Gun Safe Electrical Outlet Kit

Upgrade your gun safe with an electrical outlet kit! This kit features USB and CAT-5 Ethernet ports, along with three 110v outlets and a 6-foot power cord.

✅ USB and CAT-5 Ethernet Ports
✅ Three 110v Outlets
✅ Plug in electrical devises such as dehumidifiers, lights, laptops, hard-drives and more!
⚡ Surge Protected
🔌 6-foot Power Cord

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Full Description

The Liberty multi-functional outlet kit lets you plug electrical devices into your home or gun safe such as dehumidifiers, hard drives, laptops, watch winders, lights, and more. The gun safe electrical outlet kit is easy to install and can be adjusted to the various thicknesses in a Liberty safe. It includes a 6-foot power cord with convenient 90-degree angles for easier wall plug-in and tight spaces.

The home and gun safe, safe outlet kit features:

  • Three (3) 11OV Outlets
  • Wire-Duct Hole: Maintain data speeds by placing wires through the outlet and connecting directly to devices.
  • Includes removable six ft. exterior power cord with a 90-degree connector (adds 1.25 inches to the safe depth).
  • This device is surge protected.

The safe must be moved away from the wall to be installed. If an outlet kit is not installed, it will add 1.25 inches to the depth of your safe. If your safe is bolted to the floor, you may need to re-drill new holes to bolt to the floor because of the 1.25 inches added to the back of the safe. You may also contact your local Liberty dealer, who can install the electrical outlet kit for an additional fee.

P/N: 11015-011

Installation Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Harry M.
Easy to install

Was glad to see my safe had the hole in the metal case punched out. All I had to do was drill the fire board with the included guide. Hardest part was screwing the outside plate to the outlet by yourself, someone holding from the inside would have helped me.

Dave S.
Fits perfectly, easy to install

Required in all safes for proper cable routing, this socket fits perfectly into the cut out in the rear of your safe. Very easy to install with supplied hardware and instructions. A must have for every safe.

Power where you need it

Installed in Liberty Cabelas Classic 46. 2 layers of board. The inside layer was already scored so I did not need to use the drill. Helps to have another person push on the inside when attaching the back.

Mark J.

Couldn’t find the answer to this in your FAQ’s. Since installation requires drilling out some of the firewall, does this in anyway affect the warranty?

No it does not.

Workes perfect A+

I purchased this product with my safe along with liberty dehumidifier. Lucky for me the sales man took all the added liberty plugs and dehumidifier and installed them for me for free prior to delivery of my safe. Every plug/usb works as it should. I even plugged in my led light kit and I am happy with these additional items that IMO is must for any gun safe owner. A++

what about safes older than 2007

will this kit work for Lincoln safes that are older than 2007? my safe doesn't have an electrical outlet installed. this would be a great feature for my safe

Easy install and inexpensive

Just bought the kit through Amazon. Only $43 and about 20 minutes to install. That includes un and re-bolting the safe to the floor. Now i have lights and a golden-rod inside as well. Makes a great safe even better!

Easy to install outlet.

Installation of the outlet was easy. Cutting the hole for the outlet was no big deal. I used a MK Morse TAC44 2 3/4" hole saw to do the job. The MK Morse hole saw has a built-in arbor that will hold the guide rod that is in the kit. I only had one problem. The exterior cover plate for the outlet was not included. I called Liberty and talked to Marty. Marty said he would take care of it, and I had a cover plate in my mailbox a few days later. Thanks Marty! So, check your kit to make sure you have all your parts before you begin. Also, don't get too carried away tightening the screws on the outlet. The outlet is mostly plastic, so threads could be stripped if the screws are tightened too much. Definitely don't use power tools to tighten the screws. Liberty also has installation videos on Youtube, which address every type of installation. I suggest watching before installing. I found the video pertaining to my type of installation very helpful. I have no regrets purchasing this kit.

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