USA Safe Series
Made in the USA

USA Series

Made In USA

Liberty introduces one tough entry level safe-The USA Series. Built right here in America, our USA safes were recently tested against the competition by dropping a 1000 pound block of cement on top of each safe. Check out the results by viewing the video below. Toughness is built in with Liberty's newest defense system, our Patent-pending 4-inch wide Military Style Locking Bars coupled with Liberty's engineering marvel--the 2-piece roll form body--and you have one heavy-duty safe! These American made gun safes are available in 3 sizes--the 23, 30 and 48--with textured black powder coat finish and New TopLit SecuRam E-lock. 3-in-1 flex interior and economy door panel offers extra storage capacity. Liberty's heavy-duty gun safes include 40 minutes of fire protection.

PRICE: Starting at $999

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USA Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 862 customers ratings and reviews

Security and fire protection
written by Actner on April 13, 2019
Bought this safe to hold my guns and my silver and coin collection. It is perfect for this. It is very well made and the price was good. Paid for delivery and it was delivered the next day I bought it. The delivery men were very professional and had no problem getting it into my house. You can't go wrong with a Liberty Safe.

Great safe
written by Tracy Hamilton on March 12, 2019
Been lookin at safes for along time, so I did a lot of research, no doubt best safe out there, wide variety for all money brackets. Just got it mounted in my basement and it fits in like a piece of furniture!! Would definately strongly recommend to anyone!! Bought from treasure chest guns in McPherson KS, from Steve, seemed like a nice guy to deal with!!

All things secure!
written by KY on February 28, 2019
Couldn't pass up the Liberty 36 gun safe priced right at Rural King. Been looking in stores and online for a safe to accommodate all firearms and important items that didn't break the bank. Been very happy with this safe and would recommend to others! Can customize shelving and organize everything in this safe.

Don't support other countries, Buy USA
written by RichB on February 28, 2019
I did a lot of research and even though I was going to purchase a Winchester 36 gun safe with a better fire protection rating (45 mins a 1200 degrees) and cheaper price, I decided to buy the Liberty USA 30 series.

I really think that the overall quality was better and being made in the USA had me sold and was worth the extra money.

Thanks Liberty for making my purchase decision easy.

written by Tim Willing on February 28, 2019
Ordered the safe on Monday and was delivered on Thursday. Just the right size for what I needed. Delivery men where very professional.

written by EDDIEP on February 28, 2019

New Liberty safe
written by Jeff S. on February 28, 2019
This safe is an excellent value for the featured included. I especially appreciated the mechanical lock option.

Made in USA and great price!
written by Keith on February 27, 2019
Just got this safe less than a week ago, and it seems pretty secure. I got it at a great price! The store had discontinued this model, and it was well worth the 400 mile round trip to pick it up. Everything good I've heard about Liberty safes seems to be true!

Great experience
written by R Davis on February 27, 2019
Nice selection of sizes and features Great husband and wife (Randy and Joy) sales team giving ideas/feedback from different views ..Both very knowledgeable about Liberty Products- Same day delivery And MADE IN THE USA !!!

Liberty quality
written by Shooter on February 26, 2019
Functions as expected has a lifetime warranty and made in the USA

Great safe.
written by Aaron Gaff on February 25, 2019
I love my new USA 30 Gun Safe. Plenty of room for all of my firearms, especially with the door panel organizer, and still plenty of shelf space for documents and other items we want to keep secure. The piece of mind that this safe has provided truly makes it one of the best purchases I've made since buying firearms.

Great Quality Safe For The Money
written by AG Sardo on February 13, 2019
My Locksmith recommended Liberty Safes of West Sacramento..I spoke with the Owner of this location and he was very helpful and honest as to what model safe based on my needs.

Liberty USA
written by Kevin on February 12, 2019
Nice reliable safe. Has plenty of room for guns and storage.

Solid Quality
written by Kaleb E. on February 12, 2019
First safe I've ever purchased and I eventually chose this one as it had the best combo of security, protection, and value that I was looking for. The part that really sealed the deal for me was that it was made in the USA. The build quality is noticeable compared to imported brands, welds, materials, smoothness of function etc. Only issues that I encountered was some damaged suffered during shipping (3rd party company, not Liberty's fault) and once that resolved the safe arrived and is exactly as advertised. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a safe, responsible method of firearms storage to consider this safe.

written by Sam Smith on February 11, 2019

Great Safe for Fair Price
written by TrumpTrain on January 29, 2019
The Liberty USA 36 is a rock solid safe with a clean and good interior layout.

USA36 gun safe
written by LP on January 28, 2019
Built tough and looks great. Survived a fall out of my pickup truck on the way home from store. Only had some road rash and damage to electronic lock.
Lock still works despite considerable damage. My next safe will be a Liberty for sure.

written by None on January 27, 2019

Great Product
written by Moses-88 on January 27, 2019
Great safe it's the perfect size safe for what I need it for

written by BG on January 26, 2019

Perfect safe
written by Adam on January 26, 2019
I bought the USA model and couldn't be happier. It has a great look and is very well made.

