through the window hits it, it looks really bad. Once you see it, you see it every time you look at the safe.

I called Dee at Liberty Safe customer service. Dee was professional and very eager to help me resolve my problem. She stated she would call the original installer to schedule replacement of my safe and I was impressed and happy to know that Liberty would stand behind the safe.

I waited a few days and called my original installer, Mark at 360 Security in Lyman, SC. This was after I sent him a text with no response. He was indignant and totally changed from the helpful person he portrayed when selling me the safe. I asked him how long it would take and he was evasive and said he had to get paperwork from Liberty and then schedule a time to pick up the safe from another dealer. He seemed not to really care about my problem. He has my money. He said he was too busy working and did not have time to respond to my text or answer any questions. Said he would call me when he heard something. Crappy attitude.

Not happy at this point. Liberty seems willing to do the right thing, but now I am thinking I don't want 360 Security back in my home. I do not recommend them for installations and wonder now what will happen.

I left Dee a message but no response.

So like I said, the Jury is still out on this one!

Sam in SC
Liberty's Response:
Yes, you have a valid concern regarding the completion of your service. I will let the customer service manager know and we'll see what we can do from a manufacturing standpoint.

Lincoln 50 Safe
written by Treed Squirrel on September 15, 2014
Well constructed safe

Interior Light Plug
written by Joe Thomas on August 21, 2014
I recently purchased a Lincoln 25 and would have given it a 5 star, but the one thing that I found to dislike is how big the interior light plug that plugs in the safe is. The safe comes with a data inlet that supplies three plug in receptacles. The interior light plug is too big and when plugged in you only have access to two receptacles instead of three. I feel that this should be corrected. Other than that I love my Liberty Safe.

Liberty Lincoln Safe Purchase
written by Liberty Lincoln Owner on May 24, 2014
I just had delivery of my new Liberty Lincoln safe yesterday. Very pleased with the size, features and durability of my Liberty Lincoln safe. I am disappointed about the cosmetic "smudge" on the graphic in the upper right corner of the safe door. It was clear that this wasn't from damage during shipping/delivery/installation. The outer box and foam protective sheet wasn't damaged. It appears to be a manufacturing defect that wasn't corrected and was ultimately shipped to me. When you pay over $3,000 for a safe you would expect more - especially for something made in the USA. Very disappointed about this. I may change my recommendation for "recommend to a friend" depending on customer service to correct this defect.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks for letting us know about the smudge on your safe door. We have scheduled Dee to contact you Tuesday as we are off tomorrow for Memorial Day.
You're right, when you buy a Lincoln safe, it should be tip top shape. We are also copying our manufacturing to use as a training to ensure safes are quality checked prior to leaving the factory.

Liberty Safe 
UPDATED REVIEW: June 26, 2014
Liberty Lincoln Safe Purchase - Customer Service
One day after registering my new safe and writing the above review, I received an email from Liberty regarding the smudge on the graphic. They said they were going to correct the issue and that's exactly what they did. They sent someone to my house to touch up the smudges on the graphic. I was initially skeptical that it would look ok but I was very impressed with the output. You couldn't even tell that the defect was initially there. Although I was disappointed with the initial cosmetic defect, Liberty customer service was great in dealing with it. I would rate their customer service as 5 stars. I changed my overall rating on the safe from 3 stars to 4 stars (would have been 5 stars if I didn't have to deal with this issue in the first place). I also changed in my review that I would recommend it to a friend based on quality and responsiveness of the customer service. Thank you for taking care of this situation for me!

Good enough
written by daniel on April 18, 2014
Wish they had thicker steel on door and body.

