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National Classic Select
Made in the USA

National Classic Select

Classy Look and Built to Last

These high-end safes are some of the best that Liberty has to offer. They include: 

  • 90 minutes of certified fire protection
  • 5-spoke handle
  • 11-gauge steel safe body
  • Up to 18 3/8” thick locking bars 
  • 4-in-1 Flex™ interior

The National Classic Select models also include these features and accessories:

  • Clearview LED wand light kit
  • Electrical outlet kit
  • Jewelry drawer (is not included in Extreme 60 model)
  • Premium Door Panel
  • 12" dry rod dehumidifier

Additionally, the Extreme model also features these upgrades:

  • 6-in-1 Flex Interior
  • 10 pack rifle rods starter kit
Lifetime Warranty • Made in the USA

PRICE: Starting at $2,949
Payments starting as low as $67.08 for 60 months (14.99% APR) or 12 Months Same-As-Cash! Subject to credit approval.

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National Classic Select Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 76 customers ratings and reviews

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Better than the Competition
written by Blake on November 12, 2019
This safe looked the best, and I was a little hesitant about the additional cost from other competitors but I can truly say it was worth it. The lifetime warranty and customer service are no exception. If you have valuables, why compromise the safety of those items? Go with Liberty Safe and you won't regret it.

written by stuart on November 1, 2019

Pleased with My National Classic Select Safe
written by K. Clark on October 22, 2019
I love the look and feel of this safe. The door is heavy and when closing you can hear a "whoosh" that tells me the door is near airtight. It seems to be well built. I struggled with comparing the Liberty/National and Champion/Superior Safe. The Liberty store was much more pleasant and easier to deal with than the independent Champion Dealers that I around me and I visited several. The Liberty store knew their products but the Champion dealers were basically these are the safes that we sell, go online to see the difference. I am in business myself and you need to know the products that you are selling. I like the door pockets, cool pockets, lights, internal plugs with network connection. I like the ability to cover the shelf part of the long gun profiles so that I can get more storage space as I don't have but a few handguns and I store them in the door. The safe I bought is a lot of money but I feel like I got a great deal and I have peace of mind that my "stuff" is safe.

written by Bobby on October 14, 2019
Great People, excellent service both sales and service.

Extremely pleased
written by S. Major on October 14, 2019
We needed a larger safe for our guns and other items. When we went looking, we were very impressed by the quality put into the safes. What we obtained for the price we paid, you just cannot beat it. I like that things are American made. That is very important to us also. We are very happy and would definitely highly recommend this item to others.

Great company, great products, and great people
written by Adam on October 2, 2019
The safe is the nicest safe I've ever owned. Everything you can ask for and then some. Definitely a life long customer with products like this!

Beautiful Safe
written by wheeleze on September 26, 2019
Great support and beautiful product. An awesome heirloom to own.

Great Service
written by hepennypacker on September 17, 2019
The service was not only excellent at the time of purchase but the delivery was OUTSTANDING!

National Security
written by Roadkingbill on September 13, 2019
Excellent safe, love the many ways I can set up the interior.

Finally safe
written by Eddie B on September 8, 2019
Like it ,service was excellent, sales was easy, information was through.

peace of mind
written by Pablo O'Hern on August 16, 2019
safe is in, bolted and down, and otherwise secured. Nothing like the peace of mind knowing the contents aren't going anywhere you don't intend for them to go.

Great safe! Marvelous company.
written by Oregon Astronomer on August 5, 2019
We wanted a safe to protect our valuables and the National Classic Select Series was a perfect choice. The safe is well built, easily configurable, and has a very nice "Old West" feel to it. The finish is also nicely done and I particularly like the fact that the lettering and brass finials on the hinges give the safe significant character.

written by Q on June 29, 2019

Solid with lots of space and good looks
written by ru42 on June 11, 2019
This safe is handsome looking, with significant rifle storage and shelf space. I thought I would fill this thing day 1, but there's still some shelf space left and room to expand the collection. Went with the gloss finish and it looks awesome and impressive in the room.

written by William Blake on May 23, 2019

Liberty safes ROCK!!!
written by Dabbler on May 22, 2019
Best product and BEST warranty of any safe on the market. I had a safe that needed some repair after 15 years and they replaced it without question after a service rep looked at it. These guys know what they are doing and the safe is a superb investment. I would not buy any other safe except Liberty and National. This is my second safe from Liberty. I have the Magnum and it is incredibly well made.

bigger is better
written by steve m on May 15, 2019
biggest mistake is buying a safe that's to small
with the national classic select 60 I don't have that problem
I might have to buy another gun just to help fill it up
inside light is awesome, combo pad is great
extremely happy with what I ended up with
The Liberty outlet store in Hubbard Ore.. was great
the delivery crew were fast efficient

written by Ks on April 30, 2019

New door system seems less secure
written by Budfrog61 on April 29, 2019
I now have 2 Liberty safes. The first one i bought was a Franklin and thought I would never need another. Well, I needed another so i went with a bigger Model Classic Select Extreme 60. The safe has many options inside for storage and like the Franklin is very easy to work with. My one concern is the new latching system to secure the door. I say new because it is different from the Franklin i purchased some time ago. The Franklin uses bolts style steel rods ( not sure how to describe) about 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter, where as the new safe uses flat plate steel approx. 3 to 4 inches long top to bottom and about 1/2 in thick. Now when I close the door on the new model and pull on the door to make sure it is secure, there is a significant amount of movement in and out compared to my Franklin. Is it less secure? I don't know but feels like it might be.

