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Perfect Fit!
written by Responsible Gun Owner on March 27, 2017
I was looking for reliable handgun safe to go in my truck when I needed to leave my concealed carry gun behind. I purchased the HD-100 and found that it was a perfect fit for what I needed. Ease of access and the ability to anchor the safe's cable to a solid, discrete location in my vehicle made this product the best option to buy. I can walk away feeling confident in knowing that my weapon is completely secure... even if the bad guys are able to break into my truck they're not getting my gun.

Customer Service
written by James on March 24, 2017
I purchased this HD-100 at my "local" (75 miles away) Cabela's, when I returned home and opened the box, which unknown to me had already been opened, I could find no key. I called Cabela's they would be happy to exchange it when I returned, not much help. I then called Liberty who were friendly and helpful. I received keys within 3 days and when I opened the vault the original keys were inside with everything else. It works perfectly and I am happy with my purchase. I wish to thank Steve again for his help and prompt service.

Worked RIGHT out of the box.
written by C5BY55 Ruger Kid on March 24, 2017
Had ready that a large percentage of the safes (HD-100) had issues with the "auto" unlock. The floor demo unit in Cabela's was balky even with the key. The unit that I purchased works as intended and flawlessly (so far....maybe 25 cycles). Hope that it continues to do so.

Unit is very sturdy. Heavier than expected. It held a Ruger P95 9mm with three additional clips and the "clip loader" without any issues.

May fabricate a plate to sit it on with a 90 Degree bend on the back. The lip or bend on the back will be attached to the BACK of the nightstand. Therefore, it will not mar the top (felt padding underneath) and I will bolt the safe (pistol vault) to the plate and then screw the plate to the back of the nightstand top.

Well thought out and executed design
written by Preparing ForSHTF on March 23, 2017
The handgun safe demonstrates a knowledge of its use with the Auto-Open top. There's no fumbling to open the safe. The top pops open and your handgun is immediately available. The raised braille-like bumps over the buttons show that they recognize that the safe may be accessed in the dark. The nodes can be used as reference point to start you out where to place your fingers initially or guide you to the placement of each button. The safe comes with a key just in case.

Overall, this is a safe that I'd feel comfortable recommending to a friend.

ONLY Liberty for us!
written by Patty on March 22, 2017

Great value for the price
written by Ms. Lopez on March 21, 2017
Small enough to remain hidden, while providing easy access to your firearm.

written by Scott on March 20, 2017

written by Mill Wright on March 20, 2017
I need to keep my hand gun close by in cass I need it in a hurry at night mill

written by Bowman on March 17, 2017
Well built, I trust the security of this safe

Great little vault
written by T Riffic on March 15, 2017
I have a large Liberty safe that I've had for several years, that I love. I have been researching small "quick response type" pistol vaults like this for some time. I'll update later if any quality issues arise. I've been testing it and putting it through the paces, but? so far, I love it!
Easy to use and set up.

Feels solid and pretty heavy, even when empty. One thing that I initially was bothered by, was that it "self opens" a little too strongly. I'm sure the hinges are strong, but the safe opens so fast that the front of the unit would bounce up a millimeter or so, regardless of how much extra weight I added (this would not be an issue if you screw the safe down, but mine isn't). Then my wife made a simple suggestion. "Why don't you just hold your hand there to catch it and soften the force when it opens"? Duh! Problem solved! Your hand is right there anyway, and In an emergency, who cares? You just want it open and opened quickly!

One of the biggest issues with some of the safes that I researched regarded "weak" self opening doors that failed to open sometimes, and had to be pulled open. THAT? would be a much worse problem, so a STRONG opening mechanism is not really much of a complaint!

The only other suggestion I would make to Liberty, is that they change the programing to permanently lock out someone that is trying to guess the combo. Currently, after five incorrect attempts, it locks you out? but ONLY for three minutes! If the legitimate owner messed up his/her own code FIVE TIMES, they SHOULD have to get the key! Who could mess up his/her own code five times? My bank locked up my account once after three boo-boos (and that was a code of their choosing, not mine).

Great little safe, low profile, attractive, quality appearance that will blend in anywhere.

Good overall product with a glitch
written by Gundingo on March 15, 2017
As advertised in fit and finish but the spring was too weak to reliably open the top. Discussed with company rep who first wanted me to return the vault before he would send a new one. As the vault was fulfilling a necessary security function in my house preventing unwanted gun access, this was not ideal. Ultimately, they did the right thing and sent the new vault with a return label, with which I then sent back the defective one. I was satisfied with the service and their willingness both to stand behind their product and find the best solution for me.

written by on March 12, 2017

Amazing product
written by Geneies248 on March 11, 2017
This is the best safe for a very reasonable price. Great quality.

written by Bigfoott on March 11, 2017

My new Liberty gun vault
written by Awesome 1 on March 10, 2017
I'm very pleased with my new vault so far. The instructions for setup are easy & straight forward. I like the options on my vault. It has the better options of all comparable safes at the store & the price was the most reasonable. I'm all about getting more bag for my buck!