Took a chance. Now bummed.
written by SDM on March 8, 2014
After reading dozens of reviews warning me about the quality of the interior I decided to take a chance. showed up "thrown together". The brackets on the wall that hold the clips were mounted uneven just enough that there is no way to get the shelving to sit level. Also, the door panel has one of the ten gun pouches sewn on crooked. I can't see how the "Quality Inspector" (number left out intentionally) could think that this was acceptable in any way. It totally took the fun out of a purchase that both my wife and I have wanted to make for over twenty years and were like kids waiting for Santa for the delivery. I do have to say, however, that I could not have been more pleased with the delivery team from Able Ammo. They could not have been more professional. Absolutely first class. When we saw the issues they agreed that this was not right and assured me that it would all be fixed. I've seen the responses from Liberty to all of the other issues and I have no doubt. I'll start that process on Monday. The rest of the safe is awesome and will fit our needs perfectly.
Liberty's Response:
It sounds like we need to make this right for you. I have informed our customer service team. I assure you that they will be in contact with you and we will resolve your concerns. The Lincoln 50 is an incredible safe...we want you to feel that way as well.
UPDATED REVIEW: March 20, 2014
Just a follow up on how this is turning out. First of all, I am extremely impressed with the customer service response. THEY CALLED ME instead of me having to call them. When does that ever happen? They are in the process of making everything right as we speak. New parts etc. I also inquired about how this even happened and was assured that the company processes and procedures for quality control are being addressed. After dealing with these folks I have absolutely no doubt. This safe will be passed down for generations! Thanks again Liberty�??well done.

Lincoln Gun Safe
written by Trent L on February 7, 2014
I give the product itself a 5 star but the condition that I received the product is why it is getting a 3 star. When I finally received the right gun safe after getting the wrong one, the right safe was covered in dirt under all of the packaging, which is a given that they did not clean it before they packaged it. Then when I opened the safe, to my surprise the interior was covered in wood dust and metal shavings. they didn't even clean the inside. When I started checking the shelving I have a couple of shelves that have scuffs on them and LOOKS BAD. I looked at the jewelry drawer that comes with it and it has scuffs/cuts in the leather part of it and annoys me very much. Because of the way the product was delivered is why it gets a 3 and not a 5. Once I CLEANED UP THE MESS THEY LEFT, it looks awesome. I will be contacting someone about the scuffs and jewelry drawer. I have not Started to put anything in it yet, but look forward to it because the Lincoln 35 gun safe as a lot of room in it.
Liberty's Response:
We will get you taken care of...your safe should have been clean and scuff free. A member of our customer service team will contact to you see how we can get you taken care of.  

Good safe with minor failure in design/quality control.
written by Shaunosan on February 5, 2014
I received my Lincoln safe and it met my overall expectations. The safe was unloaded, unboxed and placed into position without issue. My initial inspection found no severe defects like scratches or broken items were found. There was a little sheetrock dust in the interior, but not more than could be expected during shipping and moving the safe, and cleaned up easily.

Everything seemed fine until I was taking a look at the overall setup of the interior and a closer inspection at which time I found a couple of issues that are pretty irritating.

First the ceiling of the safe is sagging in the middle. It is visually noticeable and from the side of the safe to the middle, the ceiling probably sags about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. The lip of the door frame prevents it from falling lower than that, which is good, but it looks cheap and weird to the eye. Showing this to someone who may be looking at purchasing a safe would have that staring at them at eye level. It's the first thing I noticed when giving it a more detailed once over.

Second, the Palusol (or whatever the gasket around the door frame is) is not fully attached and will not stay stuck to the door frame. I am concerned that this may affect the integrity of the fire protection of the safe.

Overall it is a much better safe than the "box stores" however these two deficiencies really make me question the extra money I spent for getting a supposed better quality safe.

The good news is that I am sure the local authorized dealer I purchased the safe from will certainly take care of me once I let them know about the issue.
Liberty's Response:
Those quality issues are not what we want you to have in your new safe. We will be in contact with you shortyl and a member of our customer service team will insure you are taken care of. We apprecaite your business.

written by James O. on October 9, 2013

*Hoping To Get Issues Resolved*
written by GeorgiaStray on October 1, 2013
I ordered this safe and waited over 2 months for it to be built & delivered. Loved the color and outside appearance of the safe! Was a bit disappointed in several things on the inside of the safe, however; lots of dust residue that wasn't vacuumed out at the factory, the Palusol(?) isn't attached very securely around the inside of the door, and the top shelf & all shelves on the right side do not sit level. It looks like the shelf rails on the right side of the center panel are not attached at the same level as the other rails.
Called customer service (they were very nice & helpful) and was sent out a new center panel. This was 'somewhat' better, but shelves on the right side are still not sitting level. Was a bit frustrated after I spent quite a bit of time unloading the safe, shelving, shelf clips, etc...replaced the center panel with the new one (which was a lighter colored fabric than the panel that was in my safe originally), and then reloading the safe.
Granted, this is nowhere near the most expensive safe Liberty offers, but it was a chunk of hard-earned $$ saved over several months in order to be able to buy it, and I expected more for a $2000+ investment. If these issues can be resolved in a timely manner, I would be very happy with the safe & happy to recommend it to friends, but I really hope I don't have to spend as much time trying to resolve these issues as I did waiting on the safe to arrive to begin with. :/
Liberty's Response:
Thanks GeorgiaStray. Let's see what we can do to make the final adjustments so everything is in order. Glad you let us know. We are following up as we speak.

