Liberty Safe Protects Your Privacy with Enhanced Options and Protections for Safe Owners

Last Fall, Liberty Safe was presented with an FBI demand to turn over the customer service access code for a particular safe.

Many safe owners don’t know what a customer access code is because they have never been locked out of their safe. This code, which is common among all safe manufacturers, allows the manufacturer to restore access to a customer’s safe and their property if they lose or forget the combination they set. If there were no code, the only way into the safe would be to have a locksmith drill the lock, which is expensive and may also destroy the safe.

Since this FBI demand, Liberty has reviewed and enhanced its policies regarding these codes, offering new levels of consumer control from having the convenience of recovering a lost or forgotten code, providing a way for users to change their own code, or ensuring ultimate privacy by deleting all records of their code. Liberty has also updated how they will respond to law enforcement. In summary:

  1. Liberty owners can now request that their code be deleted from Liberty’s records. See here.
  2. Liberty Safe owners are given instructions on how to change the customer service code directly for each lock. See here.
  3. Liberty Safe also offers new buyers and existing customers the ability to retrofit their safe with a mechanical lock instead of an electronic one. Customers can choose whether Liberty Safe keeps the combination. See here.
  4. Liberty Safe has new policies when receiving a compulsory demand from law enforcement agencies for customer safe codes. Such demands will be subjected to elevated scrutiny. Liberty Safe will contest demands when they are believed to be deficient. And Liberty Safe will also attempt to notify the safe owner before responding to a compulsory demand where lawfully permitted to do so. For the complete policy, please see here.

The Missouri Attorney General recently concluded an inquiry that reviewed Liberty Safe’s response to law enforcement in Missouri and these enhanced privacy protections. They issued a letter that provides additional detail regarding Liberty’s processes, past and present, and concluded Liberty Safe honored its policies and representations to customers. You can read it here:

Missouri Attorney General Response

In short, Liberty has strengthened every element of their privacy tools, to allow existing and new customers total control over the information Liberty has and restrict how it can be used. We welcome your questions here.

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