Liberty, why look at others
written by Rusty Zarbaugh Lakeland,Fl on January 26, 2019
Construction, finish, and inside, top notch. I felt like a kid at Christmas, I just love my safe

Very Happy With Liberty USA Model Safe
written by CT Nate on January 26, 2019
I purchased this safe after hearing about a sales promotion at Dexter's Best store in my local area through a relative. After visiting the store and talking with the very knowledgeable Dexter's staff, I was shown some floor models and had all my questions answered before setting on the right safe for me. Although they would have gladly delivered the safe to my house, I have a truck into which they helped me load the safe after packing it up for protection from surface scratches. The safe has very nice features, has ample capacity for the contents with room to expand, and provides good peace of mind against burglary and fire. I would recommend this safe and Dexter's Best to anyone.

Great safe at a reasonable price.
written by Otto on January 26, 2019
This safe is perfect for our home. Fits plenty of guns and valuables.

USA 30 Gun Safe
written by Gunman on January 26, 2019
Awesome American Quality!

Very nice safe!
written by Rick on January 25, 2019
Made in the USA. That's all you

Excellent Safe
written by Homey on January 25, 2019
This safe needs no review. Liberty Safes are the highest quality products at a reasonable price point. I highly recommend them!

Best Safe For The Money!
written by Shane Bruner on January 24, 2019
Great safe, totally worth every penny, great customer service. Definitely will purchase future products from Liberty.

Nice Product
written by Tolstoy on January 24, 2019
Nice Product

Safe and snug
written by B Cole Chalk on January 24, 2019
My Liberty fits perfectly in an out of sight utility closet. Set up the interior exactly how I want it and the accessory kit is perfect.

If you want quality....get this safe.
written by MFLY83 on January 24, 2019
Own 2 rifles, a Mossberg 535 Tactical Shotgun and a few handguns and while this particular safe advertises it can hold up to 23, I doubt it unless it were more handguns than rifles. The 3 long guns I have in the safe take up a decent portion of one side. The great part is that you can customize the shelving units. Works great for me as it allows me to store all ammo, cleaning supplies, and other firearm accessories.

I'm certainly glad I bought "bigger" as anything smaller wouldnt have met my needs given all my firearms and firearm supplies. In fact, that's the one piece of advice that was offered consistently...."BUY A BIGGER SAFE THAN YOU THINK!" Glad I did.

Great product
written by Matt in MICHIGAN on January 24, 2019
This is a quality safe. Made In America. Solid construction. Nice accessories. Easy to use. Plenty of room for guns,valuables, important paperwork, family heirlooms and ect...

Liberty Safe USA Series
written by Pete on January 24, 2019
i am excited to own a liberty safe now!

The best safe
written by Blu on January 24, 2019
A 1 quality product.

First real safe
written by Clavey River Curs on January 23, 2019
Liberty safe of Sacramento ca. Is a real class act VERY helpful staff that goes the extra mile in help and service.I can not say enough about how happy I am with them. Yes I bought one of the lower end safes but was treated as if I bought the most expensive one they had. Don't waste your time like I did looking at other brands. Buy a Liberty and buy it from Liberty safe of Sacramento.

Good Investment
written by Ralph Bivens on January 23, 2019
Overall quality/ price/ features can't be beat!

written by THE REVEREND KDL on January 22, 2019

Excellent Service
written by Rob Reagan on January 22, 2019
At this time, I would say great product and well made. I am very happy with my choice.

Great safe, Great Price, Great service
written by John A on January 22, 2019
Liberty safes are the best there is they have everything that you can want and more.

written by Richard on January 22, 2019

written by T&Q on January 22, 2019

Very Nice Safe & Great Customer Service
written by Porkface on January 22, 2019
The USA Series is a solid step up from the Centurion models. Very well built.

Liberty's customer service went above and beyond helping me with some shipper damage.

written by Steve F. on January 21, 2019

Lifetime purchase
written by Jamison on January 21, 2019
Love our new safe! The space configuration is flexible to meet our numerous needs. The space utilization is maximized with the adjustable shelf's and door pockets. The size allowed us to insert thru ia standard closet door opening and be put "out of sight". It's so pretty I hate to hide it! The door adjuster was broken but we asked for a replacement. Hopefully, we get a rapid response. The lifetime warranty is lovely, made in the USA.

Liberty's on top of the game
written by "PERRY BLANKENSHIP " on January 21, 2019
For the money that USA Liberty it's a great value I've showed all my friends and family and they all love it and I'm love it even more!

USA 30
written by Rob on January 21, 2019
Awesome safe. Great company with a great reputation. Very pleased with this safe and options available.

545lbs of Unwavering American Determination
written by Jonathan Wilson on January 20, 2019
Liberty Safes not only secure weapons, valuables, and family heirlooms, but they are also securing American Pride, family values, and the investment in our future. Because, I did not merely purchase a safe, no, but I invested in what it is to be an American. While this investment is to my family, home and also nation. As I vote with my dollar, I am helping America stay American into the the foreseeable future. With astounding quality, each one is made. Again, it is not just a product, but an ideology.

Liberty gun safe U.S.A series
written by Alen fogle on January 20, 2019
This safe is what I was looking for. Organized layout, American made, and well built.

Feeling secure
written by Jack Daniels on January 19, 2019
Bought my safe, brought it home and used a forklift from work to unload it. I have a couple old guns my wife and daughter inherited, now I feel much better they will be locked up in this fireproof safe.

written by Average man on January 19, 2019
36 gun USA series safe , bought to store guns / important documents. When I outgrow this one I'll buy bigger.

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