Showing off
written by eric on August 28, 2013
When I'm showing my friends this safe they really like it. But when I open the door and they see that crooked Palusol fire seal with the gaps like an inch and quarter wide, they say what happen there. It doesn't look good. But everything else looks really good and it functions great.
Liberty's Response:
No reason why your safe should have gaps in the Palusol. We'll have customer service call you.

Very secure. Average fit and finish
written by Ep on August 24, 2013
Safe has great options and is very secure however the fit and finishes not what I would expect from a higher end model.

Decent Safe
written by Lincoln Review on July 18, 2013
I wish the door would seal when it is closed. I can see when the motion light is on / off through the door jam. Therefore, I am upset I spent thousands of dollars for a product that will not protect against smoke or water.

In addition, I cannot see getting half the guns in the safe that it is advertising it can hold.

First Safe
written by First Safe on July 13, 2013
Exterior Excellent
Mechanics Excellent
Interior Below average in craftsmanship: ONLY in the assembly of the shelving: Cloth fabric frayed
Veener on 2 shelves comming loose- top wood shelf off by 1/4 inch end to end. Debris from assembly left inside.

Replacment Lincoln 35
written by QA-Tex on July 11, 2013
This is a replacement Lincoln 35 Safe. My first safe arrived and the interior wall had dropped such that the flooring didn't fit. I notified Liberty and they sent out a rep to view the damage. They offered me a replacement safe (had to wait for it to be built) and this one arrived in excellent condition. The gloss finish is excellent and the interior in this unit was perfect. Thank you Lincoln for being flexible, honoring your warranty and replacing my safe. The people I worked with at Liberty were friendly and helpful throughout this issue.

Inspection checklist
written by USA Citizen on June 17, 2013
Inspection checklist must be a meaningless piece of paper.Oil on exterior and interior. Sawdust on shelves.Scrapes on one shelf and back wall.Would like to hear from Liberty about Quality Inspection Checklist. If security and fire protection are correct I can give a higher rating. Hope I don't have to find out. USA Citizen.
Liberty's Response:
There is no reason for your safe to get of our factory with these issues. We're going to have Harley contact you soon to resolve. Lincoln safe is a sweet safe. We want to keep that image. Thanks for letting us know.

Great safe...poor delivery
written by Rich from Iowa on June 10, 2013
I received my Lincoln 35 in mid-May. I love the black color as it will stand the test of time. I think the safe will too based on how it is constructed. The D-Drive electronic lock is great as I am able to quickly get in when I need too. The interior was well finished and I have more than enough shelving to store items. I really like the LED lighting as it allows me to easily see everything. The lifetime warranty and all the rest is a nice touch; that is why I purchased a Liberty. From a product perspective, I give Liberty an A+.

However, my experience with Liberty Safe & Coin in Cedar Rapids was not good. They are listed as a 'Platinum' dealer on your website so I used them. I put my order in the first week of December before the Sandy Hook tragedy which increased demand in the gun, safe, and ammo industries. I was promised a mid-February delivery. It wasn't until I contacted the dealer that I learned it would be mid-May. The dealer loused up the order and didn't bother to contact me. In addition, I was quoted a price for delivery and they outsourced which ended up costing me almost twice as much as I was quoted.

Really the worst part of the experience was the delivery. Before I purchased the safe I asked the dealership if it could be put in our finished basement. After reviewing the space on the phone and providing a video I was reassured it was possible. Before the movers came they walked through the house and I was reassured it was possible. On the day of delivery with four men, two hours into the process they could not get it to the spot I wanted. I had to settle to have this in my bedroom. Needless to say, my wife was not happy about that for two reasons. One, I had just finished (spent time and $) a space in the basement and two, this thing has a big footprint which made the rest of our useable bedroom space smaller. From a delivery/customer service perspective, I give Liberty an F.

