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Lincoln Series

#1 Rated Safe in America!

One of our mid-level safe lines, the Lincolns are an easy way to get excellent protection and features in an affordable price range. Those features include:

  • 90 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • Sleek 5-point handle
  • 24 color options
  • Up to 15 - 3/8” thick locking bars
  • Beautiful upgraded 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

The Lincoln gun safes also include these accessories:

  • Clearview LED wand light kit
  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Jewelry drawer
  • Premium door panel
  • 12" dry rod dehumidifier

Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,549
Payments starting as low as $57.98 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! On Approved Credit

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Lincoln Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 5168 customers ratings and reviews

Lincoln 50
written by Happy Buyer on August 15, 2019
Just received safe - functions smoothly, looks great (white marble/black chrome hardware).

written by dan on August 15, 2019

Amazing safe. Amazing service.
written by John J on August 14, 2019
The safe is beautiful. Perfect. And the delivery was on punctual, quick and the crew was friendly and informative. Highly recommend!!

Very secure
written by Gary Custer on August 12, 2019
I have only had this safe for a day and already feel more secure

written by Tony D on August 6, 2019

written by Chad Payne on August 6, 2019

written by SB on August 5, 2019
Very happy with this safe.

Great quality safe
written by RAM on August 5, 2019
I'd recommend this safe to any serious gun collector who values their investments.

written by TJZ on August 4, 2019

At this time -
written by Double Tap on August 3, 2019
It's a little early to write a review, I just got the safe. I hope it's as good 20 years from now as it is today. Very solid, seems very well built.

written by David Todd on August 3, 2019

Good Product!
written by J on August 2, 2019
Good well made product! The back of this safe did have scratches on it, however dealer use touch up paint!

written by jerry on August 1, 2019
very nice product. extreme user friendly design, layout changes inside are a breeze. 'day lock' (using the key) is a nice touch.

installers from Alpine Lock and Safe in Reno were utterly the best. very professional, knowledgeable. they were happy to answer all of my questions. their installation gear was top notch. my install included passing through two doorways at a 90 degree angle across brand new hard wood flooring. they not only did not scratch anything, but made it look very easy. post installation inspection revealed no evidence of their presence at all aside from a brand new beautiful safe right where i wanted it. a very large amount of gratitude to Pat and Gabe! outstanding work, and a definite recommendation to anyone considering a safe purchase in the Reno area.

my satisfaction is very high, and the piece of mind knowing my stuff is secure is immeasurable.

Great Overall Experience
written by Richard B on July 30, 2019
We were very happy with our overall experience of buying a Liberty Safe. The Christmas in July sale offered the exact safe we were going to buy at a great sale price. We were impressed with Richard, the salesman/manager of Liberty Safes at H&H Shooting Sports store. His knowledge and professionalism were the main reason we bought a Liberty safe from this location. Delivery and installation was quick and professionally done. Very impressed with the safe installer's care of our safe and house while moving it into position. Also, extremely happy with their patience while positioning the safe into it's permanent spot!

Gun Safe
written by Charles Adams on July 25, 2019

written by Larry on July 24, 2019
A friend of mine, based on my suggestion, lives in California and new of a safe company here in Utah from a previous visit. He will be doing a visit with us shortly and wand to look into a Liberty safe from the location I bought mine. He wants to look into getting one.

written by Jason Walker on July 21, 2019
My Liberty Lincoln had a attempted break in on March of 2019. Did the proper paperwork with the local law enforcement and Liberty safe. No Hands down Liberty stands behind and in front of their product. With in a week Liberty had resolved the attempted breach of the Lincoln. Will buy nothing but a liberty.

Purchase of the Lincoln 50
written by Smitty Brumley on July 18, 2019
I received by safe yesterday. I am totally happy with the construction, looks and functionality of this product. What made it an even better deal was the "Triple Barreled Promotion" and the discounts and added features it provided. I really got a lot for my money. There is also a military discount that I will be applying for as well.

Secure Storage
written by Pleased Customer on July 14, 2019
I actually bought the safe to store my coin collection as my other gun safe was beginning to overflow and my firearms were getting hard to access

Worth every penny of American craftsmanship
written by One happy American on July 13, 2019
After taking delivery of my first Liberty Safe- Lincoln 50- was amazed at the quality of this safe. Though I saw one at the retailers, having in my home made it look even better. The fit and finish, inside and out, is second to none. If you are not sure what brand of safe to buy, take a good look at Liberty Safes, you will not be disappointed.

written by JKL on July 11, 2019
I am happy to finally have a quality safe to keep my valuables safe from Fire and intruders/ beguilers. I highly recommend Liberty Safes!

