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Gun Safes

Finding The Right Gun Safe

Liberty Safe has built America's most trusted gun safes for sale for over 30 years. Our unyielding commitment to high-quality gun safes has made Liberty the premier choice for millions of Americans. You are always protected with a Liberty gun safe, which offers superior fire protection, exclusive Solid State™ locking bars, and unmatched security features.

Everyone loves getting a great deal, and Liberty has regular promotions and sales on some of our most popular American-made gun safes. If the exact safe you want isn’t on sale right now, keep checking back or join our newsletter to be notified of new gun safe sales.

When buying a gun safe, what factors should you consider?

Shopping for a gun safe sale is a subjective activity, meaning that your situation, preferences, and budget will significantly influence the right choice for you. Let’s review some key things you should consider when considering a gun safe for sale.

Level of security

Although all of Liberty’s safes provide solid security, the higher-tier models have additional security features that make it even more difficult for thieves to break in. We’ve added a convenient security rating to make it easier to choose. Be sure to click on the safe you’re considering and read the specifications for full details on what security features are included. If you favor higher security over capacity, style, or other features, select the safe on sale with the highest security rating at the price you can afford.

Fire Protection

For many people, protecting their guns, valuables, electronic backups, family albums, and necessary legal documents from fire is one of the main benefits of a home or gun safe. Liberty’s safes have been tested to withstand at least 30 minutes at 1200° Fahrenheit, with the top-of-the-line models surviving 2.5 hours in that inferno. This rigorous testing and development lead to real peace of mind if you ever suffer the devastation of a home fire. If fire resistance is one of the primary features you look for in a safe, look at the safes with the highest fire rating among those on your list of options.


Comparing apples to apples, a larger-capacity gun safe will generally be more expensive, all else equal. But for many people, particularly those with growing firearm collections or people looking for a second or third gun safe, a large capacity is the primary feature they are looking for. Of course, any safe’s potential capacity or gun count will be impacted by how you choose to set up the interior of your safe, the types and sizes of your guns, and whether they have bulky scopes attached. But if you’re looking to store a lot of firearms securely, a bigger safe is better, so be sure to check out the gun safes on sale that have the most room inside.


Style is very personal, so we offer multiple options, including paint, hardware finishes, locking dials and handles, and interior layout/color/material. The higher model of safe that you choose will have more color and style options.


Price is likely one of the main factors entering your decision when looking for a bargain on a gun safe. After all, getting a fantastic safe at a price you’re happy to pay is a great feeling. Our safes provide great value and features for the price, but when they’re on sale, you can score!

Gun Safe Questions and Answers

What is a gun safe?

A gun safe is a metal box with a door, lock, and handle—gun safes securely store firearms, ammunition, money, and personal belongings. Depending on the model of the safe also depends on the level of security and fire protection that comes with your safe.

How many guns can a safe hold?

Most safes are rated by their gun safe count. Gun safes come with gun racks to hold your firearms. The number of slots in the safe’s gun racks determines a safe's gun count. That number, however, doesn’t necessarily reflect the exact number of firearms you can fit into the safe. In a perfect world, you could fit a gun into every slot on the rack. But every gun is different, and based on the size of the firearm and the attachments you have on it, some guns will take up more space than others.

Are gun safes fireproof?

Gun safes are not fireproof. Like anything, the contents inside the safe can be compromised with enough heat and fire over an extended period. Gun safes are resistant to fire, and the higher the fire rating, the longer it will protect your firearms and valuables from being destroyed in a fire. We always recommend getting a safe with the highest fire rating you can afford.

How is a gun safe delivered?

Gun safes are delivered in various ways. In most cases, a heavy-duty dolly is used, which can also walk a safe up or downstairs. You will be provided with your area's delivery and installation methods at checkout. Safe deliveries are most often done through local dealers. In some cases, Liberty Safe will handle the delivery directly.

Delivery methods may include:
  • Pick-up at Dealer: Safe is delivered free of charge to your local dealer.
  • Curbside Delivery: The safe is dropped off at your curb, attached to the pallet, and left in an unmarked box.
  • In-home Installation: The safe is unboxed, removed from the pallet, and placed in space.
  • Stair Carry Custom Installation: The safe is carried upstairs or downstairs, unboxed, removed from the pallet, and placed in space.

Can I move a gun safe on my own?

While there are many techniques and tricks to moving a gun safe, we highly recommend using a professional, safe mover. Safes weigh hundreds to thousands of pounds, and moving a gun safe on your own can be very dangerous and, in some cases, deadly. You can find a professional, safe mover by visiting our Dealer Finder.

What is the cheapest gun safe available?

Liberty's cheapest gun safe is our Centurion 12, which comes with 30 minutes of fire protection and level-one security.

What sizes of gun safes are available?

There are many sizes of gun safes available. Depending on the size of your firearm collection will also depend on the size of the safe you need. Liberty Safe builds small, medium, large, and extra-large gun safes.

Gun Safe Sizes