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National Safes

National Classic Select Series

  • Classic Select 25
    Classic Select 25
  • Classic Select 40
    Classic Select 40
  • Classic Select 50
    Classic Select 50
  • Classic Select Extreme 60
    Classic Select Extreme 60

National Classic Plus Series

  • Classic Plus 25
    Classic Plus 25
  • Classic Plus 40
    Classic Plus 40
  • Classic Plus 50
    Classic Plus 50

National Magnum Series

  • National Magnum 25
    National Magnum 25
  • National Magnum 40
    National Magnum 40
  • National Magnum 50
    National Magnum 50

The pinnacle of security, fire protection and class, Liberty National safes are in a league of their own! If you desire unmatched elegance combined with top notch security features, this luxury home safe is for you. Featuring detailed scroll work, feathered edges, and old west stylings, tradition never goes out of style with the Liberty National Safe. This stunning safe will look fantastic in any room in your home and with over 10 high gloss automotive finishes this safe is practically a work of art! Some premium style features of the National Liberty Safe series include, accessory door panels with COOL POCKET, 4-in-1 flex interior, LED Clearview lights, electrical outlet kits with USB and CAT 5, velvet lined jewelry drawer and dehumidifiers.

Not only does the National safe series feature impressive stylings, its security features are also equally attractive to our customers. These handsome safes are equipped with thick solid steel doors, interlocking dead lock systems, DX-90 gear drive mechanisms, heat activated expanding door seals and between 90 minutes to 2.5 hours of heat protection. These National Security gun safes are also resistant against prying, cutting and torching. You can see how the National Liberty Safe Series is the perfect balance of style and functionality.

We strive to make our safe customers feel protected morning, noon and night. Our uncompromising commitment to developing the best home safes for sale has made us a leader in the industry for decades. We stand behind our National security gun safes (made in the USA!), that is why they come complete with a lifetime transferrable warranty.

These high-quality security safes will outlive their owners, their grandchildren and the subsequent generations to come. We have more than a full generation of grateful customers to prove it. Now that is what we call a family tradition! Discover the peace of mind that comes with owning a Liberty National safe today.