Big Boy Safe!
written by Hunter Hum on April 29, 2019
I have been looking at gun safes for years. This year after looking through my gun cabinet and 2 fire safes for a document, I decided it was time to buy a safe large enough for everything. I did my research online and went to our local Liberty Safe dealer. They asked me a few questions and in no time I had picked out the right ones for me. The Classic Extreme is a big boy, weighing in at close to 1,500 pounds it took 4 guys to get it moved into my office. I have emptied out my other safes and took the gun cases out from under the beds and now feel safe knowing everything is safely secured. And still have room for more stuff in the safe. Very good purchase!

Liberty Safe tops all others
written by Donna H. on April 26, 2019
Yes, I know they are expensive. I looked at others that were CHEAPER. Then I valued what was going to be inside. For instance, my grandfather's shotgun (that his father bought him when he was 12) that I learned to shoot with when I was 12 and will teach my granddaughter to shoot with when she is 12. I also saw first hand a safe that survived the Paradise Fires. My safe is a piece of furniture so it had to look good. The guys at San Jose Safe were amazing. My safe came into the house fully wrapped (nosy neighbors) and with white gloves. I will never consider another safe other than another Liberty. This one was #2.

Gloss Black is beautiful.
written by TRO on April 20, 2019
Huge safe to grow into!

Best safe ever!!
written by TNicc92 on April 9, 2019
Can't believe I have this bad boy!! Can't wait to fill her up with lots of guns and ammo! So much room for activities haha!

I oversized this time
written by Raising Arizona on March 30, 2019
Very clean and subtle. Looks as though it could be left in the living room (it's not) and it would fit right in. The delivery was very professional and including bolt down took around 45 minutes or less. I did order a much larger safe than I need at the moment because another one that I own was overflowing in short order.

Top Notch Safes
written by Boss Baby on March 28, 2019
The size, form, fit and function of these safes are amazing. Just purchased Extreme 60 safe and I am very pleased with it. Thank you Liberty Safes for giving me the peace of mind needed for my valuables.

New gun safe owner
written by Stanimal on March 15, 2019
This National Classic safe gives me an extra layer of security against someone breaking into my home and possibly taking a gun or other valuable. I am very happy with the construction and functionality of the safe.

Extra Large Safe Worth It
written by Bowdown2Washington on March 13, 2019
So glad we bought the biggest. Really like the lighting and setting up the shelves was fairly easy. Look forward to long usage with it. The locking mechanisms are well built.

Liberty-Craftsmanship, Security, Beauty - your protected, rest e
written by FXsniper on March 2, 2019
I always wanted a gun/valuables safe. I never wanted to spend the dollars and always tried to convince myself that I didn't need it. But, as I got older, I collected more of everything and found my risk and liability growing. With guns and valuables just setting around the house practically available to anyone that would illegally enter our home, I began to realize the liability of my situation was becoming untenable. Since, my purchase of my Liberty safe, I have never felt more confident that my stuff (whatever it is that qualifies to be in that safe) is totally secure.

I'll also tell you this, I'm so pleased with this safe, many times I watch TV, which sets next to my safe and I open the door just to look at it. This safe is unbelievably well constructed, beautifully finished and the door swings and opens with smooth precision. Looking at the construction, I could not imagine trying to break into one of these with any degree of success!

I sleep well now and when we do travel, I'm confident my valuables are very safe. Indeed, the name "Liberty" is as the definition, it has set my mind free of worry!!!


Gordon Caverly

Quality Safe
written by Soapy5 on February 27, 2019
I never though i would spend this much on a safe, but six months later, i dont regret a single cent spent. It looks good in the house, and even better when opened.

Best (pretty) safe ever
written by Walter McGundy on February 21, 2019
This safe is without a doubt the best safe ever. I have more than enough room for all my firearms, my wife's jewelry, our important documents, ammunition and what ever else I need to safely store. My wife loves it because its not just functional, its pretty! Yes, I said pretty!
The safe is now part of our living area, a piece of furniture that shines and stands out next to our bar.
I can't wait for my brothers, sisters, and friends to see it.
Really happy we bought a Liberty Safe.

Great SAfe
written by Odis on February 15, 2019
Love our new safe. Not only is it very well made, but it also looks very good in our home.