Amazing safe!
written by Kevin on July 11, 2019
It has all the functions and features I have wanted in a safe. The only thing that could improve is if the bottom was primed and painted.

written by Colton on July 10, 2019

written by no on July 9, 2019

written by Marine on July 8, 2019

written by JFJ on July 7, 2019

liberty safes make me feel safe
written by joe stillkicking on July 7, 2019

Liberty Lincoln Series Safe
written by Perfect The Cat on July 6, 2019
Excellent safe

Lincoln 25
written by cfm56dash7 on July 5, 2019
The safe was just delivered and installed today, but my experience with NW Safe has been spectacular. Riley and Dave were very helpful over the phone and the installation team was excellent. Ingenious watching them get the safe up the stairs and maneuvered into position.

Very satisfied customer
written by Clay T on July 5, 2019
You can't go wrong, this safe has great quality and price. Very good diversity of size and types

Great Choice
written by Richard Mathis on July 4, 2019
A great product at an affordable price. A company that truly stands behind their product with a knowledgeable and professional sales and support staff.

Second Lincoln 25
written by Jim Crowe on June 30, 2019
I purchased my first Lincoln 25 in 2010 and when it was time to buy a new safe for a new home, there was no question at all which safe to buy - only Liberty. All the features and security can't be beat. The peace of mind of having a Liberty safe to protect your valuables is immeasurable.

Great safe.
written by Ed on June 30, 2019
Great safe with quality features and security rating.

Great Purchase
written by Florida - Kris on June 29, 2019
I previously owned a Liberty Safe so the choice was easy. The hard part was deciding which line to buy. I had a smaller Liberty Safe before so stepping up to the 50 series was great. Lots of room and very well built.

written by Alex A on June 29, 2019

Great safe with versatile layout
written by Howard the tired on June 29, 2019
The Lincoln 25 was offered at a great price and had all the extras I wanted and some I didn't even know about. The safe was delivered and installed very professionally and the versatility of the shelving and interior layout was great to have. I would recommend this safe to anyone. I chose the mechanical lock and it is very smooth and dependable.

Great and very Functional Safe
written by Ben F. on June 28, 2019
Same as above .... very nice looking product ...

Lincoln 25 review
written by Tom Wamser on June 27, 2019
Great safe, The only reason i bought a 25, it was the largest i could get in the basement.

written by Bob on June 27, 2019
Beautiful safe, smooth working door and ProLogic lock. Very nice interior. What took me so long?

Always Liberty
written by 007 on June 24, 2019
This is our second Liberty safe. Sold the first one with the house as buyer loved it. Went directly to Liberty again and purchased the same exact safe. Like the quality and the store where we purchased. Sales staff were excellent. Several people were in the store when we entered. I found it interesting that at least seven other individuals were buying safes for gun safety and it was a second or third safe for their home. We don't need additional safes but would purchase if we did!!

Awesome Product
written by FIRE5 on June 24, 2019
The Liberty safe I purchased is awesome. I feel like it was a great investment.

Another Set of Liberty Safes
written by Scott O on June 23, 2019
I recently sold a house that I had installed a set of Liberty Fat Boys in. We had made some changes in the house that prevented the removal of the safes when we sold the house so upon arrival in our new location I had to order new safes. While I am a huge fan of Liberty Safes, I did check out the competition and once again came to the conclusion that the best choice was again to go with Liberty. This time we upgraded to two Lincoln 50s in Burgundy glass with the electronic locks. Not only are they truly great safes, they are gorgeous!

Beyond Expectations
written by Berkeley03 on June 22, 2019
Truly a superior product. I strongly recommend using the installation service. The purchase and install could not have been easier, and I could not be more satisfied with the Lincoln's style, quality, features and service from the authorized representative.

Best safe for the money
written by PA gun owner on June 21, 2019
Love the gun safe. It gives my wife and I a feeling of pride and security.

Lincoln 50 - is it enough safe
written by Tom P. on June 21, 2019
When I started looking over a year ago I was looking for more space and better protection than the safe I currently own and started looking at the Franklin. Once I saw that I could get the Beauty of the Lincoln series with the capacity of the Franklin I was looking at the decision to move to the Lincoln was easy. this thing is a piece of art. White gloss with gold stencilling and Brass fixtures. truly a work of art for my office.

I am glad I chose Liberty.

LIberty Lincoln 25 Gun Safe
written by Samuel Shelby on June 20, 2019
The safe is everything that I was looking for in a safe.

Great safe. Just what I wanted
written by JP on June 20, 2019
Great safe specs

Great buy!
written by Kirby on June 20, 2019
Quality, quality, quality! If you are looking for a great safe and a great buy, then Liberty is for you. Customer service, customization and quality are what they do very well. I had looked and researched many different brands over several months and talked to many different people. You cannot go wrong with Liberty!

like the safe
written by RickJ on June 20, 2019
Had an issue with the safe that needed a warranty replacement. Customer service took care if it very quickly. The safe is excellent and will purchase another Liberty when the time comes. All products have issues sooner or later. It's how the company handles the issues that makes the difference. Liberty gets a 10.0 out of 10.0 for their customer service.

solid & secure
written by pig hunter on June 19, 2019

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.