USA Safe Series
Made in the USA

USA Series

Made In USA

Liberty introduces one tough entry level safe-The USA Series. Built right here in America, our USA safes were recently tested against the competition by dropping a 1000 pound block of cement on top of each safe. Check out the results by viewing the video below. Toughness is built in with Liberty's newest defense system, our Patent-pending 4-inch wide Military Style Locking Bars coupled with Liberty's engineering marvel--the 2-piece roll form body--and you have one heavy-duty safe! These American made gun safes are available in 3 sizes--the 23, 30 and 48--with textured black powder coat finish and New TopLit SecuRam E-lock. 3-in-1 flex interior and economy door panel offers extra storage capacity. Liberty's heavy-duty gun safes include 40 minutes of fire protection.

PRICE: Starting at $949

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USA Ratings and Reviews

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Average 4.9 out of 5 stars for 647 customers ratings and reviews

written by scott on December 4, 2018

Excellent product and delivery quick and efficient
written by luke711 on December 3, 2018
Im just settling in to my new gun safe. 0 issues. Delivery service really makes a difference in choosing where to buy. Liberty stands on its own without me plugging it. Its a beast of a safe. I couldn't be happier.

Absolutely perfect!
written by J. J. on December 3, 2018
Recieved at the dealer, was in perfect shape.
Unloaded and installed ourselves, no problem!
Fits perfect, looks perfect, even feels perfect!
Thank you for an excellent product!

After much looking and research this safe was chosen!
written by John Coffman. on December 3, 2018
This safe is made very well and it seems to be made from very good material. You can tell that there is good workmanship put in these safes. Keep making these safes with good quality and don't sacrifice quality for price and you will be very successful liberty!

written by Mr. Happy on December 3, 2018
Great safe, you can't find another safe made with this quality and great price. It was $50 off when I bought it.

written by Jerry Auld on December 3, 2018
verry pleased with it

USA made
written by Joshua Sells on December 3, 2018
very proud that they are made in the USA. Very happy with the finished product at a good cost. Keep up the good work Liberty!

Best safe on the market
written by shimotto on December 3, 2018
After a review of the various brands, no one compared to the quality look and feel of Liberty.
let's face it the name says it all, what we store inside ensures that we protect ours.

New Liberty Safe
written by Steve on December 2, 2018
Heavy made. Good price for the fire rating on the safe.

written by Jdip on December 2, 2018

Awesome upgrade!!!
written by Marco on December 1, 2018
This is my first Liberty safe and I have to say it is guide the upgrade from my previous safe. I went from a Redhead 24 gun safe (which was a nice safe), to the USA 30. The size difference is pretty substantial, plenty of space for firearms as well as othe things I want to keep locked up.

written by Pete on December 1, 2018

written by C. Early on December 1, 2018

Bang for my buck!
written by Tony B. on December 1, 2018
I'm very pleased with this purchase. The price and the multiple interior configuration options are what made me decide on this safe.

written by Jake Altig on November 30, 2018
Great product, so excited to use it

Good all around
written by Jim dandy on November 29, 2018
Good price on a good safe. Delivery was fast and easy.

What a deal!!!
written by Bill on November 29, 2018
Bought my liberty 30 at a local business on Black Friday original price was $999 they had them 50% off down to $499 then an additional 10% off my total purchase, costed me $480 out the door. I feel like i stole it at that price very satisfied!!! USA ????????

written by TJ on November 27, 2018

Jeff B 11/23/18
written by Jeff B on November 27, 2018

Serious Safe for the Serious Gun Collector
written by Diehardcubsfan1 on November 27, 2018
I highly recommend this safe to anyone that owns firearms or has valuables in the house. It is built well and isn't a whimpy safe that rattles when you open the door. These safes are built to protect your valuables and keep them safe. On a side note, better get lots of strong folks to help you move one into your house if you are doing it yourself!

written by Loretta Rivera on November 26, 2018

written by Mark P. on November 26, 2018
The first time you open the safe door you can feel the quality of the safe. Looking forward to getting my firearms in a safe place so I can quit worrying that someone is going to break in and steal my grandfathers and father guns. My I can replace. That's what insurance is for.

Helping to Make America Great &Safe
written by Snag on November 26, 2018
Just purchased and delivered
I like it as much as I like my Silverado 2500HD Diesel
For anyone considering a gun safe
don't shop price. Shop your heart. You'll buy a Liberty Safe

It's like a good dog. You dog owners will understand that statement

written by Chris on November 26, 2018

Great Safe at a Great Price
written by Ranger Chris on November 26, 2018
Love knowing I bought a great safe at a great price! Looks great, and feels very secure! This will not be the last Liberty that I buy!

written by Lt. Dan on November 25, 2018
I have priced several brands including Colt. My Liberty Safe was a hands down purchase against all others.

