Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Safe Dehumidifiers

Why Your Gun Safe Needs a Dehumidifier

The presence of moisture in your gun safe can be damaging to guns, ammo, documents, and other valuables. When the air in a gun safe is moist, the conditions are perfect for humidity, rust, and mildew - which can tarnish jewelry, rust guns, and destroy documents and currency irreversibly. Thankfully, Liberty Safe has a sizable collection of dehumidifiers and moisture absorbers for safes so we can uphold our promise to protect what you value the most.

Our dry rod dehumidifiers are the first line of defense for moisture. (They're also a standard feature in all of our Lincoln safes.) These gun safe dehumidifiers circulate warm, dry air through your safe on a 24 hour basis to make sure the temperature stays stable and controlled. While Lincoln safes come with dry rod dehumidifiers, Presidential and National safes come standard with our PEET dehumidifier. Like our dehumidifier rods, the PEET safe dryer plugs into an electrical outlet to move warm air through your safe and raise its temperature - and lower moisture. For an extra step, try our Eva-Dry dehumidifier. The Eva-Dry utilizes silica gel crystals - so it requires no power and is 100% renewable. Whether you're looking for a dehumidifier that's electric-powered or one that operates on its own, Liberty Safe has a gun safe dehumidifier for you.

You can also add one of our moisture absorbers to your Liberty Safe. These gun safe desiccants automatically absorb moisture in the safe, and only need to be heated in your oven in order to reactivate. These moisture absorbers for safes are especially helpful for protecting delicate paper products inside your Liberty Safe. We have 40g, 450g, and 750g moisture absorbers available for safes of different sizes and needs.

Take the extra step you need to secure your most treasured belongings. Order our dehumidifiers and moisture absorbers for your safe.