Starting at $4,299.00
Lincoln Gun Safe Liberty Safe Lincoln 25
The Lincoln is a premium safe for discerning buyers who are more serious about fire protection, security level, and features. The Lincoln features space for up to 50 long guns, multiple gloss or marble finishes, a thicker UL-listed safe body, thicker Solid State™ locking bars, upgraded drill-resistant ball-bearing hardplate, dual relockers, a 5-spoke handle with slip-clutch mechanism, and 2 hours of Cool Box™ certified fire protection.
🇺🇸 Made in the USA
🔥 2 Hours Fire Protection
🛡️ Level 7 Security
🔒 Up to 15 Solid State™ Locking Bars
Starting at $4,299.00

Full Description

🇺🇸 Made in the USA
🔥 2 Hours Fire Protection
🛡️ Level 7 Security
🔒 Up to 15 Solid State™ Locking Bars

When you demand premium features, more security, and a higher fire rating, the Lincoln is a top contender. With room in its 4-in-1 Flex™ configurable interior for up to 50 long guns (plus shelving for handguns and smaller valuables), this gun safe is loaded with high-end touches including a factory-installed deluxe door storage panel, 5-spoke Suretight handle, UL-listed Sargent and Greenleaf mechanical dial, or select our UL-listed SecuRam backlit electronic lock available in chrome, black chrome, and brass finishes. It also comes standard with Liberty’s deluxe electrical outlet kit with multiple outlets, factory-installed Clearview lighting system, velvet-lined jewelry drawer, and 12” dry rod dehumidifier.

You can specify your heirloom-quality Lincoln in your choice of multiple exterior and interior colors to accentuate your home’s decor perfectly. Liberty’s Lincoln safe boasts up-leveled security features, including a thicker 10-gauge UL-listed safe body, thicker Solid State™ locking bars, upgraded drill-resistant ball-bearing hard plate to protect the lock from drill attacks, dual relocking mechanisms, a slip-clutch mechanism to prevent excessive force through the handle, Liberty’s upgraded DX-90 Monster Mech™ locking mechanism, and a full 2 hours of fire protection.

Models and Sizing

Long-Gun Storage 27 35


Thickness of Steel 10 Gauge 10 Gauge 10 Gauge
# of Locking Bars 10 13 15
Locking Bar Width 4" 4" 4"
Locking Bar Thickness 3/8" 3/8" 3/8"
Ext. Dimensions H x W x D 60.5" x 30" x 24" 66.5" x 36" x 27.5" 72.5" x 42" x 27.5"
Exterior Cubic Feet 25.7 38.1 48.1
Int. Dimensions H x W x D 55" x 25" x 15" 61" x 31" x 19.5"

67" x 37" x 19.5"

Interior Cubic Feet 13.1 21.3 28.0
Minimum Doorway Required 26.5" 30" 30"
Weight 767 lbs. 1002 lbs. 1,194 lbs.


MEASUREMENTS: Measurements and dimensions are + or - 1/8" to all measurements for manufacturing variances.

DIMENSIONS: Dimensions listed are for the safe footprint and are rounded up to the nearest quarter inch. To be sure the safe will fit in your space, add ¼” to the depth for the outlet kit, 1.5” for a plug, and 3” for the handle.

GUN COUNT: Gun capacity may vary depending upon size of guns and scopes.

Liberty reserves the right to change or update product specifications, colors and model sizes at anytime.

Made in the U.S.A. from U.S. and Global Parts.


Fire Protection
COOL BOX™ Fire Protection
  • 2 hours of certified fire protection.
  • Palusol heat-activated door seal expands to protect against smoke and heat.
  • Liberty’s exclusive, ultra-strong Solid State™ locking bars protect against pry attacks.
  • Dual Fusion™ 10-gauge folded steel frame for increased rigidity.
  • Upgraded ball-bearing hardplate to protect the lock from drill attacks
  • UL listed S&G mechanical or Securam ProLogic electronic lock.
  • Dual relocker locks the safe down in the event of attempted brute force entry.
  • Slip-clutch mechanism protects against forced entry.
  • Liberty’s upgraded DX-90 Monster Mech™ locking mechanism.
  • California DOJ-approved firearm safety device.
  • UL Listed Safe Body.
Style And Function
Style & Function
  • Factory-installed deluxe door storage panel.
  • Factory-installed upgraded outlet kit.
  • Factory-installed Clearview™ lighting system.
  • Available in marble and gloss finishes.
  • Fully upholstered, 4-in-1 Flex™ adjustable interior.
  • 3-spoke Suretight handle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3593 reviews
John V.

My Liberty Lincoln Safe equipped with motion activated LED Lights, dehumidifier and Elertus Safe Alert is just what I expect in a safe. Knowing I have the best fire rated safe and the most impenetrable safe in the Industry plus the added security of Elertus is optimum. Knowing when the door is opened and closed, what the humidity is inside the safe, what the temperature is and if movement is detected are a major plus for my peace of mind.

Stephen B.
Great safe

I recently moved across country and sold my Liberty safe with my house. Loved the previous safe and this one just as much.

Dennis M.
Love my safe

The safe is beautiful. I love it and I no longer have to worry about someone breaking in and stealing my guns and valuables when I’m gone. A+++

Liberty Lincoln 25 - Performed beyond rating

It's been a few years but I am on my 2nd Lincoln 25. The first was in my house in Paradise CA which burned down in 2018. After being subjected to severe heat (it was in my garage next to burning vehicles) until there was literally noting left standing taller then an offroad buggy frame, and my safe. Afterwards it was subjected to over a month exposed to the elements several very wet storms. When we were finally able to access the property, some friends had to use heavy construction equipment to finally break it open (took a long time). Most of my items survived. Some damage due to some ammunition detonating inside, but documents and firearms were intact. The crew who helped to open mine had opened over a dozen other safes for people and said mine was the only one that survived that they witnessed. I am a Liberty Safe fan for life as it did exactly what it was meant to do, and more. PS: Liberty's claim process was simple, and their dealer in another state extremely accommodating.

Happy camper

The Lincoln 40 is great! Exactly the size we needed. We feel leaving the house now.

Aaron s.
Lincoln 40

I love this safe, I'm very happy I went up in size to give me more room and to be able to add more before the next one. My only negative comment is on the lock that once you touch the lock it doesn't back light the numbers. So when you need to get in to it in the dark quickly you have to turn on a light to be able to see the lock and push to correct buttons. Other than that great safe, built with quality, feel very safe leaving the house with my valuables in this safe.

Richard O.
Best Buy Ever!

This is a high quality product that provides for every conceivable need a homeowner may have regarding the security and accessibility of valuables. The product is clearly upscale with touches of class, functionality, and sophistication built in throughout the interior and exterior, head and shoulders above those safes on display at the big-box stores. A true example of the old addage: "You get what you pay for." This will be the last safe I ever buy FOR SURE!

Joe A.
Lincoln 25

Ive had the Lincoln 25 for just about a year now and cant complain. Its very solid and I'm worry free with it bolted to the concrete floor. If I could do it again, id get the next size up but it has plenty of room for a modest gun collection, papers,cash,jewelry. Highly Recommend the Lincoln model. Only thing I was disappointed about was one of the LED strips failed and A1 wouldn't replace it.

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