Lane Boddie
written by Lcb on November 25, 2018
I knew that i needed to purchase a safe and after several years of researching and procrastinating this deal popped up at Attwoods and then it was time to make the purchase.

Merry Christmas
written by Papabear on November 25, 2018
I have only had it 1 day so I can't say to much about it, but so far I love it. Just got it all set up. Now I just need to fill it up.

written by Freedom on November 25, 2018
Safe is heavy. But good safe.

written by Slc on November 25, 2018
Love it so far. I was able to adjust the slots for my guns and get them all to fit perfectly.

Great safe
written by Khai on November 24, 2018
I purchased this safe to upgrade from a smaller safe. The quality and functionalities are great! Good price point plus a lifetime warranty, I'll be recommending this to all my friends, family and to anyone reading this a liberty!

Liberty USA 36
written by Webster on November 24, 2018
this is a very nice and top quality safe that I would recommend to all my friends

Great Safe
written by Andy on November 24, 2018
Bought the Libery 30 gun USA safe and was pleased with the whole thing. From the interior to the exterior very nice finish.

USA 36 is great!
written by Garand46 on November 24, 2018
I purchased a Liberty USA 36 safe from Royal King on Black Friday for 9 bills. After their store wide 10% off, just over $860 after tax. They did not offer delivery, so my brother and I had a challenge unloading a 545 lb safe. The features of this safe are often found on safes costing 2 times as much. 40 minute fire rating, military style steel locking plates, economy door panel and a flex interior is included. You can't go wrong with a Liberty! MADE IN USA by American workers!!!

go with liberty
written by Self on November 24, 2018
I looked at even bought a different brand of safe. I ended up taking it back and paying more the liberty. Don't make the same mistake i did, go with quality.

awesome safe at a great price
written by jamie garrettson on November 23, 2018
im very satisfied with my safe . it is very well built and not over priced . i researched online for days and went to the few retailers here that stock safes and had pretty much decided on liberty but i met a man at the gun shop i bought it at that had a liberty go through a barn fire it was amazing to see the pictures on his phone ! outside was burnt but inside was like new !! crazy! my 30 gun safe nearly out weighed a 64 gun stack on i was looking at at i believe shows the quality

Great Safe!
written by JC on November 23, 2018
Bought safe today, brought it home. The sales person made it sound so easy to unload and install. Safe is installed, no broken bones or bruised egos, however, it was a bear to unload and to install. Very heavy safe, and I doubt very much anyone will just pick it up and steal it. I especially like the Flex fit, as I can place all my weapons and ammunition in the safe, along with important papers and coin collection. Although I had an outlet installed, I doubt I will be using it with the exception to having power for my dehumidifier. Again, it appears the safe is everything that is displayed and printed on the Liberty Safe brochure.

Great product
written by C. Wilson on November 23, 2018
Very flexible interior. Love the look of both the outside and inside.

written by Bubba on November 23, 2018

Liberty USA Safe
written by TJ on November 21, 2018
Best safe for the money.

Great safe!
written by Rob on November 21, 2018
Good price for what you get. The door didn't need any adjustment outta the box! WOW! I've only had it a few days, however the quality/fit/finish is great! My only compliant, and it is minor, would be the interior shelving. They are a bit tight, thought I was going to break them trying to adjust them. There are PLENTY of locating options for each shelf! So far a great safe for a good price!

written by TIM on November 20, 2018

good safe for money
written by Lanky P on November 20, 2018
Quality is good,good security features,great warranty,good price for the safe .

feeling safe
written by cemore butts on November 18, 2018
everything you need to security your valables ;guns,and any other important items. two small ones work better then one big one.

written by Tater on November 18, 2018
Great product, this is my second safe from Liberty and they are well made and never had a problem with them.

The Long,s
written by DJT on November 18, 2018

Amazing product
written by Ghost on November 18, 2018
This safe is a quality safe and has not given us any problems. Makes for a great gift and will undoubtedly make gun lovers happy

Liberty USA 48 Safe Review
written by Terry M. Everhart on November 17, 2018
After months of research I decided to buy a Liberty safe. I looked at many websites and stores. I looked at all of the brands on the market. I know that I could have purchased a more expensive version, but for my needs the USA 48 was the best choice for me. I think that there cannot be a better choice for the money. Made in the USA, a win win situation for us all. Thank you Liberty!!
Terry M. Everhart
South Carolina

written by Handyman0114 on November 17, 2018
Very satisfied with the quality and features of this safe

Great safe
written by Amy W. on November 17, 2018
We originally had a 64-gun Fatboy and were able to fit all the guns, etc. from that safe into a 48-gun model. Definitely prefer the electronic lock on the new one.

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