I would advise Liberty to vet out their dealerships and have some kind of metrics to measure performance and customer service. If you want to position yourself in the marketplace in the premium segment, you need to make some changes on your dealership side.

I'll be submitting my rebate form for orders placed before 31 December. Hopefully you honor that since it wasn't postmarked before 28 February.
Liberty's Response:
Wow Rich, sorry to hear about this experience with our dealer. We'll follow up and obtain some more details to see where we can improve. We'll also follow up on the rebate to make sure you receive it. Thanks for your information. It will help us to improve.  

Nice safe but quality control lacking.
written by cfranks on June 7, 2013
I bought this safe based on reputation and experience. It is a great safe for protecting your valuables but for the price you expect the interior to be put together with as much care as the exterior. The fabric is wrinkled on one side and the rails are not even so the shelves are all crooked. Very disappointing for a safe of this price and reputation. Screws were installed at a severe angle so they are not flush with the rail. Quality control was asleep when this one went by. Great safe, just wished they cared about quality workmanship more.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks cfranks for letting us know. We agree someone was asleep at the controls and shouldn't have let this one go through. We'll have Harley call you with resolutions and see what we can do.

Decent Quality for the Price
written by Jimmy Soul on May 15, 2013
You must realize that this safe is only rated a Residential Security Container (RSC) and as such only provides reasonable safety for your valuables against theft. The fire rating is excellent for the price, but if you need more security be prepared to spend significantly more for much heavier steel in the walls and door of your safe.

Bitter-sweet deal
written by Mike J on April 12, 2013
The price of safe and delivery did not match the initial and follow up quality of service from the dealer. Cosmetic issues with internal parts in the safe, missing electric cord, which I still did not get, and dealer service spoiled the overall quality of product and shopping experience. I like the safe alright and intend to keep it for life, but would have a hard time recommending it or the dealer to my friends. Poor service and parts can be purchased at a much cheaper price from other companies.... This is my honest opinion.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks Mike for sharing your experience. Harley will be contacting you soon about sending out your electrical cord. Sorry about the inconvenience. We will also work with our dealer regarding their service. Lincoln safe is a sweet safe. Glad you like that part of the process.

Beautiful Exterior - Interior Quality Not So Good
written by QA-Tex on April 10, 2013
Black Gloss Finish on my Lincoln 35 is beautiful. But several problems with the interior. First, after the White Glove installers removed the floor panels to remove the pallet bolts, they could not get the right side floor panel back in. The sidewall of the safe seems to have sunk such that the sensor is now too close to the floor to allow the panel to fit underneath. This is supported by the fact that the pre-installed top shelf is no long level (has a large gap on the right side. Second - there were several screws holding the shelf rods that have come loose and now the shelf rod is unsecured. Also, there is at least one screw on a shelf rod that never got fully screwed in.
Finally when you activate the door bolts, there is a grinding noise - not sure what from - door alignment. Interior quality ("carpeting") is very thin and should be more robust for a safe in this price range. Safe is very nice and keeps my guns safe from my children (and hopefully any intruders). With all the attention on gun ownership - this safe may need to protect my guns from the government as well! First attempt to contact Liberty didn't go well - 45 minutes on hold with no one ever taking my call. Will post more after I see how Liberty supports their product.

I'm a Manufacturing Quality Director - so these "defects" really annoy me.
Liberty's Response:
Thanks QA-Tex. We agree, very annoying to have these things on your Lincoln 35. We are going to have our customer service manager contact you. We will need your contact information and serial # of safe. We sent you an email. We'll see what we can do to make it right.

Good not great
written by NY2AL on April 6, 2013
Overall satisfied, I purchased the Liberty over a Ft Knox because they were the brand carried by my local gun shop and I could kick the tires so to speak. The Ft Know dealer was about a 90min drive.

While its comparable to the Ft Knox the finish work on the interior I feel could be better for the price point of my Lincoln 35

Lincoln 50
written by Relentless on March 29, 2013
I have had a Liberty safe for over 20 years, so I was happy about my quality of my safe, thats why I purchased another one. However, I am dealing with a safe that when the door is closed and locked, I have a 1/2" gap between the back side of the door and the so called seal tape. This is not one that you would be proud of. Please call me and let me know who I need to speak to.

