SecuRam Electronic Safe Locks

Electronic Locks

Liberty Safe's collection of SecuRam locks uses the latest in security technology to deliver reliable, fast access to the contents of your gun safe. With options like radio frequency fingerprint sensors and quick-access keypads, SecuRam has packed these locks with so many features that we feel confident choosing their electronic keypad locks for our gun safes. After all, SecuRam locks are used by government entities, banks, and other businesses that require an unmatched level of security and sophistication. Doesn't your home safe deserve the same? We thought so too. That's why Liberty Safe has chosen electronic locks with the best protection the industry has to offer. A lock is just one layer of security on your safe, but we want to make sure that layer is as tough as it can be.

Just because SecuRam keypad locks are secure doesn't mean that you can't get access when you need it. The locks are designed to be easy to use and quick to program with your choice of user code. Reliable, robust, and simple to keep working, SecuRam locks deliver ease of access to their owners and nearly unbreakable security to any intruders. Not only are the electronic keypad locks for gun safes at the top of their game in terms of security and accessibility, they've also got style to spare. You can find locks here in your choice of brass, chrome, or black chrome. Whatever you choose, it's sure to make your safe stand out. Don't worry: the addition of heavy duty security won't cramp your style. Order a lock here or select the SecuRam keypad lock of your choice while building your Liberty Safe. Got any questions? For more information on security safe lock types, call us at 1-800-247-5625 or send us an email at

Available for factory installation on 23 size models and larger, including Centurion, USA, Colonial, Franklin, Lincoln, Modern Lincoln, Presidential or National Security safes. Other models may be ordered with electronic locks. See your local Liberty Safe dealer for details.

Liberty Safe Electronic Lock Systems:

  1. SecuRam ProLogic electronic safe lock is a very reliable and robust locking system, including blue lighted LCD screen for easy programming. Two user codes can be programmed for additional access options. The ProLogic Electronic Lock is available as an option on all Franklin, Fatboy, Lincoln, National, and Presidential Series safes and standard on the Premium 20 model. These gun safe combination locks are available in either brass, black chrome, or chrome.
  2. SecuRam BackLit electronic safe lock is a very reliable and robust lock system. It features SecuRam's rugged stainless steel construction and backlighting keypad making access easy in dimly lit areas. The SafeLogic BackLit electronic lock is available as an option on all Colonial and Fatboy Jr. safes. It is standard feature on Premium and Home safes. Available in either brass, black chrome, or chrome.
  3. SecuRam TopLit electronic safe lock features SecuRam's rugged stainless-steel construction and convenient top light that illuminates the gun safe's keypad. Available on USA model safes.
  4. SecuRam ScanLogic biometric safe lock is the industry's most accurate, reliable, quick-access biometric lock. ScanLogic fingerprint access lock uses high-tech radio frequency (RF) fingerprint sensor technology to give you reliable, fast access to the valuables you keep in your safe. It reads your fingerprint from the layer under your skin's surface, which drastically reduces the number of errors common to many bio locks.