Biker's gunsafe
written by Biker on March 10, 2017
The Liberty HD-100 Quick Vault was the best fit and function to meet our requirement for a safe(s) to fit in a shallow small bedside table. My criteria for selection was: Good fit/function, Easy open, minimal # of opening actions. This uses finger-sequenced unlocking + keys. I have tried similar biometric type safes from other manufacturers and returned them because they were not reliable and were very cheaply made. So far, this has been a good product. My only criticism would be that occasionally, the lid does not open fully (stops about 3" open) but I can still get to the gun quickly. I have registered this particular problem on the warranty document and am waiting for a Liberty rep to call.

Excellent quality and ease of use
written by Tim on March 10, 2017
This handgun safe was easy to set up and is very portable. Fits great under the seat of my vehicle, making it a great choice traveling
with a handgun. I would highly recommend this safe.

Does the trick
written by -E on March 9, 2017
I bought this to have in my Camper. I want the security of having a firearm nearby but the safety of keeping it away from my children. I get both with this. It's easy to use and can hold my Glock, magazine, wallet and keys but yet is compact and will easily fit where I want it. I like the auto open top. At home I have a vertically mounted biometric speed vault but this quick vault is a better choice for my intended use.

Just purchased
written by Bernie on March 8, 2017
I just bought this via Cabela's website and it was delivered in a short period of time. It was easy to reset the code and while I haven't mounted it yet, it shouldn't be a problem. I like the lid that springs open and the light that goes on automatically.

written by Bud on March 6, 2017

HD-100 Quick Vault - Jacksonville, Florida
written by on March 4, 2017
The Vault was a promotion give-a-way by Liberty when I purchased my Franklin Safe. I had a firearm previously stolen from my truck years ago so I am looking forward to locking it up in the vault under my car seat. I own three other vaults at home and the Liberty is far superior in quality of materials, constructions and ease of use. I am probably going to buy two more for my other vehicles.

written by RLD on March 2, 2017

Just Purchased, Appears to be Good!
written by First Time Review on March 2, 2017
Just purchased the HD-100 Quick Vault for my pistol. It feels strong and secure, and operates in a smooth manner. So far I am very pleased with it!

Great safe for the money
written by Brett on March 1, 2017
This is a great safe and it is reasonably priced and can be secured in your car for concealed carry options.

Buy American!
written by Mark Twain on March 1, 2017
I have a Liberty HD 250 Smart vault mounted in my home, but the HD 100 gives me portability and security when handgun has to remain in my vehicle.

written by Tom Duff on February 26, 2017

Great vault for the money.
written by mikejetsfan on February 26, 2017
Vault is heavy and a good value. Easy to program.

What a great buy!!
written by Legal gun owning law abiding citizen on February 22, 2017
The ease of this vault makes me glad I chose it. the biggest selling factor for me is that there are two ways to gain entry into the vault. I will recommend this product to all of my gun owning friends.

Great Product
written by John Jay on February 22, 2017
I love the quality and reputation of Liberty. I bought a safe for my girlfriend and my father and they both love their safe.

written by Elmo1950 on February 20, 2017
I bought this gun vault at Cabellas last month and found that it failed to spring open as it was supposed to. I called customer service and talked to Steve DePriest. Steve sent me a shipping label to send the faulty unit back and promised to return one that worked properly. I just got it operational and so far it seems to be working properly and up to expectations. It's perfect for what I need. I own just one pistol and I want to be able to keep it at my bedside rather than locked up in the gun safe. Once I get my concealed carry, I plan on using the vault in the car also.

Easiest safe to operate and cost efficient.
written by Jerry from Port St Lucie FL on February 19, 2017
Very nice product and is made in the USA..

Excellent safe for the money and easy to use. Most important mad
written by Jerry from Port St Lucie FL on February 19, 2017
This safe works great and is easy to use. The size for me made a difference, to be able to conceal in spot with easy access.

written by dk on February 18, 2017

written by David on February 15, 2017
A great quality product from liberty!

liberty HD-100 quick vault
written by concerned buyer on February 12, 2017
just bought,opened and set new code. so far very easy use. heavy vault that seems to be made with quality in mind verses competitors in this size range.

Quick Open
written by Terry on February 11, 2017
Key pad easy to use and it is quick to open. It is padded inside. Compact enough to use in nightstand drawer.