Beautiful and safe
written by Adam s on February 10, 2019
Done numerous break ins on safes as law enforcement. Most doors on the safes are compromised immediately. As per the videos, these can't be pried open and it shows. Get a safe with a thick gauge and a long burn rating. No safe is impenetrable but these safes are close. Delay the entry to your safe with a good security system and nothing will ever be taken.

written by Jet-Eye on February 7, 2019
Beautiful workmanship and top-quality material. Highly recommended.

written by Bla To on February 5, 2019

Best safe ever
written by D.O.D Mother Trucker on January 27, 2019
The safe I got took a bit to get into my aprtment but the shipper wasnt giving up on getting it in. It looks amazing and is everything I could ask for. Being an over the road truck driver I'm not home much, but I feel safer knowing that my guns wont be stolen and will still be home when i get there

good but not great
written by Dan on January 21, 2019
Just purchased my second National Security safe. Excellent quality EXCEPT FOR THE CURRENT S&G DIAL LOCK. It rattles, does not spin easily and feels cheap. My previous safe has a great S&G lock but apparently S&G and Liberty are attempting to cut costs- TOO BAD IT REFLECTS POORLY ON THE BRAND NAME.

Large, Delivered and Credible brand
written by #CannabisMade on January 4, 2019
This is my second Liberty Safe I passed the last on to the new home owner (My brother bought my house) as a house warming gift. I purchased this larger one and already am filling it up!

Best in the Business
written by Tim on December 31, 2018
I did months of research and always came back to the Liberty Safe. Liberty has the best warranty and quality in my opinion.

Safety, Beauty, and ease of use all in one
written by Amy on December 26, 2018
We've been planning to buy a safe almost a year, decided it would be our Christmas gift to ourselves. Very happy with our purchase. Our valuables are secured and it's a beautiful addition to our home office.

Another great Liberty Safe.
written by Jake's Mom on December 20, 2018
Liberty safes do not disappoint! Well made in the USA. Lots of options - check them out and be pleased!
And of course, they are a great place to keep your "stuff" safe!

A solid safe
written by John Schmidt on December 12, 2018
It just works how it should. Nothing looks or feels shoddy or overlooked.

One great SAFE
written by Tse on December 7, 2018
Very satisfied with the entire process of shopping for our safe, the salesman was very knowledgeable and it was easy to make the purchase, and set up delivery. Excellent service from the moment we walked in, to the delivery in our home. we highly recommend Liberty safe in Sacramento. Great purchase, great investment. Awesome service.

written by sadie Jo on December 5, 2018
I love our new safe. it is well built, looks good in our house.

written by ZH farmer on December 1, 2018
The National Classic Extreme is about as big as they come, it's well lite with the motion sensored light kit that comes standard and the 3/8" solid steel plate door with swing past 90 degree hinges makes for an easy entry for taking guns in and out of the safe, the door pocket kit with the three rows of hand gun holders and thirteen mag holders and the two cool pockets and four zippered bags and four mesh bags make for tons of door storage the long gun storage versatility and shelving versitility makes it easy for anyone's set up, the included golden rod, and the DX-90 Monster lock and 90 min fire protection at 95,000 BTU is amazing! It has a 11ga steel body and weighing in at a empty weight of almost 1480lbs that is a tank of a safe that isn't easily moved by even the professional safe mover, the 18 door locks makes it super secure for the peace of mind that your personal belonging will be there in case of fire or crime, so if you need a "Big" safe this is the one! Thanks liberty for a job well done! God Bless American Made!

Solid Safe
written by Scott on November 25, 2018
Solid safe with lots of amazing features. I've only had it a little over a month but it has been great!!

Great Product
written by CK on November 21, 2018
Love the Safe.
Large enough.
Lighted enough.
Heavy enough.
Classic enough.
Sexy enough.
Enough SAID!!!

Buy and Instal a Liberty today!!!! Dont wait and learn a hard le
written by Ian Meindersee on November 15, 2018
My large Browning gun safe was stolen right out of my home and found 15 miles away broken open. All of my prize collections / personal information gone forever.

I wish I had spent the money to protect my investments with a quality built safe years earlier!

Don't be like me, wishing you had done things differently - Go see the guys at Liberty Safe and invest in keeping your family's most loved and cared for items safe from theft, fire, ect.

Piece of mind is priceless! (And it looks great bolted down in my home)

- Ian Meindersee

Excellent product and outstanding customer service.
written by Mena on November 11, 2018

written by Skamper on November 9, 2018
This safe exceeded our expectations in terms of fit, finish and capacity. While shopping for a safe we were very impressed with the overall construction, the fire rating and the security of the safe. The dealer's staff handling the sale and delivery were very professional, explaining the safe's features, prior to purchase, and the operation of the safe during installation. We are very satisfied with our purchase.

Liberty Safe
written by Matt Dillion on October 19, 2018
Excellent Product. I would purchase again and I highly recommend I give the product a 5 Star rating

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*Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.