Thank you, Rich G
Liberty's Response:
Hello Rich, sorry to hear about your safe and the door gap. Each safe comes with door adjustors to tighten the door when closing. We do not tightened them all the way to help during shipping as the foam/packing fills that door gap. Upon receipt of the safe, door adjustors can be tighened using the hex key in your safe envelop.

Harley from our customer service will be in contact with you Monday, April 1st, and he can send you details on how to tighten your door. Let's make sure that works and solves your issue.

Just Recieved my Lincoln 35, Love it
written by Rich M on March 25, 2013
Received my Lincoln 35 while on a business trip and just returned today to load it up. I am a big fan of it already. It did take nearly 3 months to receive, which I understand is even longer now, and due to this, I think they are rushing and therefore skimping on the quality. The Hinge pockets are both loose, the staples are barely in. It is a quick self fix, but this should not happen when paying over $3000 for a product.
Liberty's Response:
You're right Rich, this never should have been sent out. We'll have Robert call you to see where we can help and get things squared away. Thanks for your purchase. Lincoln is a sweet safe so we want to make it right. Thanks for letting us know.

Cheap shelving hardware and poor quality control.
written by Drew on March 15, 2013
I absolutely love the safe, but.....

When it first arrived and I opened it up I was very disappointed.

The inside was absolutely filthy. There was fire board and wood shavings and dust all over the shelving and the floor. The shelving is stapled on which put indentations all along the shelving rail. The shelving rails don't line up with each other so therefore, the shelving does not sit level. I am having issues with the lock closing all the way.

On the brighter side of this. My rep is looking into all of these issues and I am confident that Liberty will take care of me.

The safe is a monster and the fire rating is excellent.
Liberty's Response:
There is no excuse for your Lincoln safe to leave our factory without being vacuumed and cleaned first. We appologize for this. We have forwarded your information to our quality control team and final assembly where the safe is boxed. We want to use it as training. We take great pride in our safes and want to make sure the safes meet your expectations and our high standards.

Regarding the other areas. We have switched over to a screw-on shelving bracket system that fastens the standards in a more secure way without bending the brackets. Engineering is also working on a new installation process that will line up the numbers and slots for the clips so it helps installation and the shelves sit level.

Regarding the lock, Naomi in our customer service will call you to resolve those issues and if necessary send out a locksmith to adjust the lock so it functions properly.

Thanks Drew for letting us know about your issues and for your purchase. Lincoln safes are rated #1. We want to keep it that way.

Product Purchase Audit and Review
written by Disgruntled Buyer, Braselton, Georgia on February 23, 2013
I would highly recommend the product if all the items I have written about had not been experienced. I would now only recommend the purchase of the Liberty Safe solely on its Lifetime Warranty and the Fire Rating.

I could not in good faith recommend it based on the numerous quality issues with the interior quality that I experienced with my safe. Quite frankly the issues should not have left the factory. The overall quality of the interior was at best pathetic. I expected better and hope the issues are corrected promptly.
Liberty's Response:
We agree with you, Disgruntled Buyer. Those interior issues never should have left the factory. We're going to have to figure out what went wrong. Naomi in our customer service will work directly with you and do our best to resolve your concerns. Thanks for letting us know.

Liberty Lincoln
written by Swamp Donkey on February 21, 2013
The experience and information provided by the dealer and his staff were professional and courteous. After contacting another company and failing to get any literature or specs on their product we decided to go with Liberty. We are looking forward to years of protection by our Liberty Safe and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for quality.

Safe Review
written by John on February 16, 2013
Door doesn't close completely and solidly. It rattles when closed and locked.

Don't go to Ranch and Home. They were not helpful, told me they didn't have a safe and acted like I was bothering them. I had to go to another store in the next town and they sold me a safe.
Liberty's Response:

Sometimes the door needs adjustment after shipping. Using the hex key provided, you can tighten the door adjusters just inside the body frame on the open side of the door. We'll also have our customer service call you first of the week to help, just in case.

As far as our stocking dealers, some are low in stock due to extremely high demand. Either way, that first store should have been more helpful in directing you to the store with the stock. Glad you ended up with a Lincoln. We'll make sure you're happy before we're done.

