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Gun Safes

Discovering the Perfect Gun Safes

For over three decades, Liberty has been the cornerstone of America's most trusted gun safes. Our unwavering dedication to crafting high-quality gun safes has earned Liberty the trust of millions across the nation. With a Liberty gun safe, you're guaranteed superior fire protection, exclusive Solid Stateโ„ข locking bars, and unmatched security features.

Who doesn't love a great deal? At Liberty, we regularly offer promotions and sales on our finest American-made gun safes. Even if your desired safe isn't on sale at the moment, don't fret. Keep an eye out or subscribe to our newsletter for updates on new gun safe sales.

What To Consider When Buying Gun Safes

Shopping for gun safes is a personalized experience. Your unique needs, preferences, and budget will shape your decision. Here are some key factors to weigh when browsing gun safes for sale:

Security Level

While all Liberty safes offer robust security, our higher-tier models boast additional features to thwart thieves. To simplify your selection process, we've introduced a convenient security rating. For enhanced security, opt for the safe with the highest rating within your budget. Be sure to explore each safe's specifications for a comprehensive understanding of its security features.

Fire Protection: Safeguard Your Valuables

For many, shielding guns, precious belongings, digital backups, cherished family albums, and vital legal documents from fire damage is paramount. Our gun safes undergo rigorous fire testing, enduring at least 30 minutes of certified fire protection, with our premium models protecting your firearms and valuables for up to 2.5 hours. Our meticulous fire testing and development provide genuine peace of mind in the event of a home fire. If fire resistance tops your list of priorities in a safe, prioritize safes with the highest fire rating.

Capacity: Securely Store Your Collection

When comparing options, a larger-capacity gun safe typically commands a higher price, and all other factors held constant. Yet, for many, especially those with expanding firearm collections or multiple safes, ample capacity reigns as the primary consideration. While each safe's potential capacity depends on factors like interior setup, gun types, and accessories, opting for a spacious safe ensures secure storage for numerous firearms. Explore our selection of gun safes on sale to find the roomiest options available.

Style: Personalized Elegance

Style preferences vary widely, which is why we offer a range of customization options, including paint, hardware finishes, locking mechanisms, and interior layouts. Higher-tier models boast even more diverse color and style choices, allowing you to tailor your safe to your aesthetic preferences.

Price: Affordable Security Solutions

Price often plays a pivotal role in decision-making when shopping for a gun safe. Our safes offer exceptional value and features at competitive prices, and when they're on sale, the value becomes even more enticing.

Gun Safes FAQs:

What is a gun safe?

A gun safe is a sturdy metal enclosure equipped with a door, lock, and handle designed to securely house firearms, ammunition, cash, and personal items. The level of security and fire protection varies depending on the safe's model.

Are Liberty Gun Safes Made in America?

Yes! All of Liberty's gun and home safes are proudly made in the USA. Our factory is located in Payson, UT.

Do Your Gun Safes Come With a Warranty?

All Liberty home and gun safes come with our industry-leading transferable lifetime warranty.

How many guns can a safe hold?

Most safes are rated by their gun capacity, which is determined by the number of slots in the gun racks. However, the actual number of firearms a safe can hold depends on factors such as gun size and attachments. We always recommend getting a bigger safe than you think you'll need, especially for growing a growing gun collection.

Are gun safes fireproof?

While gun safes are not entirely fireproof, they are fire-resistant. The higher the fire rating, the longer the safe can protect your firearms and valuables from fire damage.

Are gun safes waterproof?

It's important to note that gun safes are not completely waterproof. While they can resist water to a certain extent, there are limitations. Once the water level surpasses certain points, such as the height of the electrical outlet kit, water may infiltrate the safe.

How is a gun safe delivered?

Gun safes are delivered in various ways. In most cases, a heavy-duty dolly is used, which can also walk a safe up or downstairs. At checkout, you will be provided with your area's delivery and installation methods. Safe deliveries are most often done through local dealers. In some cases, Liberty Safe will handle the delivery directly.

Delivery and installation methods may include:
  • Pick-up at Dealer: Safe is delivered free of charge to your local dealer.
  • Curbside Delivery: The safe is dropped off at your curb, attached to the pallet, and left in an unmarked box.
  • In-home Installation: The safe is unboxed, removed from the pallet, and placed in space.
  • Stair Carry Custom Installation: The safe is carried upstairs or downstairs, unboxed, removed from the pallet, and placed in space.

Can I move a gun safe on my own?

While there are many techniques and tricks to moving a gun safe, we highly recommend using a professional, safe mover. Safes weigh hundreds to thousands of pounds, and moving a gun safe on your own can be very dangerous and, in some cases, deadly. You can find a professional, safe mover by visiting our Dealer Finder.

What is the cheapest gun safe available?

Liberty's cheapest gun safe is our Centurion 12, which comes with 30 minutes of fire protection and level-one security.

What sizes of gun safes are available?

There are many sizes of gun safes available. Depending on the size of your firearm collection will also depend on the size of the safe you need. Liberty Safe builds small, medium, large, and extra-large gun safes.

Gun Safe Sizes