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written by Mike on February 19, 2018

Liderty HD-100
written by Big Dave on February 18, 2018
I think this is a well built handgun safe for keeping you guns away from your children and will deter Thieves from a grab and go , but I think if a Thief has time it can easily be defeated . I think it is excellent for what it is designed to do .

Good safe
written by SafeDeez on February 18, 2018
Everything works great. My purpose is for beside access. I want to mount to wall next to my bed but that would mean it would be vertical. Might have to make a bracket to mount to the studs on my wall and then mount safe. I'll figure something out but quality of safe is superb.

Liderty HD-100
written by Big Dave on February 18, 2018
This is the second one I have purchased . I liked the first one. It keeps the Grandchildren away from my handguns . Works well for transporting firearms securely.

Very nice looking quality safe
written by Mark on February 15, 2018
Super easy to unbox and start using immediately.

Quality product
written by Desert Dog on February 12, 2018
Easy to set up. Easy to use. Quality product.

written by Rob on February 12, 2018

Excellent Product
written by Ryan on February 12, 2018
Durable and looks great

Liberty Safe stands behind their products.
written by Satisfied owner on February 11, 2018
Recently had a malfunction with lock and couldn't open with combination or key . Had to break into HD100 Quick Vault to retrieve my weapon . Breaking into vault was not an easy task . In any case l called the factory and after I proved ownership they sent a new vault.
Thank you Liberty Safe.
I highly recommend this product.

written by TMarion on February 7, 2018

written by matt on February 5, 2018

HD100 Gun Vault
written by Loose Nut on February 2, 2018
excellent as expected from Liberty

written by jrl on February 1, 2018
I have other handgun safes in my home but this one is the best made and I am going to replace them with the hd-100 vaults. Easy and fast to open and built strong.

Great Size
written by Satisfied in Washington on January 31, 2018
We needed a way to secure our pistols while traveling, this vault fit perfectly under the truck set, and still fit two guns. Also liked the 4 button keyless opening system.

written by Bob on January 23, 2018

written by JR on January 19, 2018

written by Fred on January 15, 2018
Just what I was looking for

Great Compact Gun Safe!
written by Rob in Albuquerque on January 15, 2018

Safety for Tot's
written by GGF on January 10, 2018
Love the safety advantages toward the little ones!

Nice safe
written by Nick on January 9, 2018
Good quality, low cost safe.

written by John on January 7, 2018

Warranty website improvement
written by Continuous Improvement Advocate on January 7, 2018
Allow multiple warranty registrations at the same time to eliminate duplication of customer effort.

Fix your warranty registration page to allow multiple registrati
written by Continuous Improvement Advocate on January 7, 2018

written by Jp on January 3, 2018

Quick vault won't open in cold conditions
written by Unhappy on January 1, 2018
When temperatures outside are at or near 0 degrees, the vault will no open without a key. This quick vault is kept in my car.

Good Product
written by George on January 1, 2018
Nice size and durable construction. The light inside is a nice touch. When first opened the lid would not always auto open and lift. Put a little WD40 on latch and it seems to be operating with full open every time.George

Great safe
written by Shooter shoots on December 31, 2017
Great safe to keeps guns away from kids. Buttons need to be a little easier to press but overall great safe. Good sturdy construction.

Simple and well made
written by Chris on December 31, 2017
A simple and well made product. My Sig P320 fits perfectly with an extra magazine. Hopefully I can find a way to fit into the center console on my Ford Super Duty.

written by Bob B on December 30, 2017

Very satisfied
written by The Quiet Conservative. on December 28, 2017
Quality, safety and pricing. All in one package. Made in America.

written by bhappy on December 27, 2017

Gun Safe
written by Gun Owner on December 27, 2017

written by Brian on December 27, 2017

Good product for the price. Good value.
written by Clayton on December 26, 2017
I recommend this product for those that have children and want to keep their firearm safe and secure. It is easy to access. It is nice in appearance.

Excellent with one exception
written by Roger K on December 26, 2017
Received the Quick Vault as a gift. Quality is excellent but auto-open feature works sporadically disappointingly.

No worries
written by A&H on December 26, 2017
I like the way quick access and the safety features of this vault. I have no worries when the grand children are around.

written by Ray on December 25, 2017

Good Handgun Safe
written by Ken B. on December 25, 2017
The HD-100 handgun vault works as advertised. I like it's slim design, the quick reaction of the auto-opening lid, and the interior light.

Compact, secure solution
written by Doc on December 24, 2017
Excellent solution for securing items in vehicle while maintaining rapid access.

Review by Greg
written by Greg on December 17, 2017
I purchased a HD-100 at the Daytona gun show. The main factor to buy it was to keep my hand gun safe from my grand kids and to still be able to retrieve it if needed. This safe is easy to use and program. Very well made.

Quality at a reasonable price
written by BB on December 14, 2017

Liberty HD-100 Quick Vault
written by Stephen Pelfrey on December 13, 2017
Great Product, Easy to install and secure

Great product
written by Mike Ashton on December 9, 2017
It's Made in America and well made

Excellent Product
written by Mike on December 4, 2017
Excellent made product. Very quick delivery from Cabala's.

Great vault for the bedroom and travel
written by Birdman on December 2, 2017

My Liberty Safe
written by Robert on November 27, 2017
I really like that Liberty Safes are made in the U.S.A . Liberty Safes are sturdy and offers a good warranty!

Liberty HD-100 Hand Gun Vault
written by Scotty DuQuesne on November 27, 2017
This item is very well made. Made in the USA. Has a digital combo release or a key release. Very compact and easy to transport. Comes with a cable lock that can be attached to most anything for securing to the inside of your vehicle or home. The price was more than fair. Also has a light inside to help facilitate accessing your handgun.

written by Kevin on November 26, 2017

First time purchase
written by New gun owner on November 26, 2017
This was purchased after my son researched the product for its fearures and value. And he purchased one for himself. Unfortunately, the light inside does not work, which is one of the features that was attractive to this product. Disappointed!!!

Great safe & perfect for handgun & 2 mags,
written by Old Fart on November 21, 2017

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