Thanks for letting us know John.

Nice Safe.....hamstringed by an ill conceived primary component!
written by Daniel on February 10, 2013
I liked everything about the safe with exception to THE CHEESY PLASTIC easily disabled ELECTRONIC LOCK SYSTEM!!! As well the fact that 4" x 4" wooden pallet blocks were SCREWED to bottom of safe was questionable as to exactly why this is so??? Seems a safe should be plastic banded to pallet and save guys like me the anguish of beating it off.... and sawing those damned wooden screws from under the safe so it could be rolled on pipes into location!!! Astonishing both the aforementioned primarily the cheesy plastic and easily disabled electronic lock!!! God forbid I need to access a weapon to defend my family only to find the battery died or some dispatched thug smashed the plastic components and pulled the wires before I got to him!!! Seems if you were to come up with a better electronic lock that would NOT have those fatal could use it as a VERY influential selling point to exploit your competitors! Nuff said but wish I'd have waited on the mechanical lock as I'm severely disappointed and concerned about that 9 volt component!!
Liberty's Response:
Hey Daniel, let's see what we can do to work with you and get you a mechanical lock. No sense in having a safe for you LIFE and have to live with something you're not happy with. Naomi from our customer service will contact you this week.

The electronic locks can be knocked off by thieves, just as mechanical locks can be with a hammer. Theives who simply knock off those items will be unsuccessful in entering safe. Any attempted break-in is a hassle to deal with. It's one of the reasons we include those parts for life if they are attacked by theives.

Liberty Lincoln safe
written by David W. on December 30, 2012
Lincoln 35 safe: arrived with the wrong accent color (gold instead of black chrome). Options were to return it and wait (more months) or accept the color I did not pick.

I upgraded to the e-lock, which currently will not lock. Enter any combo you like and it opens! So I have a very expensive fireproof "box" at present.

Other than those problems the safe seems sturdy and the right size for my valuables. We'll see how service after the sale is...

Liberty's Response:
Glad you let us know David about your mix up and Elock issue. We will have Naomi from our Customer Service contact you tomorrow to resolve your situation. We want to make it right for you. 

Lincoln 25
written by Chris on December 24, 2012
Very nice safe, was a bit disappointed that the electronic lock did not work at delivery and the dehumidifier was a pain to install. Also, really disappointed that I missed out on some rebates I could have received through Goldline.
Liberty's Response:
We will have someone contack your regarding your elock and email you regarding Goldline. 

Not What I Expected
written by USMC Patriot on December 19, 2012
The exterior, paint, and mechanics of the Lincoln are exceptional. I'm very satisfied with that aspect of the safe. The interior is of poor quality and workmanship. The velour isn't cut accurately so the particle board on the shelves shows and the padding where the gun barrels contact the shelf isn't secured very well. The velour on the sides of the safe is cut too large and it "bags" up at the bottom of the safe. The shelf rails are not secured well to the sides of the safe and the fasteners are partially pulled out. I tried to tap them back in but they won't stay. Only the shelf itself keeps the rails tight against the safe wall. I expected more from Liberty.
Liberty's Response:
We agree, the safe you received is not up to our standards. Our customer service representative will be contacting you shortly to resolve those issues. Regarding the shelf brackets, we have moved to a bolt on with washer backing to better fasten the brackets to the side walls. Thanks for letting us know. Customers help us make the difference in our safes.

combination lock stopped working
written by TXhunter on December 10, 2012
After several months with the safe I was very pleased with it. However, over the last few weeks the combination lock has given me some trouble. At firstI thought I assumed that I was making a mistake with the combination, because it work after a few tries, now it I know that something is definitely wrong. After several attempts it will not open.
Liberty's Response:

Glad things have worked out for you TXHunter. When we contacted you, we were happy to hear you had resolved the issue and figured out the combination. Lincoln safes are awesome. Hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

Good protection / poor interior quality
written by Count Jr. on September 16, 2012
The exterior protection provided by the safe is hopefully good. Firearms are secure, which was the primary purpose. But the interior quality of the safe was disappointing. The shelf rails appear loose and flimsy and the shelf lining was inconsistent. Some had leather/pleather lining while others were painted gray. Kind of disappointing.

*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.