Very nice and secure gun value purchased due to experience with
written by Matt M. in TX on February 11, 2017
Reason for the purchase was that we had an intruder in our back yard at 3:15am a few days ago and I woke up to our sweet, lovable lab growling and snarling with increasing intensity, standing at the back door and staring into the yard through the glass. Hair bristled up along his entire back and teeth bared with drool like ribbons. GOOD DOG! My carry gun was across the house in my other safe...not good if I had needed it! I ran to get my carry gun and peeked out the blinds in time to see a dark shadow move around our iron fence and out of sight. Probably casing out houses for easy targets in the back yard but who knows...might be that my GOOD DOG! scared the ever living crap out of a would-be home invader. He's sweet, but dang can he make some scary sounds when he's upset. GOOD DOG!

I have 4 kids in the house and decided that night to get a handgun vault for our room so I have a handgun secure and easily accessible if needed in the future. I have needed one for years but kept putting it off. That experience finally spurred me to get it.

Outside fit and finish is excellent. Interior foam is a bit off, but not interfering with function. Buttons have some small marks on them and the drilled upper lid hole to view the internal LED is a bit off from the plastic cover over the hole, but you can still see the LED clearly and can't tell from the outside. Also, make sure the lid is securely closed/evenly or the latch may not properly unlatch (but you can gently pull to release once the code is in). If closed by pushing down the lid on both sides, opened 20 of 20 times with no issue.

Yeah, I'm a perfectionist, but maybe just a bit more attention to detail in manufacturing/assembly here is warranted - but overall it works and I really like having it. The HD-100 seems like a nice piece of equipment and I am VERY glad to have it now. Well worth the money for the piece of mind.

Quick and Easy
written by Moses on February 10, 2017
Despite some negative comments by some reviewers, I felt their issues were just flukes, because I've been a Liberty owner for many years and I know they stand behind their products. I tried a friend's different brand biometric handgun vault (which I could have had for FREE), but it was just too undependable to trust with your LIFE! Decided to go with the Quick Vault because it is simple to operate and less likely to fail me in time of need. Also really like the ram on the door, the interior light, and the "beep" mute button. Overall, I'd say I made the right choice!!

bedside gun vault
written by e_armigeri on February 8, 2017
fits full size beretta 96A1, with attached streamlight TLR2HD, plus 2 magazines. used carton packing foam to make tighter internal squeeze fit on contents.

Liberty HD 100 Quick Vault
written by Mike S on February 6, 2017
The safe is as described. Easy access if you know the combination. Door pops open for easy access to weapon and magazine. Secures to fixed object to prevent removal.

Traveling safe
written by GB on February 6, 2017
Looked at several boxes to store handgun while traveling. Easy to set up and fits under the seat in the truck. Added another thin layer of foam so gun doesn't shift around. So far so good.

good product, but other configurations could be looked at
written by DHK in Utah on February 2, 2017
the hd100 seems to be exactly what I want. feels solid, operates smoothly, just the room I needed. the only thing that has caused me some headaches is finding a place to install it in a horizontal and upright position. I found plenty of locations that would have worked great if I could have tilted it on its side or mounted it upside down on the bottom side of things like dressers and shelves in many places. however, no liberty design seems to be built to those specifications. I tried to get some of the vaults to open in the upside down or sideways orientation that I thought would work, but the locking mechanism did not work in that position. Look at other designs to mount and function in other orientations other than upright and horizontal. it might attract more customers with specific needs. But great job, and lets see if we can make all of the handgun vaults here in the USA, just like the large gun safes are.

written by Responsible Citizen on January 29, 2017
Safe. Quick. Easy.

Good product
written by dw on January 29, 2017
Seems to be a good hand gun safe. I just wanted something to make sure my grandchildren didn't get into something they shouldn't but still have quick and easy access to.

Traveling Gun Safe
written by Chief Gunner on January 26, 2017
This gun safe allows you to travel with your handgun and still secure it, at places you can not carry it (i.e.: Post Office property, school property). In our case, it will fit and mount in the trunk of our motorcycles, without taking up much room. It can also easily be mounted inside your car or SUV.

Good mix of function and price
written by Bluzwarrior on January 26, 2017
Quick combination access, sturdy construction and under $100.

I love this safe!!
written by Bang Bang Nick Lang on January 25, 2017
Looks great! Does a great job! Easy access to fire alarm!

written by Scott on January 24, 2017
I love the safe. Only problem is after 3 months the safe latch won't catch and I am no longer able to close it. I've contacted Liberty so hopefully they will fix the problem without any headaches.

best handgun safe
written by mike on January 23, 2017
love the safe it's amazing. Does everything I need it to.

written by Kenton Johnson on January 22, 2017

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